Securus for Better Prison Communication

A great way for you to keep in contact with your loved one is by using a service like Securus. Securus has changed the lives of so many prison families across the country and has recently launched a multi-state campaign for people to learn more about the amazing services that happen to be available to them. If you have never used to secure it before, you probably do not know what it even is or what types of services they offer to prison families who might be in need of them.


Because of the fact that I had actually used Securus in the past, I can attest to the different options that they have available to you if this is a service that you feel can benefit your own life as well. One of the best benefits that comes from using this amazing system is that you can actually avoid the lengthy trip to the local prison just to be able to see your loved one because you can have a video visit with them using a computer from the comfort of your own home. This saves you a lot of time and money because you do not have to make those trips any longer and you can still have the contact that you desire and crave.


There has never been a better time for you to utilize Securus them right now because of the different services and options that they have available to the general public. My own experience using this great company has been a wonderful option for me and my loved ones and it is why I continually recommended to people in the prison system themselves. I feel like can help a lot of different person families who are sick and tired of always making trips to the prison just to be able to see their loved ones face to face.


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Securus ConnectUs Application Delivering Massive Time and COst Savings to Prison Facilities

Since the last several decades, Securus Technologies is at the forefront of inmate communication systems. Recently, it introduced yet another ground-breaking prison communication service, which is likely to revolutionize how prison authorities deal with the paperwork. The Securus ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Application saves precious times for prison authorities who can easily retrieve, process and store online applications distributed through the digital network.

As for prisoners, the new ConnectUs system not only saves them time but also allows inmates to follow-up on the status of their application. For instance, prisoners can file any type of application through the system, which may include medical, grievance, legal and compensation forms. Once these forms are transmitted, prisoners have the chance to view real-time status of their application without calling the prison authorities. The system also allows prisoners to appeal their verdicts.

Since the application is implemented, the management of Securus retrieves nearly 13.8 applications per prisoner per month. Considering the massive amount of information transmitted through each form, the online system is definitely saving thousands of dollars spent on processing paper work. Overall, the company has estimated that it has saved 65% of prison staff time by using the ConnectUs application. Accordingly, Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Securus, claimed that they will continue to update the existing system to improve it further. He also reiterated his company’s commitment to offer ground-breaking technologies to prisons across the United States.

In a related statement, Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County, Illinois, also praised the effectiveness of ConnectUs in saving time and money for the prison complex. He claimed that the authorities at his prison really loved the application. Interestingly, there are many additional features in the application, which includes dynamic application display by day, time, and inmate location and a digital inmate bulletin board. All of these enhanced features allows prison authorities to communicate with inmates more efficiently.