Benefits of Working at the USHEALTH Advisors (USHA)

USHEALTH Advisors IS A wholly-patented national marketing and distribution subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group Inc. The company is tacitly mandated to sell singular health care insurance policies and related products and services recognized by the Freedom of Life Insurance Company of America, another wholly-owned subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group Inc.

Majorly, the company pays keen attention to different members of the various demographic groups, in a bid to tailor-make the policy to suit the consumer’s needs. They include individuals, children, entrepreneurs and businesses, families and small enterprises. Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) seems to be the perfect, witty description for the employees, management executives and the contracted agents of the USHEALTH Advisors who together join hands to make a positive impact on the lives of different people on a daily basis.

USHA HOPE Initiative

HOPE was initiated in 2010, by the newly elected president, Troy McQuagge, to whom a fledgling company was placed under his care. Together with the parent company, USHEALTH Group Inc., USHEALTH Advisors have reached scalability through an exponential growth since Mr. McQuagge assumed office.

The service catalog of the USHEALTH Advisors is broad. The team specializes in health care coverage, Accident Insurance Policies, Guarantee Issue Policies, Innovative Fixed Indemnity Medical Care Plans, Insurance Agents and Agent Recruitment Services.

Salaries and Benefits

Since its founding in 2010, USHEALTH Advisors has expanded to become a host to almost 500 staffs. Some job positions available in the USHEALTH Advisors include, Account Manager who earns an average salary of $52,078 per annum, Insurance Agent ($70,038), Contracted Agent ($43,667), Sales Manager ($69,333), Field Training Manager ($57k – $94k), Contracted Insurance Sales Agent ($8,000 – $10,000 – monthly), Sales Representative ($57k – $157k), Sales Executive ($39k – $64k).

By being employed in the USHEALTH Advisors, staffs attract several career benefits. One significant advantage is the liberty to conduct your work at home, though not all managers are inclined to allow that. Nonetheless, showing commitment earns one trust. Additionally, insurance agents stand the chance of earning bonuses which accumulate the salary further. These benefits, compared to the cost, outweigh the financial aspect and allows employees to easily assist clients, families, individuals, and groups.

Plymouth Rock Assurance under the Reign of James Stone

The issue of how to sell car insurances is a contradictory issue particularly regarding the use of internet and agents. Plymouth Rock Assurance is working round the clock to create a balance. The firm has created a tool called Prime, which enables Massachusetts clients to purchase and control their car insurance, both online and through agents.
According to a publication on the Boston Globe, Plymouth admits that the market is changing and they would like to change with it. There are about 1600 independent insurance agencies within Massachusetts and a huge number sell their car insurance to local residents. The agents cover up to two thirds of the market share, a share that is quickly diminishing owing to the closure of about 200 agencies.
The shift in market share has enabled online insurance companies such as Progressive Corp and Geico insurance to penetrate the market. This shift has pushed companies like Liberty Mutual Insurance to sell insurance both online and via the phone. The increased competition has made independent agents eager to try out Plymouth Rock’s online device.
Plymouth Rock has dealt with direct sale of insurance to clients for three years. When a consumer purchases online through the Prime platform, Plymouth delivers the policy and information of the buyer to an independent agent who reviews the policy and gives wise suggestion.
Plymouth Rock Assurance is the brainchild of executive James Stone. Stone is a former Economics lecturer of the prestigious Harvard University. He is the founder, CEO and chief executive of the parent company, Plymouth Rock Group of Companies. Stone, who was born in New York in November 12th 1947, is the son of Babette Rosmond, an author and fiction editor of the seventeen magazines. Before joining Harvard University, where he did his PHD, he had studied in the public schools of Pelham. James graduated with first class honors in Economics, which marked his successful journey as a successful economist.
Stone lives in Boston with his wife Cathleen Douglas and their two children. When he is not working, he sits in the board of directors of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. James serves as the chairman of the School on the Move prize panel.