Job Opportunities with IAP Worldwide Services

The History of IAP
While the world continues to encounter various challenges such hurricanes, drought, overseas battles, and unexpected natural calamities, IAP Worldwide develops solutions and services to solve the above problems. For over 60 years, IAP Worldwide Services has employed over 2000 workers across 25 countries. The firm is committed to offering quality global-scale logistical and technical solutions to particular challenges experienced by its government customers across the world.

Irrespective of how complex and hostile a challenge seems, IAP Worldwide Services provides logistical and technical solutions to address problems in public and private sectors. Through its readiness to deal with different problems, IAP Worldwide engages the unexpected ranging from natural calamities to overseas battlefield. Leveraging its broad experience in planning and implementing projects, IAP Worldwide undertakes complex logistical and technical challenges on to meet its clients’ expectations.

IAP On Social Media
With the increased use of social media as a marketing and interacting platform, IAP Worldwide Services reaches its customers through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For example, on November 22th, 2016 IAP Worldwide posted a thanksgiving message to its clients on Facebook. Furthermore, IAP Worldwide advertises its job opportunities through LinkedIn. Also, candidates can visit IAP’s portal to apply for different positions based on job requirements.

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Jobs Offered by IAP
Finding employment in this century can be hectic. However, IAP takes pride in offering unique skills, proficiency, and knowledge to develop a team that is far greater than individual efforts. Notably, IAP Worldwide Services’ employees are committed to the unmatched mission; thus making the best employer across the world. IAP Worldwide commits to hiring talented workers who are passionate about their future and bringing an impact in the organization. At IAP Worldwide, professionals commit to solving other’s problems. Employees are subjected to equality, coordination, and recognition of individual efforts through rewards and promotions. IAP Worldwide seeks to hire experts in;
• General Management
• Engineering
• Construction
• Program Management
• Accounting/Finance
• Logistics

IAP’s hiring criteria
IAP Worldwide empowers its employees with resources and knowledge to ensure they execute their tasks safely and efficiently for the overall success of the firm. IAP’s Human Resource professions care about employees’ contribution towards the success of the company. With the commitment to developing programs to solve logistical problems in the world, IAP Worldwide Services ensures its professionals fit the dynamic world. At IAP, professionals do everything to make sure that the firm brings a positive value to the society, customers, and employees.

IAP Worldwide Services Chosen to Support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System Contract Valued at $53 Million

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has won, in an announcement made by the CEO of the company, the United States Army Contract to provide solutions and services on The company will provide solutions to fielding, integrated logistics, and the training support required for the Distributed Common Ground System – Army, Project Manager at Fort Hood, Dallas, and other national locations. The Rapid Response Third Generation vehicle for the contract (R23G) will start the work.

The Vice President of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., Rob Hargis, said that the company solves and seeks the most challenging problems facing the country and their partners. According to him, their customers’ mission is converted to be theirs. For this reason, they will approach the solution with a personalized capability. For them, developing solutions to their customers gives the more pleasure. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has a track record of solid professional performance that can be denoted by their 60 years of experience. The customers execute the unveiling customer needs with exceptional responsiveness coupled up with the deepest excellence commitment in a professional manner.

DES-A is the primary system located in the Army to process information, to post data, surveillance, and disseminate intelligence. This section of the army is responsible for planning and managing attack operations launched in the land. They also conduct Reconnaissance (ISR) information about environmental services, terrain, weather, and provide the vital information needed by the commanders. The contract task, whose estimated value is more than $53 million, includes data processing systems. The agreement also includes hardware system engineering, hardware acceleration and certification, networking, training, system reconciliations, and the warehouse operations to deliver DCGS-A to the units in military operations successfully.

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The IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. team is pleased to be part of the support in this dynamic and critical Army Intelligence Mission Community. For this reason, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. will ensure success at every turn through their strong commitment to their customers. The Director of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Intelligence Program and Information Technology, Brandon Pugsley, said that the mission would include the broad range of services provided by the company’s portfolio.

IAP Worldwide Services selection for the Army contract proves the company’s expertise in delivering global standard solutions including life and support services, aviation, design engineering, and expeditionary solutions in the Technology segment and National Security.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a leading universal service firm with six decades of professional experience. The company provides a broad range of services to the United States government and other agencies in the world.


Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

There is a plethora of investment firms vying for your money, but you want to find some good advice before you make your decision. There are investment Advisers, Brokers and Financial Planners, but which one do you want? Finance is confusing, and your head is buzzing. The first thing to sort out is which investment services you are looking for? According to the United States Government, there are three types of investment services to choose from, and they are securities, management and financial planning. The next step is to find out about fees; some firms work for percentages, commissions or flat fees. The US’s Financial Education Clearinghouse advises to choose the lowest cost option that aligns with your investment strategy. The FEC also advises to find out the legal obligation each type of firm is offering to act in your best interest.

Keeping the FEC’s advice in mind, you may want to take a look at Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm with a middle-market focus. They advise on both the corporate level and private level. It has a strong commitment to its clients, and its staff are specialists on valuation, asset management and advisory, and they are strong on transparency. When Madison Street Capital is engaged, they assign a team to each client. The team guides their client to successful navigation through the complexities of investing, and maximizing your financial potential.

Madison Street Capital exceeds regulatory requirements, and they offer objective analysis and thorough documentation and transparent reporting. Their experience with middle-market industry and niche markets make them a leader in investment banking. Their mission is integrity and service to each client no matter how small your investment. Madison Street Capital is located Chicago with offices in Ghana and India. Madison Street Capital offers high investment returns with a strategic plan to minimize risk. Whether you are large or small investor, Madison Street Capital offers you a low cost, low risk and transparent experience.

Ensuring that Investments Run Smooth

Capital Market Law can be a complex subject. The organization known as the Securities Activities Subcommittee directs various banking activities such as products, securities powers, mutual fund releases, reporting financial issues for corporations and banks, while ensuring that financial activities are being following accordingly with banking laws. A financial adviser must be aware of these various laws and regulations, as well as receiving regulation and authorization by the Financial Conduct Authority while being placed under continuous scrutiny.

A lawyer whose background stems from capital markets has such duties as assisting companies and other organizations to raise funds through various financial markets. Another area of focus is debt capital markets which require advisement of businesses borrowing funds through the use of markets. The type of loan can be accomplished by securing bonds or fragments of debt that is worthy of trade by a businesses (the issuer) to more than one purchaser (investor). When it comes to investing, the use of a financial advisor is often seen. These professional advisors offer recommendations in terms of finances and may differ from other guidance received regarding an investment, as they will direct you to the most appropriate options for your needs.

With many large firms, a capital markets area may include lawyers who focus on equity capital markets. By listing a company’s shares for sale publicly, these individuals assist them in raising needed money. One individual who has exceptional skills when it comes to working for the world’s top investors in the area of hedge funds is capital strategist and attorney Sam Tabar. His vast background and working knowledge of capital markets and U.S. securities law has provided him with an awareness to ensure that various investment projects are safe, as well as the legal analysis to make sure things are being run as they should. Attending both Oxford University and Columbia Law School, Tabar worked for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom where he used his expertise to advise clients about the complexities of hedge funds, drafting required documents, in addition to the creation and managing of funds.

Tabar concentrated on corporate law and its transactions as he used his legal counseling abilities with Aparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors. His technical competence and analytical savviness brought him to the role of its Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development where he implemented his unique strategies and analysis for investments.

The skills of a financial advisor should be to analyze all applicable objectives and details involving risk while offering suitable and safe advice. This professional should be eager to answer questions and concerns regarding the action for investing while being sure that every detail runs according to the Securities Activities Subcommittee guidelines.

Susan McGalla Takes Talent Managed to the Next Level

As someone that has watched the career of Susan McGalla flourish over the years I must save that I enjoy what she has been able to accomplish. I think that her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers right now may be a great one. She has years of experience in various business roles as a CEO and director. She has what it takes.

To me it means a lot for Susan McGalla to be in the industry in the place that she is in. This is someone that has totally shattered the glass ceiling and kept climbing the corporate ladder. Just being in a position where she can serve as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth – a fancy way of saying talent management – is already breaking past the barriers that have tripped up many women in the past.

The NFL is a high testosterone area where the owners of the teams are male. The coaches are males. The players are all male. In most cases the director of any type of planning for the team is also male. Susan McGalla has risen above what is traditional and made a path for herself by showing her skills in the industry.

McGalla has become something of a champion in my eyes. She has managed to excel in a huge way in the fashion world. She worked as the President of American Eagle for more than a decade. She also spent time as a CEO of Wet Seal. She has the skills and the ability to truly be the best at what she does because she has been equipped with some knowledge as a manager in various areas.

A good CEO or manager has the ability to effectively do one thing well. They manage. There may be managers that have the ability to operate in finance or marketing, but this is not what they are called to do. They are called to manage, hence the title of manager. This is what McGalla is able to do for the world for strategic planning. She is there to plan a course of action for the team. She doesn’t have to be a football player to manage the strategy for the team. The team still has to have fans that want to fill those seats. There has to be a level of commitment from the fans in order for the team to do well. Susan McGalla is part of that corporate mix that ensures that the team grows and continues to be attractive to fans.

There is a lot that Susan McGalla has accomplished in her lengthy career that has made her one of the most successful females in the corporate world. I would encourage anyone that is trying to break glass ceilings and move up the ladder to follow McGalla. She is a mother who has been able to successfully juggle the role of mom and corporate leader. The ability to juggle work and personal life has made her a very successful businesswoman.

France: Carrefour Confirms Its Operational Recovery

The French supermarket group Carrefour confirmed the recovery in its operating performance in 2014 while its net profit fell slightly; no longer enjoying gains on disposals. In 2012 and 2013, Carrefour saw its net profit rise sharply due to the sales of several activities abroad, as part of its geographical refocusing on its most promising markets. In 2014,net profit of Carrefour fell 1.5% to 1.24 billion Euros, due to non-recurring income and expenses increased by 3.44%.

Sultan Alhokair said that when adjusted for these special items, such as transmissions of assets related to the creation in April of Carmila land, adjusted net profit was up 11.9% to € 1.04 billion, and that of continuing operations climbed 24.6% to 1.18 billion Euros. The most anticipated by the markets indicator, i.e. current operating income (ROC), the distributor sees its performance increase by 6.7% (+ 10.8% at constant exchange rates) to 2.38 billion Euros, in line with forecasts of analysts. It is noteworthy that the Carrefour produced its operational progression for “second year” after rising 5.3% in 2013. “Carrefour in 2014 confirms the growth dynamics (…) that the action plans implemented over two years to bear fruit and that Carrefour has sustainably improved its fundamentals,” said Pierre-Jean Sivignon, Director Financial, during a press conference.