The Customer is always Right

The world of consumerism has delved deep into a digital existence. Shoppers buy and sell online. Most businesses need to establish an online presence in order to be successful. With an online presence, a company becomes susceptible to public awareness including scrutiny.

Most companies have an avenue for customers to leave or add comments about that company. If the comments are positive, then it will attract more customers. If the comments are negative, it will drive customers away, and the company will lose business or maybe even go out of business.

So how does a business address negative feedback? If a company chooses to address it’s customer’s concerns it could look to make changes and improve. White Shark Media did just that.

According to and Glassdoor, White Shark Media listened to what it’s customers said about how the company could improve and made process improvement changes. By listening to the customer, White Shark has improved that relationship with customers and it has made a difference.

White Shark Media is a global marketing firm dedicated to providing the best online marketing to its clients through the use of AdWords. The most important aspect to their success is being among the few prestigious companies who are a Google AdWords Premier SMB partner. This allows White Shark Media to provide superior service to its clients. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

One of the initial concerns customers shared is that they have lost touch with their AdWords campaign. White Shark addressed the concern by educating clients, and providing more in depth training to understand the ins and outs of tracking their AdWords campaigns.

Another concern customers shared is a serious lack of communication between customers and their SEM Strategist. To address this concern White Shark developed a monthly face-to-face meeting with customers to do training and address ongoing concerns. White Shark also improved their phone system which will now allow customers to find the person they need to get a hold of quicker.

Another concern that came up was that customers felt that their contact person was not in sync with customer needs. White Shark has changed this style and now ensures that a Senior SEM consultant follows the customer through the whole process until they reach full optimization. With this approach White Shark ensures customer satisfaction until it sees success.

White Shark Media is a company that cannot survive without its customers. So listening to their concerns and addressing them through change management is what will drive White Shark to success for years to come.