FreedomPop Moves to UK with New Services

FreedomPop has become one of the fastest growing mobile companies in the world. Within three years after its initial opening in the United States, it brought in one million customers. These individuals were mostly customers of other larger, major service providers, but they left for FreedomPop due to the lower amount of money they would need to pay. In fact, depending on their wireless usage throughout any given month, it is possible to not pay a single cent. With this increase in number of clients, FreedomPop has looked to push its services to other customers throughout the world which now includes the UK.

In the move to the UK, FreedomPop is offering customers a free 200 minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB worth of data for free every single month. There is no contract that is required to be signed and they do not need to stay with the company. Should the customers find that they do not like the service, they are always able to leave and go to another company, but so far, that hasn’t happened much and FreedomPop continues to grow.

Now, for many customers, the 200 text messages, MB and minutes is just not enough. There are a few ways to offset this and to make sure a customer never needs to pay for their services ever again. First, when they connect to a Wi-Fi connection, all of these services are covered without a cost. Secondly, for the additional information and data they use that is not covered, they can simply perform surveys provided to through through FreedomPop. These services are easy to complete and only takes a few minutes. Usually the surveys last anywhere from five minute to 30 minutes and provide a reward of minutes, text messages or data. This way, a customer is always able to sign onto their account and complete surveys if they need the added minutes. So, the next time someone is looking to save money on their mobile phone services, they just need to look towards FreedomPop in the UK. It is fast becoming one of the largest service providers.