Investment Expert Ian King Speaks Of Changing Landscape Caused By Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is proving to be capable of accomplishing more than just changing the how digital economic transactions are performed. The currency is also being seen to reshape the way start-up companies seek to secure capital for their business ventures.

Ian King, an entrepreneur and leading visionary in the cryptocurrency industry, explains that a large amount of the power of crypto may, in fact, be due to the efforts of these start-up operations that continue to propel the currency forward. Follow Ian King on

The Current Outlook For Startups

New companies in need of capital to begin operations often turn to individuals known as venture capitalists. These are investors that will provide funding for worthy business proposals in exchange for hefty returns on their money.

King, who is also a contributing editor with Banyan Hill Publishing, has questioned whether this model can survive in the era of cryptocurrency. Visit to know more about Ian King.

The Impact Of Cryptocurrency On The Average Investor

The rise of cryptocurrencies has caused nontraditional investors to become more interested in entering the world of investing. Leaders of crypto ventures are constantly seeking funds and often turn to crowdfunding models to find those funds. These models allow individuals who are looking to invest money to do so in very small amounts. The result is an industry where wealth is no longer a barrier to industry and more individuals can take part in the investment market.

Equal Access To Investments

The model that favors using money from venture capitalists often meant that the majority of shares and equity in a promising start-up was gobbled up quickly by the most wealthy investors. The growing role that crypto is playing in the world of business start-ups will result in more people being afforded the opportunity of corporate ownership.

Importance Of Market Awareness

Ian King, who has studied and worked in the investment industry for more than twenty years, says that another important factor should also be considered. King says that the embedding of cryptocurrency into the consciousness of everyday people has lessened the uncertainty that plagues many other business domains.

The Reach Of Cryptocurrency

It is estimated that $500 billion of the world’s money is currently invested in cryptocurrency. This means that any significant change in the market could have wide-reaching implications. Even more astonishing is the fact that that the market value of cryptocurrency grew by 25,000 percent in one calendar year.

Many believe this growth was fueled by the sale of initial coin offerings or ICO’s. This is a type of crowdfunding strategy that allowed for the sale of a portion of a creator’s cryptocurrency for cash.

The Outlook

Ian King believes that the current trends will continue and that more evidence of cryptocurrencies value to investors will cause great benefits to those individuals that make use of this unique opportunity.


An Intro to Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is the field of finance that entails assisting companies with raising capital and acquiring more resources. These firms help a number of companies find ways to increase their stock value as well as get opportunities to offer more products and services.

The many investment banking firms help companies in a number of ways such as providing industry and economic information through research, manage capital through trading and making arrangements for companies to merge together with other ones. In the investment banking field, there are a number of professionals who help clients. These include analysts, associates, vice presidents, traders, research specialists and managing directors.

The most well known investment banking firms are the ones that work with large companies. However, there are many others that specialize in serving the needs of small businesses and individuals. These firms are known as boutique investment banking firms which are smaller in size but equally helpful. Boutique investment banking firms provide a number of services such as venture capital, financial advisory and wealth management. By providing such services, these firms play a significant role in helping small businesses and individuals find ways to financially prosper.

One of the individuals who operates a small boutique investment banking firm is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder of his investment banking firm that specializes in venture capital, advisory and wealth management. Lustgarten often provides valuable assistance to a number of small companies that are looking to start up and expand. He often helps them by making arrangements with venture capital firms to provide funding to his clients. As well as providing funds to clients, Martin also provides them with consulting services as well. He often gives them advice on how to best manage and allocate their financial resources.

Along with helping a number of small start up companies, Martin also helps a number of individuals with their finances. Lustgarten often works with individuals who are looking for ways to fund their retirement. In order to help these clients, Martin spends his time learning more about financial securities and finding ones that will best meet his clients needs. As a result, he is able to provide them with feedback and advice on how to best manage their wealth on a regular basis.


The Midas Legacy Has Great Advice For Investors

If you are like many people, you are looking into ways that will make your retirement years go a lot smoother. You are investing in the stock market, and looking forward to receiving a pension, if you get one. This is what most people do when they are in their middle aged years. If you try to plan it all yourself, you might overlook something, or you might not get the money that is rightfully yours. In these cases, you want to talk with The Midas Legacy.

What Is The Midas Legacy, And What Do They Do

The Midas Legacy is an advisor to others on the stock market and managing money. They offer two courses on the stock market that can help anyone that is interested in learning more. They are called the Stock Code Breaker and the Stock Raider. These courses are beneficial to any people that want to learn how to play the stock market in a smarter way, so that they can make the money that they desire to. They also offer a free newsletter that I packed with all kinds of tips on playing the market and investing. Many people subscribe to it in order to gain more knowledge in that particular field.

Are They Professional, And Easy To Work With?

Yes, The Midas Company team is extremely professional. What is even more is that they are experienced in what they do. Since their backgrounds are so profound, they know what happens out there in the world, and they can be a great source of information and advice for the people that need their services. They end up making more money when they are playing the market than they would have if they didn’t get their newsletter.

When you have experts like The Midas Legacy working to help you with your money, you will be in good hands. They know what they are talking about because they have decades of relevant experience. When they help others, they truly care about them, and want the best for them. This is because they want others to also be financially independent.

Tyson Foods Invest in Beyond Meat

Interestingly enough, United States meat processing giant Tyson Foods has just invested heavily in plant-based food company Beyond Meat. Tyson representatives explained that they are trying to diversify their holdings in the protein-rich food market and that investing in a company creates products for consumers trying to avoid meat is not mutually exclusive with their core mission.


Tyson’s financial commitment comes at a time when Beyond Meat is getting a lot of attention for their new product, the Beyond Burger. These plant-based patties look and taste extremely similar to actual hamburgers, and – thanks to their red beet ingredient – even “bleed” on a grill the way actual meat does. Many consumers are unable to distinguish Beyond Burgers from the real thing, and this promises to convert into a hot product in today’s health-conscious food marketplace. The Beyond Burgers are currently available in a number of states. Notably, Whole Foods outlets stock them with their meats rather than with other plant-based patties.


There is a currently a positive buzz about Beyond Meat in general and the Beyond Burger in particular. Bill Gates has invested in Beyond Meat, and it is supported by the Humane Society. Tyson Foods getting into the picture created a lot of interest, and the New York Times as well as other mainstream media outlets are now covering the company.


Personally, I think that it reflects well on Tyson as a company that they are willing to invest in a firm that produces plant-based meat substitutes; it shows that they’re adaptable and are in touch with progressive trends in consumer demand. Furthermore, as someone who avoids meat for health reasons but loves the taste of a good burger, I’m looking forward to trying out the Beyond Burger for myself.

The Midas Legacy: Transforming Lives And Imparting Crucial Financial Management Skills

The Midas Legacy Code Book offers members free access to retirement benefits advice and how they can save for uncertainties. The company helps individuals to achieve peace of mind and overall wellness while also influencing their decision making process. The Midas Legacy works with research experts who review every market to come up with analyses that help their members to understand how to go about managing their businesses despite changes. The company comes up with tips for financial management and there is a section that addresses health and wellness.

Unlock your secret to happiness
If you are searching for fulfillment and something that will make you better, you need to check with The Midas Legacy for exclusive advice and tips that will enlighten you on various areas of your life. It’s necessary to understand that you cannot walk the journey to success alone, especially considering the many turbulent times you will encounter on your way. The Midas Legacy is helping individuals to understand their journey better and will walk with you to your preferred destination. You will easily unlock your secret to explore your inner self and to better understand what you need to do with your life to achieve success and happiness.

Concise resources
To make it easier for members to go through the various processes of nurturing, The Midas Legacy offers useful resources that outline steps that one can take to solve certain problems. Financial management is one of the areas that have received many requests from members and to address the concerns presented, the company has invited experts in the industry. Such professionals include Jim Samson, a serial entrepreneur in the real estate and financial markets. He holds consulting experience that has been vital to the company. Sean Bower is also a member of The Midas Legacy and his financial analysis skills have helped many clients to achieve their goals in time.

Giving back
To satisfy its corporate social responsibility, the company has been donating to various charities. These include The Florida Sheriffs Associations, where The Midas Legacy is recognized as a key donor. The Give Hope Foundation also benefits from the company through donations and technical support. The Midas Legacy also donates to St. Jude Children’s Hospitals, which advocates for effort against childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The effort of the company in supporting nature cannot also be overlooked as it offers support to help prevent cruelty to animals in America.

A Detailed Account of how Laidlaw & Company helps me Invest

I have to make sure that I am going to have a way of making money from all my investments, and the only thing that I can do is call Laidlaw & Company to get help. Laidlaw & Company is here to make it much easier for me to make money as I invest, and I feel much better every time I talk to my broker. James Ahern at Laidlaw & Company make me feel at ease, and helps me learn about investing so that I can do it the right way going forward. I have some ideas that are going to be most helpful for my portfolio, and I need to make sure that they are going to work.

Matthew Eitner at Laidlaw & Company is going to talk me through what I want to do, and going to show me the best way to make my money. They are going to make it very easy for me to make money, and they are always there when I need to call in with a question. I have a lot of questions that I need to ask and I keep asking until I know that I have learned all that I need to know. There are some things that are going to help me make more money, and I learn about new companies and new opportunities that are going to help me when I call my broker.

There are some people who call in after I recommend that they are going to make more money with Laidlaw & Company, and I keep telling people so that they will be able to make their own money. I have been calling in to Laidlaw & Company for a long time, and I love the way that I can get what I need easily.

Good Coin Investors Have Two Things In Common: They Research And Then Research Some More


Collectable coins are no longer looked at as historic items that take years to appreciate. The value of collectable coins keeps increasing because of the demand. The demand is the result of investors looking for liquid assets outside of the stock and bond market. There’s a certain mystique attached to collectable coins. Coin dealers have operated behind closed doors for years, and many investors don’t understand the value of adding coins to their portfolio.

But there is one coin dealer that has changed the image of coin dealers, and that dealer is the U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve numismatists have opened the door for investors to enhance their portfolio’s value by buying rare gold and silver coins that are increasing in value faster than they have in the previous 100 years.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has something to say about investing in rare gold and silver coins. They warn investors that research and then more research are the main ingredients in making money in the coin business. The U.S. Money Reserve agrees with the FTC. The numismatists at the U.S. Money Reserve are not just dealers. They are investors. Their mission is to help other investors make as much money as they can.

There are coin dealers that are in business just to sell coins, and therein lies the difference between those coin dealers and the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve helps investors identify the types of coins that increase in value faster than other coins. They educate investors, so they know which dates are important, what condition is considered investable, and the importance of knowing where the coins were minted. Those factors determine the numismatic value of coins and their potential investment value.

The U.S. Money Reserve takes the time to grade coins based on a set of criteria that determines their investment potential. Some investors get carried away with the appearance of certain gold or silver coins and the numismatists at the U.S. Money Reserve at there to school investors in the folly of judging coins solely of their appearance. Some coins may look worthless because of wear, but the main factor that determines values is the U.S. Money Reserve grading number.

Not all investors believe that gold and silver coins will appreciate fast enough to produce sizeable returns, but the professionals at the U.S. Money Reserve know that is one of the first mistakes investors make. The pros say rare coins produce great returns as long as investors do the research.

Why Investing in Gold from the U.S. Money Reserve is the Smartest Decision You Will Ever Make

Investing capital is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money. Although investing may take longer than working to earn a significant amount of money, investing allows people to place their hard earned money into something, let it set, check on it occasionally, and let the money grow by itself. Anybody who can spell “investing” knows that diversification is key to having a successful portfolio. Without diversifying, one can theoretically lose all his or her money.

Proper diversification requires one to invest in a wide variety of commodities, which all act differently from one another. Investing in precious metals is a great way to help safeguard against inflation in particular. Inflation can render money useless, and investing cash into precious metals can ensure that one’s tender will not lose value (as long as the tender is bought into a precious metal).

Investing in gold in particular is undoubtedly the smartest decision to make. Gold is timeless, is becoming more scarce as people have such high demand for it, and can ensure that one will never lose their money to inflation. Investing in something like gold will probably not yield very much of a return, but the whole point of investing in a precious metal such as gold is to help safeguard one’s money against inflation.

Inflation can effectively render currency undervalued, at minimum. Investing in gold probably sounds rather appealing to anyone who has a little spare money laying around who is interested in investing.

U.S. Money Reserve is an internet-based store that sells gold and silver bullion, and a wide variety of coins. The U.S. Money Reserve is not affiliated with the United States government, but does sell 100% legitimate United States coins. Their coins can be found on their website, U.S. Money Reserve also sells gold numismatic coins and platinum numismatic coins.

U.S. Money Reserve is a highly reputable website, arguably the most popular coin dealer in the United States that operates online. Most of their products are cheaper than competitors’ products, and U.S. Money Reserve’s products are guaranteed 100% authentic, every time, or you get your money back.

Investing in gold is a very wise decision for anyone who already has money invested somewhere, or for someone who simply has money laying around and wants to put it to good use. Investing in gold as a precious metal works against the powers of inflation, which helps reduce the risk of an investor’s money disappearing or diminishing in value.


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Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

There is a plethora of investment firms vying for your money, but you want to find some good advice before you make your decision. There are investment Advisers, Brokers and Financial Planners, but which one do you want? Finance is confusing, and your head is buzzing. The first thing to sort out is which investment services you are looking for? According to the United States Government, there are three types of investment services to choose from, and they are securities, management and financial planning. The next step is to find out about fees; some firms work for percentages, commissions or flat fees. The US’s Financial Education Clearinghouse advises to choose the lowest cost option that aligns with your investment strategy. The FEC also advises to find out the legal obligation each type of firm is offering to act in your best interest.

Keeping the FEC’s advice in mind, you may want to take a look at Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm with a middle-market focus. They advise on both the corporate level and private level. It has a strong commitment to its clients, and its staff are specialists on valuation, asset management and advisory, and they are strong on transparency. When Madison Street Capital is engaged, they assign a team to each client. The team guides their client to successful navigation through the complexities of investing, and maximizing your financial potential.

Madison Street Capital exceeds regulatory requirements, and they offer objective analysis and thorough documentation and transparent reporting. Their experience with middle-market industry and niche markets make them a leader in investment banking. Their mission is integrity and service to each client no matter how small your investment. Madison Street Capital is located Chicago with offices in Ghana and India. Madison Street Capital offers high investment returns with a strategic plan to minimize risk. Whether you are large or small investor, Madison Street Capital offers you a low cost, low risk and transparent experience.

Brazil Is the New Emerging Market and a Viable Investment Hub

Investing in Brazil is the best decision an investor can make right now in this heightened economic development. According to Igor Cornelsen, an investor and a banker in Brazil, the country’s success especially in the banking industry when the rest of the world was experiencing troubles in 2014 was fueled the country’s understanding of its market systems. Igor is a banker and an investor who have injected a lot of resources in the Brazilian market. In the business community, he is a well-respected individual and he has risen to become one of the senior finical advisers in the country. He revealed that the secret of the growth in the banking industry in Brazil is that bankers have been very careful with their lending processes.

In Brazil as revealed by Igor, bankers are lending to the borrowers who show and prove their credit worth. Therefore, the banking industry is making investment in the country very affordable but also creating a cutting edge where only viable investors are funded. The end result is that the economic power of the country’s financial system will eventually be strengthened. This actually happening currently and the country is receiving a great number of foreign multinationals showing interest in investing in the country. In actual sense, Brazil has been named the second largest upcoming and growing economy after China. The prospects of gaining financial advantage in Brazil are so high for any investor to ignore. Think about the growing and stable banking industry.

Other than this, the Brazilian business community is well established and the federal policies governing the competitive nature of the system are very fair. In Brazil, companies like the BRL TRUST are there to ensure that investors’ resources in terms of capital are well taken care of. This is a major incentive attracts many investors. A country that supports and accepts investment as well assuring investors’ security is the best place to invest. Brazil is also a growing nation and while considering investments, one has to look at the prospects of growth.

Lastly, the country offers a large labor force with the high population of young men and women. Both skilled and non-skilled labor force is available and this is a major advantage to the prospective investors seeking to get into the market. The country is also well located in strategic and centralized geographical location where investors can reach out to the entire South American region. This presents investors with an opportunity to grow into a regional brand considering Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America. Investing in Brazil is the best strategic investment plan for any serious investor in seeking to expand and cease the advantage of new markets. The market is big and the opportunities are endless.