Jason Hope Shows How It’s Done in Tech Entrepreneurship

Jason Hope Tech EntrepreneurJason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and technology oriented person. Jason has a passion for giving back to society especially his homeland, Arizona. He is a skilled futurist with a passion for technology and studies various trends and makes predictions of how things will be like in the future.

According to the current technological trends, Jason believes that the internet of things (IOT) will be an important player in the society in future. The modern societies with increasing numbers of interconnected devices continue to visualize Jason’s predictions. The internet of things is not a one -time phenomenon, rather it’s a new trend that is bound to stay as per the analysts’ predictions. The industry is headed towards digitization of most processes and functions. The emergence of e-shopping and the e-learning is an indication of where the current industries are headed. Most of the manual functions are digitized.

Jason Hope Donates to SENS Foundation

The SENS organization is a California based non-profit organization aiming at making different regenerative medicine to curb the effects of aging among the population. The main aim of the SENS Foundation is to research and develop a cure for age-related diseases. The geriatric medicine generated focuses on the specific diseases.

The SENS Foundation research aims at the cells affecting metabolism that could be fatal. Jason Hope (@jasonhope) pledged a donation of half a million dollars in support of the SENS biotechnology rejuvenation and fighting off age-related ailments. The SENS research foundation is in line with his passion for finding a cure for the age-related illnesses.

Hope believes that the work of the SENS research foundation will drive the redefinition and reshaping of the health care, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. The future of health care is an advancement of the biotechnology industry. Jason donation to SENS research foundation is the belief of the need to create a new biotechnology industry. SENS Foundation is a catalyst for this needed change. The public research of the SENS Foundation in connection with Hope’s donation will produce the best regarding the generation of medicine. Hope’s donation to the SENS Foundation is an affirmation of his futuristic perspective. Fighting age-related ailments will lead to an increase in the life span of different people faced with the risk of untimely demise.

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