Use The Right Fixtures For LED Lights

There is more to switching to LED lights than just buying the bulbs for your home. You need to make sure you are using the right type of fixtures for your LED lights. Failure to use the correct fixtures could cause your LED bulbs to blow early. The following tips can help you find the use the right fixtures for your LED lights.

You should never place an LED bulb inside an enclosed light fixture. LED bulbs produce heat just like incandescent bulbs, but the heat is released into the air at the base of the bulb. Placing the bulb inside an enclosed fixture prevents it from releasing the heat into the air. The heat is sent back to the bulb and causes it to blow earlier than necessary. You should only place the LED bulbs inside an open fixture, or you can look for LED bulbs that are designed for enclosed fixtures.

The next tip is to double-check your dimmer before pairing it with an LED bulb. Your dimmer was more than likely designed for incandescent bulbs. You may notice a flicker, hum or buzz when you pair an LED bulb with a standard dimmer. You can solve this problem by having your dimmer switch upgraded or shopping for LED bulbs that are compatible with your dimmer.

Gooee is a company that produces LED lighting systems for personal and commercial use. The company has recently expanded by becoming partners with manufacturers such as Gerard Lighting, Interlight and Mosaic Ein. Gooee is known for providing features such as the smart sensors, which tracks the motion, temperature and ambient light levels.

The best way to ensure your LED bulbs will last for years is to make sure you are using the right fixtures.

Gooee LED Lighting
Gooee LED Lighting