George Soros Donating To Hillary Clinton, Other Liberal Causes


As many on the political Right have suspected, George Soros is someone who puts his money into Left leaning causes. They often point the figure at him and say that he is a liberal billionaire. The ironic thing about this is that Soros has never tried to hide this fact about himself. However, the latest news about a contribution he has made is sure to get the blood of certain people on the Right boiling.

The New York Times is reporting the Soros among others have provided some funding to the Hillary Clinton for President Super PAC. This alone is sure to grab some headlines for Soros, but that is not the only Democratic issue that he is currently taking on.

It has also been reported that Soros is pouring money into lawsuits that seek to peel back laws put in place by GOP legislatures throughout the country. These are laws involving voting rights that the GOP lawmakers put into place for the purpose of cutting down on voter fraud they say, but many see them having another purpose.

Those who oppose these laws say that they are little more than obstacles put in place to prevent certain types of voters from getting to the voting booth. It appears to be a very targeted thing that aims to take down the number of Democratic voters.

Soros has agreed to put up to $5 million into the lawsuit efforts going forward as needed. He has not done so to this point, but he has put some money into the effort and will likely add to that as time goes on. It is something that is going to require a good amount of money to get through the various courts that it will have to travel through.

The first few states to get attention in these lawsuits are North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin. These are states were some of the worst laws have been put into place, and also states were they could have the most impact. They are all known as “purple” states meaning that they have roughly an equal number of Democratic and Republican voters. That makes the states highly competitive and important to the overall makeup of the government over time.

These lawsuits have focused in on those states in order to make sure that the places where the most damage could be done does not get done hopefully.

Many Republicans have dismissed the litigation as nothing more than a Liberal ploy to energize their own voters. They believe that the Democrats do not have a real case to be made but are instead only interested in getting their side to come out and vote. Democrats make the case though that there is a good reason that those voters would be energized, and that is because they are being stripped of their right to vote.

George Soros will continue to play a role in this ongoing effort to peel back laws that he and many others see as very discriminatory.