Billy McFarland, a 23-Year-Old Entrepreneur and the Founder of Two Successful Companies

Billy McFarland and American tech entrepreneur who founded his first business at the age of 13. Billy was born in New York and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. Billy McFarland attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania for a brief period where he studied computer engineering.

His first business was in online outsourcing where he matched his clients with designers. After he left college he founded his company Spling, an online ad platform, with which his users can improve the looks of their URL’s.

They do this by turning them from text links to graphic images that are organized and appear as mosaics on the virtual bulletin boards around the net. Two of his prestigious clients are Universal and Discovery. He still serves as the CEO of Spling.

His next and profitable venture was when he founded Magnises in August of 2013. They officially launched in March of 2014 with a community-oriented, technology based, exclusive black card.

This is not a credit card and has no connections to any financial institutions, but it transfers data from an existing card to the strip of the Magnises card that will allow it to be used in lieu of the regular credit or debit card and you can also continue to use your regular card.

It will offer rewards, cachet, and guidance to improve the everyday life of the members and would appeal to the millennial generation. There is an annual fee of $250 and there are no initiation fees or spending requirements.

The card is only available in New York City and Washington, DC at present but he has plans to expand to major cities, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and London, England. To date, the card has over 10,000 members and has generated venture capital in the amount of $3 million.

Magnises is actually, an exclusive social club that holds special events and offers deals that can only be accessed with the black card. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland started the business from a West Village townhouse and has now, since outgrowing the townhouse, moved to the Lower East Side to the Hotel on Rivington.

They can host many of their events from here and the members can use the space to work or to hold business meetings during the day.

A Young Man’s Story, Billy McFarland’s Success

Success can be a fleeting objective for many people because of the lack of vision, and even if they have one they are uninformed as to how to go about achieving it. Not so with Billy McFarland. He started his first business venture at age 13 and birthed a successful service business that found prospective customers for a local business.

When in college as a freshman, he founded a company that changed the URL of a business into a graphic which helped to market the business and improved marketing content. Called Spling, the business is still in operation with McFarland as the CEO.

In 2013, at age 23, Billy McFarland started the New York City-based Magnises. This business solidifies the identity of millennials who may be just starting at a job, or they may be seasoned business owners and managers in their own right.

When an individual becomes a member of Magnises for the reasonable annual fee of $250, the member gains access to very nice discounts at many of the millennials favorite clubs, restaurants, bars, trips, meeting places, events, concerts, and special occasions.

This process becomes a natural socialization evolution, giving the new person in the area a reason to meet new people and connect, as well as the entrepreneurs and professionals the opportunity to seek new ground.

McFarland has targeted young professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and others who want to move up in their niche, between the ages of 21 and 35. By far, the best place to find them is in the financial and business areas of major metropolitan areas. At the end of 2015, Magnises had over 10,000 members located in the New York City and Washington D.C. metro areas.

The popularity of Magnises is growing so rapidly that word has gotten to other cities where millennials clamor for the perks they have heard about from friends and acquaintances.

An expansion plan is already being considered as McFarland wants to expand nationally and internationally. Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London are strong candidates as the reputation of Magnises has spread.

The business model works well, and there is no reason why more locations would not work. McFarland knows that it will work just as well by working the plan, and the future does look bright, indeed.

Magnises Offers Millennials an Easy Way to Happiness

Magnises is a Black card service that was established to help its users establish a perfect network. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of this startup is a college dropout by the name Billy McFarland. Billy was just like any other college student. Wishing for a fast, happy and expensive life while he didn’t have a dime to spend. He, therefore, decided to come up with a way of offering services at cheaper costs for young professionals living in the Eastern Coast cities. The services of this card are available in two major cities, New York City and Washington DC. However, due to the remarkable success of this card, Billy is thinking of expanding this services to other cities within the United States of America such as Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts, and Atlanta Georgia. Billy McFarland established this Magnises Black card service in the year 2014.

So what’s so special about Magnises? Being a member of Magnises allows you to access special events as well as the best deals in the mentioned cities. This means that if you are a card holder, you are likely to get discounts at various places such as bars, restaurants, hotels and even clubs on Instagram. By being a card holder, you also have the privilege of reserving events like expensive getaways and private concerts. The service aims at offering these services to Millennials at all places. Be it offline or even online.

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Magnises has a current subscription of twelve thousand Americans. To understand the great deal of having this card, one can rent a co-working space in New York City for around a hundred dollars a month. This is in comparison to the five hundred dollars that is usually charged to other members who are not holders of this card. This card has managed to attract many people from different walks of life such as basketball players, songwriters, and even actresses. This kind of success helps explain Magnises popularity. There are several features that are worth noting when it comes to Magnises. There is a feature called Club pass where you get to access the best clubs in New York City for just sixty-five dollars a month. There is also another feature called the HotelPass within Magnises that allows you to spend a night at a New York hotel. In this case, you only get to part with only seventy-nine dollars for one night. Magnises has partnered with this hotels to provide Millennials with this kind of services. The annual subscription fee for Magnises is two hundred and fifty dollars.

Lastly, Magnises offers its users an app that resembles a virtual personal assistant. The app is referred to as Magnises NOW and helps you answer general questions about Magnises. Also, the virtual assistant can suggest for you the best joints in town. This includes things like the best dining restaurants, the most customer friendly reservations. This is only possible for members of this club. To join Magnises, you must be recommended and joining the club can be compared to joining a fraternity as you have to pass a certain interview.

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