Achievements of Businessman Nizan Guanaes in Advertising and Marketing

It is very important for business, corporations and even people to give information to the public concerning their products. This will ensure they get customers and win the trust of the public over other competitors. There are many potential customers who are willing to buy your product and it is therefore crucial for you to ensure you advertise your product through a well-recognized company. There are many different benefits of advertising to the public since you are either introducing a new product to the market or giving more information about an older product. This will help you market the product and even increase the number of customers and investors you may have.

About Nizan Guanaes

He is well known for his position as the founder as well as the chairman in ABC Company which is an advertising company. The company is located in Brazil and it has other 18 companies which also offer advertising services, marketing services, entertainment and even content sectors. He received an award from Financial Times for being the most influential man in Brazil.

He was born in Salvador in the year 1958 and graduated with a degree in business. He has also helped in creating Togetherness for Girls which is a worldwide corporation. It aims at bringing attention to women and girls who are being violated sexually. For almost 20 years, he has been dedicating most of his time to issues such as education and entrepreneurship. He also teaches the importance of preserving the Brazilian heritage for the future generations. Working together with UNAIDS, Nizan is able to educate the public on the importance of HIV prevention so as everyone can be safe.


Nizan has been a great inspiration to most people especially for handling serious issues that are affecting the modern society. Through advertising and marketing, most companies are in a position to gin more clients. The public is also made aware in case there are new products in the markets and how they can get them.