Why A Wikipedia Page Is A MUST For 21st Century Business

These days, a company can’t succeed without a heavy online presence. You need to create a variety of web pages to help your company stand out. For example, a Wikipedia page offers you a variety of benefits which make them absolutely essential.

Wiki Pages Show Off Your Success
When your company starts to get a little success, it is time to put up a Wikipedia page. This is particularly true if your company has won some awards, has been covered by the media, or has received other citations in the past.

Why is this so important? Without these citations, there’s a chance that your page may be fused into a more general page related to other businesses of your type.

Wikipedia editors only want to highlight businesses that stand out in their field and which are worth an extended page. A Wikipedia page can help you achieve that goal, but only if you have the success and the citations to back it up.

It Can Also Create Backlinks To Boost Your SEO Rating
At Get Your Wiki, they focus heavily on getting your Wikipedia page backlinked by other companies. What are backlinks? They are embedded connections with other companies which use your Wikipedia page as a source.

While the old adage says “you can’t use Wikipedia as a source,” the truth is many people trust it and rely on it for a variety of information.

The benefits behind Wikipedia backlink centers around a company linking to your page, and a reader then using your Wiki page to reach out to you. Imagine a potential customer trying to find a provider of your services, finding your Wikipedia page from a Google search (which always rank high in search engines), and seeing your awards and positive citations. Business is practically guaranteed at that point.

There Are A Variety Of Useful SEO Tools
One concern you may have with a Wikipedia page is having it get hacked or edited by someone else. The main benefit of Wikipedia is that anyone can make Wikipedia edits and add information, but vandals may alter your site in negative ways.

Thankfully, Wikipedia is prepared for this problem and has a variety of tools to help you restore your account. For example, you can receive notifications whenever anyone decides to edit a Wikipedia page about you or your company and editors have the ability to restore an older version immediately.

Beyond this useful tool, is the benefit of tapping into Wikipedia’s many sister projects, such as Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. The first site is a resource of statistics and keyword research that can be used to maximize your SEO presence.

The second is a vast database of free-to-use images and text that you can use to increase your site’s style and look.

So if you’re interested in learning more about using Wikipedia for business, talk to Get Your Wiki today. They can help set you up with a great page and will work hard to make it work for your business needs.

White Shark Media Help With More Than Just Advertising

When people think of White Shark Media, they automatically think about an agency that puts out advertisements for businesses. Many people might even think of White Shark Media as a rich company that only wants to get richer. However, this is not the case at all.

There is a lot more to White Shark Media than just advertising. They have several other services that offer that are directly connected to helping businesses prosper in a quick amount of time.

According to Glassdoor and TopSEOs, the first service they offer is that of management help. There are experts in the management field that work for White Shark Media. These individuals have been educated in wonderful schools, and their school and adult life have been all about knowing what it is to be a manager.

These individuals can give some amazing advice to business owners on how to make their business run more smoothly. One of the main things they help businesses do is downsize.

Please understand, White Shark is not out to get anyone fired. However, they have run into many businesses that have hired more people they can pay. These businesses end up making no profits, and they eventually lock their doors.

A big problem with many businesses is that they hire people for one specific job. This is not a bad thing if this job is hard and takes all day long. However, many businesses can hire one person to take care of two or even three jobs.

That means these businesses will save two to three salaries. That money can be used to improve the physical business, the products and/services, and also the marketing plan.

Speaking of a marketing plan, this is another amazing service offered by White Shark Media. They are a company that has the best individuals in the area of marketing. These individuals are trained wit sit down with business owners and explain to them the entire marketing plan.

This explanation consists of why certain ads were placed on certain websites and not others. This explanation also details why certain words were used in certain ads and not others. This information is backed up by past success stories that are presented to business owners.

Majority of business owners see the same success, or even better, as the success stories that are presented to them. Many business owners are choosing White Shark Media just because of this amazing benefit offered to all business owners.