Visa Seeks to Teach Financial Literacy Through Comic Books

Contrary to popular belief, Visa does not want consumers who spend well beyond their means. To prove it, Visa’s literacy program Practical Money Skills for Life has partnered with Marvel Custom Solutions to create comic books that teach young people how to budget, save, and spend wisely.

According to Visa, only 17 states require students in high school to pass a course in personal finance, leaving a large percentage of adults without a basic level of financial understanding. To combat this phenomenon, Visa sought a strategy to educate kids on the importance of financial literacy.

Its first issue, “Avengers: Saving the Day,” was printed in 2012. Visa distributed nearly half a million copies of the comic, which was translated into eight languages.

Four years later, the two companies have come together to create its second comic. The latest issue, “Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket’s Powerful Plan,” is now being translated into 16 languages.

While superheroes fight, readers are educated on terms such as emergency fund, living within your means, and investments.

Visa also partnered with the Public Library Association in effort to grow the program and get its material in the hands of the people who need it most. The PLA plans to distribute copies of the latest issue through its public libraries nationwide.

Visa says it is a myth to believe that ill-informed consumers are better for business. In the long run, well-informed customers are not only better for its business, but also better for the entire economy.