Problem Solving to Fight Cancer

A problem solver is someone who has a problem and finds a solution to that problem. This problem can be in any aspect of their life: professional or private. Eric Lefkofsky is an example of an excellent problem solver. With his latest company, Tempus, he has created a machine to help in the fight against cancer.

The battle to improve treatment and find a cure for cancer has been going on for decades. While we have yet to find a cure, there have been great advancements in how we treat cancer in patients. More and more patients are being given a better shot at life because of these treatments. Even with all of these advancements, we still want to find a cure. Based on

Tempus is a company that was founded in early 2016. Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder and the CEO. is a technology company that created a machine to help in the fight against cancer. This machine analyzes blood and tissue samples from a cancer patient. These results can then help a doctor to create a customized treatment plan based on what is going on inside the body of each patient.

Once blood and tissue samples are taken, these are sent off to a Tempus lab to be analyzed. During the analysis process, normal cells are compared to cancer cells. The tests will see if there are any genetic mutations in the DNA and RNA sequencing. The results are then sent back to the doctors. These doctors can then create treatment plans based on the most current information available. Read here
Each cancer patient is different and the treatments they receive should not be a one size fits all kind of treatment. With the machine that Tempus created, each patient is given individualized treatment to fight exactly what is happening in their body.

Eric Lefkofksy saw a problem and is working on creating a solution for that problem. That solution may not come quickly or easily, but he is willing to try and hopefully help others along the way.

The Growth of Nobilis Health

Health care is one of the biggest issues to address in today’s society. Each country has it or needs it in different forms. One of the biggest health care companies is Nobilis Health Corp. which is a healthcare and marketing firm that has made tremendous achievements regarding the issue of healthcare. This company owns numerous health care facilities that are designed to provide citizen’s with the best form of health care possible. The goal of this company is to improve and increase the access of health care to those who are in need of non or minimally invasive procedures. The goal is to provide the best health care at low-cost for those who cannot afford it.

Nobilis is a company that owns seven facilities that are used for surgical purposes. These facilities are located in Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale. In addition to this, Nobilis shares partnerships with other facilities that are located in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, and New Jersey.

Nobilis is a health care company that has utilized marketing techniques for the purpose of informing the public of the low-cost of Nobilis in addition to the excellent quality that each facility provides. Some of the examples of the marketing channels that are used include TV, print, search, web, social, and mobile. The goal is to inform and educate each potential patient in the area through these innovative marketing strategies.

Nobilis is constantly striving to provide superior medical attention. Nobilis is renowned for the constant patient satisfaction and low costs for the delivery of the health care. Every single surgeon that works with the Nobilis family is board certified and carries much experience before entering the company. The surgeons at Nobilis are renowned for being some of the best surgeons in the entire country former known as NorthStar.

Some of the treatments that are provided by each facility include…

  • Spine Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • General Surgery
  • Gastrointestinal Scopes
  • Otolaryngology

Nobilis is a health care company that will continue to grow as the security of the company continues to grow. Both the seasoned leadership as well as the excellent services that are provided will ensure a increase in growth and profit within the next few years. What makes Noblis so successful is the implementation of a team that looks to lower the cost of health care and to market this to the public. The success of this plan comes from the best financial planning, the licensees and accreditation, the operating management, the strategic planning, as well as the legal aid that is provided to the company. These are just a few of the specific examples as to why Nobilis has been increasing its brand to the public.

Nobilis is made up of over a hundred facilities that are dedicated to providing the public with top quality assistance at low cost. This reputable company not only has the best staff, but also has the best marketing strategies that inform the public or their focus.