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Brown Modelling Agency based in Austin, Texas held their 4th of July bash that allowed their clients to meet some of the agency’s growing talent. This glamorous event was held on the poolside and was sponsored by local companies like North Shore, Skyles Bayne Property Management, Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery, Still + Sea Swimwear Boutique and New Era Printing Solutions.

This 4th of July party was well received by attendees and observers with rave reviews. There was music, dance, drinks and lots of fun. The agency released an attractive video of the event on Facebook and YouTube. The Brown Modelling Agency was launched in September 2015 by Justin Brown, President and CEO. The agency is a culmination of Wilhelmina Austin acquiring its rival Heyman Talent-South. The latter was specialized in spotting acting talent while Wilhelmina was a commercial modeling agency. The acquisition has created the only full service agency that caters to both commercial and theatrical segments in Austin.

The agency sets themselves apart from their competitors by truly believing in the people they work with and by providing them an outlet where they can express the best of their talents. The company believes that fashion isn’t just about clothing instead it is about what makes us unique as individuals. The agency thrives on bringing the most talented and beautiful people into the spotlight where they can express their emotions and showcase their beauty.

The Brown Modeling Agency has some of the best known brands like; L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, and Dell as their clients. The agency has offices in Austin, Dallas and Los Angeles. The agency spots and grooms talented models and promotes them various fashion shows to get attractive offers. They take a cut of 20% for modeling jobs, 15% in case of non-union commercial films and 10% for union jobs.

With a staff of just seven members, the agency manages the future of over 450 talented models. These models regularly participate in various fashion weeks at Austin, Dallas, New York, Miami and many other cities. The agency provides actors and models for a wide variety of media and needs like film, TV, commercials, print, catalog, industrial videos, fashion, voice over, runway, conventions, promotional events, trade shows and corporate events.

The agency headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. With increasing popularity, huge talent base and long list of clients, the Brown Modeling Agency is making a name for itself in Austin’s fashion scene.

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Realize Your Dreams With Brown Modeling Agency

Becoming a model isn’t as scary or complicated as it might sound. Of course, that’s assuming that you fit the prerequisites. As long as you have the right “build” for modelling, then odds are good that an agency will seek you out, rather than the reverse. In fact, the best advice anyone can give on becoming a model is to ensure that you make yourself available to modelling scouts, who have made a career out of finding hidden talent across the country in malls, clubs, and schoolyards.

Once you’ve found an agency, whether through a scouter or through direct communication with an agency, you’ll find that being a model takes much more work than people might otherwise think. In addition to following the agency’s directions, you’ll also be responsible for managing your own time and schedule. This is especially true when you’re just starting out, no one’s going to hold your hand and make sure you get to your meetings on-time. It’s for this reason that only the most ambitious and diligent of prospective models end up turning it into a full-fledged career. Others typically burn out early on, either due to being uncomfortable in front of the camera or due to being too comfortable drinking at the club after a shoot.

For those interested in starting their career or transitioning to a new agency, Brown Modelling Agency has recently been launched in Central Texas. Before becoming Brown Modelling Agency, it was originally two separate agencies that had both been dominant forces in the region. With this formation between the two agencies, Brown Modelling Agency remains the only full-service agency currently in the Austin area. If you’re someone that’s interested in jump-starting your modelling career from Austin, then there’s no doubt that you’ll need to seek out Brown Modelling Agency’s representation services.

With their headquarters in Austin and several offices in Dallas and Los Angeles, Brown Modelling Agency is fully prepared to help its clients across the country. In fact, the agency’s founder, Justin Brown, sees this merger as further evidence of his agency’s commitment to its models. By merging their resources and talent together, Brown Modelling Agency is able to ensure that its models are fully represented and taken care of, regardless of where their career takes them.

As Brown Modelling Agency continues to grow, they will no doubt continue to be on the lookout for undiscovered talent. With a reputation for excellence, and a vast array of resources at their disposal, Brown Modelling Agency has become the gold standard by which other fashion agencies are judged. If you’re going to follow your dreams of modelling, hopefully they will lead you to Brown Modelling Agency.