Brown Modeling Expanding to Austin

The Brown Model Agency is expanding. Led by President Justin Brown, the agency is opening in Austin, Texas. The city is bustling and has a very diverse fashion sense. The college look, the sports look all mixed in with the rock star look are what make Austin unique. To let the local area know that Brown Modeling Agency is moving to the area, they have set up a local runway show.

A local fashion designer, Linda Asaf, is the woman behind the show. She was able to create all of the looks for the show in just two weeks. From ball gowns to night on the town looks, her show has it all. Whites and grays were the main colors for the show and all of the pieces showcased the local style with a twist.

Justin Brown has been in the modeling industry for almost half his life. When he was 18, he moved to California. There, he jumped right in and began modeling and doing some of the behind the scenes work. He spent years learning as much as he could about how the industry works and how the talent was developed.

In 2005, Justin moved to Austin, Texas. He has a real love for the city and everything it has to offer. There, he started a company where he worked on developing talent and preparing them for everything the modeling world has to offer. After a few years of doing this, he opened his own agency.

Through his agency, Brown Modeling Agency, he has expanded. He still works on developing talent and then he is able to send that talent out to jobs where they will represent his agency. Some of his talent have worked with big names in the industry such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, and Toyota to name a few.

Justin Brown went to college for business management. He did spend some time modeling but his real passion was for what goes on behind the scenes. His motto is, “We are only as good as our talent” still holds true for him to this day. He and his team put in the necessary time to develop his talent and to prepare them to represent Brown Modeling Agency well.

Brown Modeling Agency has not been in the industry for long but they have already proven to be an industry leader. With expanding to the Austin market, they are showing just how good the agency and their talent really is.