Brown Modeling Agency is Making an Impact in its Industry

Justin Brown is the president of the Brown Modeling Agency responsible for helping people reach their modeling or acting peek. This agency and everyone involved knows what it takes to be successful. The Brown agency is based out of Austin, TX and has been brought up and supported by the community. Brown Modeling Agency president, Justin Brown, stated “I just want to thank the community overall. They supported us when we we’re just getting started, and we really look forward to working with them”. The team at the agency conceives that there recent Formula One Party was a great success. This was an event for locals, enthusiasts, and the agency to interact with one another and express common interests in the talent industry.

You may or may not recognize this particular agency due to its connection with the famous Wilhelmina Models Network. Through this network, Brown Agency was able to help clients find work with some of the most world renowned brands such as Toyota and Louis Vuitton just to name a few. It’s not uncommon for fashion models at Brown Agency to get selected to participate in the Dallas Fashion Week, and even the New York Fashion week. Not only does Brown Agency seek undiscovered talent, but they also focus on developing the artists they work with as well.

You may wonder how president, Justin Brown got the idea to start his own agency, and how he became successful at it. Justin began fit modeling throughout his college years and focused on current trends such as ‘Skinny Jeans’. It was only after studying business management in college, that he decided he was interested in how things worked on the opposite side of the camera. Before Brown Agency was started, Justin Brown found himself working as a “development & placement” agent, which means he was responsible for finding other models work while teaching them how to become pros in the process of being a successful model in the industry. You could even say that he still does this with Brown Agency. Brown and his team are responsible for the booming modeling careers of over 400 artists.

Brown Agency is based out of Austin, TX, but also has offices located in Dallas and Los Angeles. Justin was formerly the head of Wilhelmina Austin, and has admitted that it is a part of Brown Agency’s strategic growth plan to merge the two companies together in an effort to become a full-service agency that can offer more to clients as a whole. Brown Agency is the leading modeling & talent agency in all of central Texas. With experience in dealing with thousands of well-known companies, Brown Agency expects to become a talent entity that will only move upward.

How to Become a Model With Brown Modeling Agency

Unlike what we see in movies and commercials, becoming a model requires more than being handsome, beautiful and tall. It is more about being smart, unique and passionate about modeling to back up those physical perceptions.


You have to know the type of modeling you want to associate yourself with. You can decide to be a print model that focuses on magazine photos, a runaway model that catwalks for labels, press model or a commercial model. Always be prepared to model. Even if it means going to classes, you need to build confidence and comfort with every aspect of modeling, which is only possible if you are well prepared.


Always be yourself if you want to be a successful model. Resist the temptation to put on a fake impression during an interview with a modeling agency. Most agencies prefer to see prospective models in the natural self so that they know what they are choosing. However, don’t ignore body conscious outfits such as skinny pants and tanks because most agencies focus more on the body. You can also take some casual shots as well and use them as your portfolio. Always smile to the camera, and ensure your outfit does not disrupt your body profile.

Above all, look for the right agency that specializes in the modeling field you like. Do research beforehand to see the modeling agencies that are reputable in the market. Search online and get to know which label or company the agency represents. Be careful as there are a lot of scammers out there. An agency that is quick to ask you for money should make you suspicious.

One of the modeling agencies that have proved to be trustworthy in the market is Brown Agency. The agency operates in Austin, TX as a combination of Heyman and Talent-South, two of the region’s largest modeling agencies. Brown agency has more than 450 talents under its management with seven qualified staff who watch over the budding careers of its special group of models. Brown Agency’s models are privileged to work for big companies such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Loreal and many others. Its models are frequent on the major runways for Austin, Dallas Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.


The company is headed by Justin Brown. He joined the modelling industry at the age of 18 and slowly learned the tricks of the trade. His vast experience as a model meant he had the skills to walk promising models into bigger agencies in New York, Dallas, Austin and Los Angeles. With Justin Brown at the steering wheel, the agency is growing fast to becoming one of the leading commercial print modeling agencies in the United States. The company relaunched its new operations in September last year.