The Enigmatic Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen was first noticed by news watchers as a person holding negative views against the socialist regime in Venezuela, his native country. He had criticized the Chavez and Maduro regimes and was placing blame for the Venezuelan economic condition solely on their socialist leadership and not on the devalued price of crude oil which the country uses as a basis for their economy. Adding another voice against an unpopular socialist government of a country with a deteriorating economy is an easy task.

Halvorssen is a man of the world not just Venezuela, his roots go back to Scandinavia as well as being entrenched within the former power structure of Venezuela, who were the natural opponents of the socialist governments of Chavez and Maduro. His parents had tremendous wealth and power in Venezuela and left Thor in a financially sound position in his young life. He, like many offspring who do not need to work to make a living, started a foundation. His foundation, The Human Rights Foundation, works to showcase oppressive regimes that allow little freedom of expression. His first targets were Venezuela and Cuba and thus angered many on the left side of the political spectrum. Republicans, always looking for personalities and foundations expressing right leaning advocacies, considered him an ally, and used him on a Fox News segment to take a shot at the Socialist candidacy of Bernie Sanders. The interview backfired horribly because Thor defended socialism when used in an open political society and even said that he gave the Sanders campaign a large financial contribution. This interview further added to the enigma that is Thor Halvorssen. His dedication to the principles of the classic liberal, John Stuart Mill, is not fully exposing this mysterious man to our eyes. Many are left regarding him as a handsome, well-spoken figure in the human rights arena, but he still remains a mystery.

We need to hear and read more about this man and a book, a manifesto, is in order to explain who is the true Thor Halvorssen.