The Music Group Drummer Cassio Audi Gets Better By The Day

The album, “Theatre of Fate,” was released internationally, and this earned them worldwide fame. The album even outsold albums from other globally renowned rock bands such as Nirvana and Van Halen.Viper achieved this massive success despite the spurious English grammar in their songs. One noteworthy feature that made the songs so prominent was the beats composed by Cassio Audi.The pioneer in any activity always encounters more challenges compared to the runners-up.

Cassio Audi was responsible for setting the trend in the Brazilian rock music scene.His band, viper, had to draw inspiration from other musicians and use their own creativity to make unforgettable music.The band was the pioneers of heavy metal in Brazil. They used loud, heavy beats, prolonged guitar solos, energetic and fast beats. This combination brings out an aggressive style of music associated with the heavy metal genre of rock music. The group still inspires other Brazilian rock music to date.

Other than his role as a drummer, Cassio Audi also composed some band’s songs. This won the teenage drummer award and his rock band affection from their fans, but it also attracted critics. However, this did not hold them back. They pushed forward and continued to flourish. Cassio’s role at the band ended in 1989 when he left for personal engagements. A lot of lessons can be extracted from Cassio’s career in the band. His music career is a true example of how young individuals can utilize their talent to surmount challenges and sail to success.

The Versatility of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is an artist, drummer, and singer from Brazil, graduating from the University of Sao Paulo with a degree in Business Administration. Having this educational background mix with being a musician, it’s obvious Cassio Audi is very intelligent due to his business knowledge. When you mention his name today, it actually gets associated with his role in the finance industry, but he has always been a hard worker, regardless the field of work.With his work ethic being so high, he made sure that every year he would have songs completed that will be recorded on one of his albums.

What makes Cassio’s music so different is that he actually took out time using his intention to educate the listener into having an experience of a lifetime. In Brazil as a teenager, he worked as drummer in a heavy metal Brazilian band named Viper. The group also consist of band mates, Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, Felipe Machado, and Yves Passarel. What the Brazilian fans appreciate so much about him is that, Cassio Audi expanded heavy metal beyond Brazil and Latin America, utilizing his business and marketing skills.

Globally, Cassio Audi is known for being a Brazilian legend, and has every right to be called so, having such a major impact on the iconic heavy metal band in Brazil, Viper. After his extensive experience in the world of music, Audi decided to start another line of work, that of financing, but he always going to be mostly recognized for being in the hall of fame, not only in Brazil, but worldwide.