How Toma Developed Nine9 – The UnAgency

If you are looking for a talent agency that is willing to help anyone with the drive, determination, and ambition to make it in the acting and modeling industry, Anthony Toma created a business just for you. Nine9 Talent Agency, the UnAgency, was created in 2003.

Toma wanted to reinvent the way that actors and models are represented in entertainment. Not only does Toma represent anyone who is willing to invest into their future, he also ensures that all of his actors and models are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Unaided, people entering the entertainment industry can be taking advantage of, and used. Toma makes sure that none of his entertainers will ever face these challenges. Click Here to Nine9 Blog.

Toma is a well-respected entrepreneur with years of experience, and complete dedication to his field. He lives for the industry and to improve the industry.

How Did Toma Develop the Concept for Nine9?

Nine9 is something that Toma considers an accidental success. When he first started considered starting his own business, he was originally searching for a franchise in the food industry. During his search, he bumped into an opportunity for a modeling and acting based franchise. He took on investors and built his empire. In total, he owned 26 franchise locations across the United States.

Even though the business looked successful from the outside, the number of investors he had eventually caused the business to sink. However, he did learn to love the business and decided to start his own business using a similar business model to what he used before. So, in 2003, he developed his company Coral Reef Productions Inc., now known as Nine9.

What Makes Toma a Successful Entrepreneur?

When asked what he feels makes him a successful entrepreneur, Toma claims that active listening is his strongest point. By taking time out to listen to his team, and by allowing people to help him work out the holes in his plans, allows him to build more success than he could on his own. for more.