Rising Competition For Pizza Business: Providing Online Access For Local Pizzerias

Ilir Sela had a great idea for making it easier for local pizzerias to compete with the big pizza chains. He knew from the contacts he made with pizzerias in the local NY pizza industry that online ordering was catching on like “wildfire.” The big pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut were having huge success in their online delivery but the smaller pizza joints were losing out on this business.


He decided to utilize his IT degree to help his family and friends set up websites. He discovered that many were requesting an online ordering application. He launched “My Pizza” in 2010 as a way to handle the online ordering for independent pizzerias. His research had shown that 90% of the online orders were placed with the big pizza chains. He wanted to give independent pizzerias the opportunity to make it easier for customers to order online at their local pizzeria.


The premise was that the customer could log on to mypizza.com, select the local pizzeria of their choice and order online. The website garnered a lot of attention and created opportunities for 100 people. Now called “Slice” to denote the fact that users can order pizza slices online, My Pizza.com works with 6,000 pizzerias in 1,500 cities in the US.


This innovation has helped these locally owned pizzerias compete with the big pizza chains. It has also helped users support their local pizzerias in a more modern way. Sela hopes to spur more pizza consumption at local pizzerias. The recent expansion to Chelsea and the recent investment by Primary Venture Partners has proven that this innovation is a good investment.


Making the connection between local pizza joints, pizzerias and pizza parlors is what Slice does best. They believe that pizza is more than food. It is a “slice of life.” Visitors to the “mypizza.com” site can order pizza online from participating pizzerias easily through their mobile phone or any other device.