This PR firm has a plan for success!

Status Labs, a digital marketing and public relations firm that has been in existence since 2012. Today they have released documentation that claims a 39% increase in revenue since 2014. The team’s tech savvy members and full of innovative and impressive ideas and their motivation to secure new clients and keep them satisfied has been credited as a leading factor in this year’s jump in earnings. In 2015 alone, Status Labs have gained over 160 new clients in fields ranging from finance to politics. The president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher has been quoted as saying, “Our team of experts offers solutions to political figures, Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between, whether their need is managing their online reputation, advertising on social media or developing a strategic public relations campaign. This allows us to continuously offer our clients valuable services that solve their unique needs which ensures client retention.”
To meet this increase in demand for their services, Status Labs have increased their team by 12 percent in recent months. Fisher also states that they are looking to hire on even more talent from Austin, Texas and New York City within the first quarter of 2016. Status Labs believe that to ensure that the client receives a service that is not only timely, but effective, each PR pitch must stay on topic, engage the journalist in a way that forces them to want to know more, be customized to the needs of each client, foresee anything a journalist may need to complete their piece on the subject and deliver it without being asked, and the pitch must tell a story. Many ad agencies only focus on getting the project in the faces of as many people as possible while Status Labs seeks to bring the reader or viewer into a world of wonder that will translate into positive results for the client.