Bernardo Chua Advances His Mission to Introduce Ganoderma and Organo Gold to the World

ORGANO is a global Network Marketing company that has risen to the topof the direct-sales list of companies with gourmet coffees and teas infused with a vitamin and anti-oxidant superfood called Ganoderma. Bernardo Chua, founder, and CEO began the company in 2007 in British Columbia, Canada, and today, in 2018, Organo has open doors into more than 50 countries with the mission to educate the world about Ganoderma.

There are still many countries in the western world who have not yet heard about Ganoderma and its wonderful properties and megavitamins. Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows in the Asian Mountains, so its benefits are well known in Asian countries. Chua knows how nutritious its properties are, wants the world to know its superpowers, too. Watch this video on Youtube.

Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines. His mother, who was from China, brought it with her for her family as Bernardo was growing up. In recent years, Chua looks for the purest, high-quality Ganoderma, which generally is found in the northern mountains. He imports it especially for his premium gourmet beverages and nutraceuticals in Organo, which also offers natural personal care products for both men and women.

With the direct sales, networking system that he has perfected over the past decade, Chua is able to offer delicious Ganoderma coffee and tea for everybody along with supplements while informing each customer about this superfood. His distributors are compensated with top commissions and high-quality gifts and other prizes for their sales.

Chua is an incredible businessman who has developed an extremely effective system for the distribution of Organo Gold. He focuses on the outcome but enjoys the journey there. His distributors share a strong sense of family and loyalty, operating under a set of core values, which brings them together in unity. This outstanding cohesiveness did not happen overnight; Chua has been developing it for years. Visit to know more.

In 2001, Chua founded Gano Excel, also in British Columbia, and managed it under direct sales also. This company produced and sold Ganoderma as a supplement, along with other supplements, and it was here that he began to fine-tune his sales techniques.

In 2004, he closed Gano Excel because he wanted to infuse hot beverages with Ganoderma, so it would be more widely accepted. It has been Chua’s mission to introduce Ganoderma to the world since he was a young entrepreneur, and today, he is succeeding in that goal, one country at a time.