How Betsy DeVos has Supported American Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is among the American women who have had a positive impact on the growth of the country. She has attained success in business, politics, and philanthropy. Betsy has been supporting critical initiatives that are devoted to bettering the country’s education sector. In February 2017, her outstanding contributions were recognized by the Trump administration, and she was offered an opportunity to acts as the secretary of education. She has continued her efforts in transforming the sector while at the office. Mrs. DeVos formerly worked for the American Federation for Children (AFC) as one of its top administrators. The organization aims at changing the United States educations industry, and it currently offers a flexible system that enables students to study subjects that they are interested in. Millions of children across the country are now getting a better education due to the outstanding work that is done by Betsy. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The secretary of education believes that the school system needs to be transformed since it has denied many children opportunities to attend schools that can nurture their future careers. She believes that children should not be limited to attending learning institutions that are located in their locality, and they should be given opportunities to join schools of their choice. Betsy has been spending her free time support the Kids Hope USA by inspiring children who are in various elementary schools.

Betsy has managed to accomplish a lot in her career since she has the support of her husband, Dick DeVos. Mr. DeVos is a wealthy business mogul and philanthropist who is based in Michigan. The couple owns a family foundation that manages their charity work, and they donate millions of dollars every year. They gave money construct the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is currently among the most equipped aviation institutions in Michigan.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos has made contributions to political world for the past three decades. She has served the Republican Party in different capacities. Betsy kicked off her journey in the political world in 1976 when she joined the campaign team of President Gerald R. Ford. Politics has enabled her to learn a lot about the mobilization of resources and how to address issues in the grassroots. Mrs. DeVos served the Michigan’s Republican National Committee for approximately five years, and she was also appointed as Michigan’s delegate to the party. Read more articles at about Betsy.

Betsy DeVos has been supporting Christian-based organizations in different ways since she comes from a strong Christian background. Her family’s charity organization donates towards activities that deal with education, art, medical research, politics, and many others. The policies that she has introduced to the system have enabled millions of children to afford tuition fees in for-profits schools. Betsy funds the education of several children at the prestigious Potter’s House Christian School.

Betsy DeVos and Charitable Help

While Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education, she is so much more than just that. She is a philanthropist who appreciates giving just as much as she appreciates making major changes to the school systems that so badly need a reform. In a recent interview, she talked about how her philanthropic work has helped her to be better at understanding people.

Many people think that they are charitable just because they are giving but Betsy Devos is much more than just that. She actually gets in on the reform action and she works to make sure that she is doing so in a way that creates a great influence. She does not just give money or options to people. Instead, she gives her time and her effort to make things better for all people that she works with so that they have opportunities.

Along with the traditional charities that she gives to and the educational platform that she stands on, Betsy DeVos is a strong supporter of the arts and consistently works to make sure that she is allowing the arts to be prominent in the country. She thinks that everyone needs access to the arts, even those who are young and those who cannot afford the traditional arts experience. She has included the arts into the philanthropy work that she has done and continues to be a strong supporter of the arts in all instances for many different people. She enjoys the arts and helping people out. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

The platform that she stands on is, obviously, educational opportunities. This is something that she can do with many different options and something that she is able to do with different things that are designed for the educational program. What many do not realize is that she has been philanthropically helping the educational sector throughout her time in different instances. This has allowed her the chance to be able to help people out and to make sure that she is doing things the right way for many different people. It has also helped her to learn more about the charities that she works with and the people who she helps.

All of this has come together for Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick. They have worked together with their own foundation. They want to bring opportunities for better communities, more education, increased arts, better justice and leadership for people in different areas. Each of these five aspects set the stage for the foundation and they have helped everything from educational charities to children’s cancer societies and everything else that is in between. They work hard to bring opportunities to people who would have never had the chance to experience those things before. Read more news on

Former Lacrosse Pro Makes Moves in the Business World

He is a true renaissance man. It seems like he can do just about anything. Former college lacrosse player Jon Urbana has not slowed down one bit since graduation. While still keeping his athletic itch scratched by holding lacrosse camps for the youth, Urbana also finds time to pursue his music career, photography, flying, and other business ventures. All this and I barely have the time to cook dinner.

Jon Urbana’s music career is slowly taking off. He has gained over 13 million followers and listeners on Soundcloud. The electric sounds mixed with popular music creates a new sound altogether. From hip hop, to freestyle, to pop, Jon Urbana’s talent should not be ignored, and definitely explored. Check him out on Facebook to hear his music.

Flying takes skill, precision and guts. Those are the same traits it takes to be a skilled athlete at the college level. Jon Urbana took an interest in his lacrosse camp, but also in flying and literally took off. The FAA recognizes him as he passed the safety protocols and requisites that preceded this certification. This is a prestigious honor and again proof that this guy can do it all.

Photography has been one of Jon’s pastimes since college. His eye for nature and his surroundings expresses his love of life. His Instagram page is flooded with beautiful photographs of flowers and amazing scenery. His pictures show his love for the environment, which explains his charity work.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Jon takes the environment seriously. Urbana’s biography states that he supports a number of environmental charity foundations and has a GoFundMe page for Earth Force Inc. He is very active in promoting this new fundraiser. Check out these links for more information.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

How to Work Your Way up The Ladder: A Guide

Many of you have probably heard of a man by the name of Majeed Ekbal. He is a very prominent business man in the Chicago area. He wasn’t always this big though. He had to work his way up, just like everyone else. Today I am here to extend some friendly advice for those looking to be just like Majeed Ekbal.


This is something that Majeed Ekbal learned to do early on. Majeed learned that if he wanted to get ahead, he had to be the team leader he wanted to see. Lead by example. Do not be afraid to throw yourself into the ring. Put yourself down in the trenches with the rest of your workers. Your workers will have more respect for you if you are working along with them.

I have known too many business leaders who make decisions for their workers, without any knowledge of what they do. Do not be like this. Be the change you want to see. This is what Majeed learned to do. Majeed learned that if her wanted something done right, he had to do it himself. His co-workers say this. They learned through him. This is why he so respected in the Chicago area.


This is crucial to any kind of success. Your co-workers and clients are not going to be happy seeing the boss just dictate. Learn to be humble. Share credit. Be comfortable with being part of the team.

Humility teaches so much. If more bosses knew the difference between the two, they would be more successful in their ventures.


If there is not reason to hold a meeting, don’t hold one. Too many bosses hold meaningless meetings, just to prove they are in charge. This wastes money and time. If you really trust your co-workers, like you say you do, then only hold the important meetings. The important meetings should only be a few minutes, not to mention short and sweet. Do not run up the company tab by holding meetings over details that are already known.

If you trust your co-workers, micromanaging should be a thing of the past.

One final thing to mention. know your limits. If you can’t do something, say you can’t do it. Your employees and clients will have more respect if you admit to your limitations. Find someone to help you pick up the slack. You can do all of this while still maintaining control.

Go onto Majeed Ekbal’s personal twitter page for more tips on how to become a successful business leader. He answers questions and posts updates all the time. Check his page out now.

Discover Sergio Cortés’s Impersonation Talent

If you have great affection for music, you must have listened to one of Michael Jackson’s albums. Jackson is well-liked for his creation of first-class music. Numerous people have yearned to watch one of his life performances, but regrettably, he died a few years ago. If you still have such dreams, you should not feel frustrated. This is because imitators will make sure you acquire the same stimulating experiences that you would have gotten if Jackson was still living.

It is familiar information that quite some individuals love to be copied instead of being pleased. The issue surrounding the career of Michael Jackson is a case in point of how such words are correct. Many individuals have tried acting as impersonators of Michael Jackson but to no avail. Only a few have been able to break the glass ceiling and risen to prominence as great imitators of Michel Jackson. These individuals are the ones who have managed to imitate his life as a musician and also his character as a person. Through hard work, Sergio Cortes has risen to great heights to become the best in imitating Michael Jackson. He has been able to produce excellent performances that have mesmerized his audiences. He copies every detail during his performances including how the late Jackson used to do his stage movements.

On the internet, various videos have been posted that give a glimpse of how Sergio does his performances. You can take some time and just watch a few of those videos, and then you will realize how Sergio Cortes is different from other individuals who claim to imitate Michael Jackson. The quality of the performances will not leave you disappointed because he creates a real image of Jackson. Many people often think that it is Michael Jackson himself performing. His ability, wit, and a great voice will leave you mesmerized.

Currently, Sergio has decided to travel the entire world to showcase his considerable talent to the supporters and fans of Michael Jackson, who are yet to recover from the sad news of Michael Jackson’s death. Lately, he has become very popular in Brazil, and his fame is now spreading all over the globe. Just a while ago, he was invited for a performance in an event known as Nature Tribute that was hosted to commemorate Jackson’s death. The event was held in Milan, Italy.

Darius Fisher to Speak At Impact15

Darius Fisher will speak at the Impact15. He is the president of Status Labs. Status Labs is a online reputation management firm and they also deal with public relations. Impact15 is a three-day conference.At their conference they will have a get together of some of the best and brightest in the online marketing industry. At Impact15 people will share ideas and digital solutions. The conference is held at Las Vegas and it will be on September 23-25. Fisher will give a presentation at Impact15. The presentation will be called “Why the First Page of Google Search is a New First Impression”. Being the President of Status Labs, Fisher knows all about the importance of keeping your personal information safe online.During his presentation he will talk about how vital it is to protect your digital presence. Online information isn’t like information that’s on paper. When you have a newspaper it can change every day. When you go on Google and check your search results none of your results change unless you do something about it.Fisher will share with the crowd some of his best practices and also SE0, content development tools, and public relations. Fisher believes that what people see online about you is really dependent on you. You can’t completely control everything , but what you do control will impact your online presence in a positive way. Your online presence is especially important when you are a executive or business owner.
Darius Fisher is not only the president of Status Labs he is also the co-founder of Status Labs. He came up with a vision to build a company that has partnerships with very influential people and agencies.Before co-founding Status Labs he was a political consultant and copywriter.
Status Labs is a very popular online reputation management .They are heavily involved in marketing and public relations. It is a firm that has offices in Austin, Sao Paulo, and New York. Their main goal is to help their clients to look their best. Looking your best in the Google search results is very important. They also help to grow sales through digital marketing and strategies. They have over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Their clients Fortune 500 brands, politicians, athletes and public figures.