Factors That Made Matthew Autterson an Avid Leader

Matthew Autterson is an experienced professional in the financial services. He has worked in the financial industry for twenty-five years and gained a lot experience. The experience has propelled him to succeed in the institutions that he has served. the experience, and the skills that he has obtained led him to be appointed to serve as the president chartered financial institutions. Matthew is currently serving in many institutions at different executive positions. His leadership qualities have helped in the expansion of operations in those institutions.

Matthew Autterson is a well-educated man.He was trained in Business Administration at Michigan State University. He completed his education at the institution in 1980.he was privileged to pursue Graduate Tax Program at University of Denver. Matthew Autterson commenced his career development at First Trust Corporation. He quit the firm in 1982 to establish other businesses. He initiated the formation of Colorado State chartered. The company operated as a branch of Integrated Resources, Inc. The company has it’s headquarters in New York. The company operated successfully under the leadership of Matthew Auterson. He was appointed as the president of the company in 1986.

Integrated Resources, Inc. sold its all resources to Broad Inc. Broad Inc. changed its business name to SunAmerica Inc. and sold to AIG in 1988. The company was sold at $18 billion. The assets of Resources Trust Company were acquired by Fiserv. The Resources Trust Company was one of the best financial institutions before it was sold. The company used to serve over 200000 customers. The financial advisers of the company were 15000. The employees who were working in the company were seven hundred. The deposit and custodian assets totaled $1.0 billion and $20 billion respectively. The good performance of the company was due to commitment and the efforts of Matthew Auterson.

Matthew Autterson was determined to ensure that the financial institution remains to be the best in the country. Autterson built strong teamwork and obtained loyalty from the customers. View More Information Here.

Matthew Autterson has been in the forefront in assisting members of the public. he initiated a lot of philanthropic work at Falci Adaptive Biosystems. The main aim of starting the philanthropic work was to assist members of the public through development projects. Some of the charitable institutions that he established are Webb-Waring and Denver Zoo foundation. The projects that he started has improved the development projects in the neighboring community. Matthew has touched the hearts of many people both in his career and philanthropic work.

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How Betsy DeVos has Supported American Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is among the American women who have had a positive impact on the growth of the country. She has attained success in business, politics, and philanthropy. Betsy has been supporting critical initiatives that are devoted to bettering the country’s education sector. In February 2017, her outstanding contributions were recognized by the Trump administration, and she was offered an opportunity to acts as the secretary of education. She has continued her efforts in transforming the sector while at the office. Mrs. DeVos formerly worked for the American Federation for Children (AFC) as one of its top administrators. The organization aims at changing the United States educations industry, and it currently offers a flexible system that enables students to study subjects that they are interested in. Millions of children across the country are now getting a better education due to the outstanding work that is done by Betsy. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The secretary of education believes that the school system needs to be transformed since it has denied many children opportunities to attend schools that can nurture their future careers. She believes that children should not be limited to attending learning institutions that are located in their locality, and they should be given opportunities to join schools of their choice. Betsy has been spending her free time support the Kids Hope USA by inspiring children who are in various elementary schools.

Betsy has managed to accomplish a lot in her career since she has the support of her husband, Dick DeVos. Mr. DeVos is a wealthy business mogul and philanthropist who is based in Michigan. The couple owns a family foundation that manages their charity work, and they donate millions of dollars every year. They gave money construct the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is currently among the most equipped aviation institutions in Michigan.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos has made contributions to political world for the past three decades. She has served the Republican Party in different capacities. Betsy kicked off her journey in the political world in 1976 when she joined the campaign team of President Gerald R. Ford. Politics has enabled her to learn a lot about the mobilization of resources and how to address issues in the grassroots. Mrs. DeVos served the Michigan’s Republican National Committee for approximately five years, and she was also appointed as Michigan’s delegate to the party. Read more articles at MLive.com about Betsy.

Betsy DeVos has been supporting Christian-based organizations in different ways since she comes from a strong Christian background. Her family’s charity organization donates towards activities that deal with education, art, medical research, politics, and many others. The policies that she has introduced to the system have enabled millions of children to afford tuition fees in for-profits schools. Betsy funds the education of several children at the prestigious Potter’s House Christian School.

Greg Secker: Business man, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Greg Secker is a renowned English businessman, writer, and entrepreneur, specializing in foreign exchange. Secker is known for his work in the international education of financial trading, a topic he wrote several books on, including Trading Your Way to Success, Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success, and Financial Freedom Through Forex.

Secker also founded several companies, such as Capital Index, Learn to Trade, FX Capital, and SmartChart Software. He also established the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization, in 2010. The foundation is committed to improving quality of life of people through education, skill development, and leadership initiatives.

Born in Norfolk, England, Greg Secker studied Agricultural and Food Sciences in the University of Nottingham. But while he was studying, he was also building and selling computers. He started to become more and more interested in coding, and even build 3D interactive models of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. During a job fair, Secker met with someone at Thomas Cook Financial Services, who offered him a job with the company, he later worked on the currency-trading floor to build the Virtual Trading Desk. This became the first online currency-trading platform.

His work on the platform sparked his interest in foreign exchange trading. His work in coding allowed him to understand the ins and outs of trading, as he worked on coding the functions necessary for the different trading strategies. And that is how he got his start in this arena.

Greg’s motto is that he is not a why guy, he is a why not guy. He believes in figuring out the details along the way, but at first, his approach is to say yes to things.

However, Secker also understands the need for a strong risk-management and strategy-driven approach.

Once Secker accumulated his wealth, he retired for a while. However, he realized he had a lot of knowledge to share, and began speaking in public, to empower people to create their own wealth through foreign currency trading. The Greg Secker Foundation grew from this same idea, to help empower youth and help them develop their life skills and shape their future paths.

Betsy DeVos and Charitable Help

While Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education, she is so much more than just that. She is a philanthropist who appreciates giving just as much as she appreciates making major changes to the school systems that so badly need a reform. In a recent interview, she talked about how her philanthropic work has helped her to be better at understanding people.

Many people think that they are charitable just because they are giving but Betsy Devos is much more than just that. She actually gets in on the reform action and she works to make sure that she is doing so in a way that creates a great influence. She does not just give money or options to people. Instead, she gives her time and her effort to make things better for all people that she works with so that they have opportunities.

Along with the traditional charities that she gives to and the educational platform that she stands on, Betsy DeVos is a strong supporter of the arts and consistently works to make sure that she is allowing the arts to be prominent in the country. She thinks that everyone needs access to the arts, even those who are young and those who cannot afford the traditional arts experience. She has included the arts into the philanthropy work that she has done and continues to be a strong supporter of the arts in all instances for many different people. She enjoys the arts and helping people out. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

The platform that she stands on is, obviously, educational opportunities. This is something that she can do with many different options and something that she is able to do with different things that are designed for the educational program. What many do not realize is that she has been philanthropically helping the educational sector throughout her time in different instances. This has allowed her the chance to be able to help people out and to make sure that she is doing things the right way for many different people. It has also helped her to learn more about the charities that she works with and the people who she helps.

All of this has come together for Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick. They have worked together with their own foundation. They want to bring opportunities for better communities, more education, increased arts, better justice and leadership for people in different areas. Each of these five aspects set the stage for the foundation and they have helped everything from educational charities to children’s cancer societies and everything else that is in between. They work hard to bring opportunities to people who would have never had the chance to experience those things before. Read more news on Cleveland.com.

George Soros Is Funding Many Progressive Projects

The politicians who are high-profile are receiving a lot of attention always. But the fact is that such people can push their agenda only if they have the requisites resources for doing so. This would need a lot of money too. George Soros is a billionaire who has been funding a lot of progressive projects.

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He came from a Jewish family but was even a Nazi collaborator. In fact, his mother was anti-Semitic. She was quite ashamed of being a Jew. She considered it to be a stigma or a disadvantage. Hence she always had the desire to escape from it.

George Soros funds the mainstream leftist media. In fact, he is having ties with over 30 news outlets that are in the mainstream media. He funds the Media Matters organization which is a Clinton ally. This has a number of media outlets such as The Los Angeles Times as well as The New York Times.

He is responsible for creating a “Shadow Party.” This comprises of those leftist organizations that are having control over the Democrat Party.

George Soros is funding the Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. He has already given $9 million to those Super PACs that are pro-Clinton.

He is also connected with the President of US, Donald Trump. He has funded Trump International Hotel & Tower which is located in Chicago. He has contributed $160 million to this project. These two are claimed to be sharing a cozy relationship.

George Soros helped in supporting the Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He managed to steer some votes away from Sen. Ted Cruz in order to let him win.

The Open Society Foundation believes that the refugee crisis of Europe should be accepted and viewed as normal. Hence there is no need to react to it. George Soros says that it is time to move ahead from there.

He states that governments need to respond as well as adjust to this new reality. They need to look at this crisis in Europe as well as the Mediterranean in a different way. They need to adopt long-term planning to handle this issue. Fundamentally a new approach is being advocated here. He has also shown his concern for intolerance toward migrants that is on the rise and hence needs to be fought back.

Read this story about George at Politico.com.

He has also funded the Black Lives Matter groups. His organization, Open Society Foundation gave nearly $33 million to these groups during the past year.

George Soros has just increased the multi-million dollar investments of his company in both U.S. as well as foreign companies which are into the extraction of shale oil and gas. The Obama administration had been advocating the use of natural gas to ensure a clean pollution-free future. It also proposed offering incentives to those companies which are making use of those trucks that are powered by natural gas. One such company is Westport Innovations, owned by Soros.

Read more at The New York Times about George.

A Look At The Charitable And Leadership History Of Betsy DeVos

Elizabeth Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman, proven leader, politician, activist, innovator, and philanthropist. Presently, she is the Secretary of Education in the United States and a member of the Republican Party. Betsy served as a Republican Committeewoman in Michigan. Between 1996 and 2000, she was the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. I believe that her achievements resulted in her reelection to continue advocating for the party’s agenda in Michigan. She has been a supporter of the chartered Detroit school system. In addition, Betsy has been the chairwoman of the board of Action Institute and School Choice Alliance. Betsy also heads the PAC known as All Children Matter. She is married to Dick DeVos who was the chief executive officer of Amway, a multi-level marketing company. Together, they have four grown-up children. Read more on Los Angeles Times

Betsy went to Holland Christian School. Later, she enrolled in the Calvin College in Michigan where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. From her childhood, she has been a member of the Christian Reformed Church as well as an elder and member of Mars Hill Church, which is located in Grand Rapids. I think that her Christian background has contributed immensely to her good morals, honesty, integrity and hard work. Moreover, Betsy has served as a local area delegate for the Republican Party in Michigan where she has been elected since 1986 for 16 successive two-year terms. For many years, her family has been actively involved in Republican politics by sponsoring the party’ agenda and initiatives. Since 1989, they have donated over 17 million dollars to committees and different Republican candidates. Republicans promote a governing philosophy that upholds and values traditional American ethics. Betsy and her husband founded Windquest Group in 1989, a privately owned operating company that invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

As a philanthropist, Betsy DeVos co-chairs a family foundation based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The entity has donated funds to different organizations in Michigan, including an Aviation Academy in West Michigan, which she founded in 2010. The family foundation also sponsors two private Christian Schools that are run by Potter’s House and offers significant support to the Education Freedom Fund, which provides needy children with scholarships to attend private schools. Moreover, Betsy’s organization has supported the Foundation for Education Excellence and the Federation for Children in America. Betsy chairs the American Federation for Children, which is an ally of the Alliance for School Choice. Donations made by the DeVos Family Foundation are not only restricted to supporting school choice, but they also focus on arts and health care. The foundation is a major supporter of a yearly art competition known as ArtPrize, which takes place in Grand Rapids. They also support the Helen DeVos Hospital for Children, a pediatric oncology center. I think that their donations have had much impact in the society. Other organizations that have benefited from the foundation include Institute for Justice, Pregnancy Resource Center Michigan, Baptists for Life as well as Individual Rights Center, and Action Institute.

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Betsy DeVos Cares About People

There are a variety of topics that stir the emotions of people. One of these topics is education. Recently an interesting article came out regarding Betsy DeVos and the use of school vouchers. The article basically just wanted people to give the idea of using school vouchers a try.

The article outlined various reasons why school vouchers fall in line with the democracy that the United States operates under that gives people the opportunity to make decisions regarding their personal actions along with their children. Betsy DeVos believes that school vouchers will help children achieve a quality education and provide a choice regarding where parents can send their children to school.

As one of the most well known philanthropists in the world, Betsy DeVos has made a name for herself for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is her passion for helping people through her financial donations. Over the years along with her husband, Betsy DeVos has given over 130 million dollars to various charities, organizations, and individuals.

The desire to make a difference in the world has been a primary reason for the giving that Betsy DeVos has done and continues to do on a regular basis. One of the areas that Betsy DeVos has a particular interest in providing help is education. A deep believer in children receiving a quality education, Betsy DeVos feels that the public education system needs to be improved. One of the ways that she feels that the system can be improved is by using school vouchers.

Betsy DeVos has contributed money to many educational causes. She has provided scholarships to students to help with their education. She has provided money to build schools to provide education to students, and she takes her personal time to try to help make change to the public school system.

Betsy DeVos has done many incredible things during her professional career. She has served on numerous boards. She has been the chairman of the Windquest. Group. In addition, she has been appointed the current Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos wants to make a difference in the world, and she gives of her time and money to help make changes.

I feel that Betsy DeVos cares about people. She has shown over the years that she has a desire to help people. Betsy DeVos has given millions of dollars to many different charities and organizations. Also, she and her husband Dick DeVos have established their own charities to help with causes near and dear to their hearts.

Public education has been a cause that Best DeVos has championed for a long time. She has spoke about the subject for many years, and she has put her money and time behind her efforts to make substantial change to the public education system. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com

Dick DeVos Is Entering the Liquor Business

Dick DeVos, the famous son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, has just announced that he is tapping into the business of liquor. DeVos’s holding company, Windquest Group, has officially set out to purchase the Michigan based Coppercraft Distillery. Walter Catton III founded Coppercraft in 2013, and Catton hopes that the deal with Windquest Group will help expand his distillery by about 9,000 square feet. In particular, Catton is looking forward to building a 50-seat tasting room and a professional kitchen that will be able to make fresh appetizers for guests. The distillery currently makes products for over 100 restaurants and stores in Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois.


Just taking a quick peek at Dick DeVos’s resume shows how versatile and talented this all-American businessman is. Since his father was the co-founder of Amway, DeVos was around leaders in the business world from a very young age. This early experience with the business world eventually led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Northwood University in business administration. While DeVos did go on to lead Amway into many globalized markets through various leadership positions, he also worked for the Orlando Magic basketball team.


Besides his work credits, including the establishment of Windquest Group after his tenure at Amway, DeVos is very involved in politics. DeVos is one of the best known Republican figures in the nation, and his 2006 race to be the governor of Michigan was one of the most exciting gubernatorial races of all time. Unfortunately, DeVos did not win that election, yet DeVos continues to play a prominent role in the Michigan community through various charitable events and published works. DeVos is the founder of the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation, which helps local arts programs, schools, and hospitals. Dick DeVos is also author of the book Believe!, in which he details his personal faith in God, American exceptionalism, and the free market.


If all goes well, it looks like Coppercraft will be another great success story for Windquest Group. Both DeVos and Catton believe this partnership will make Coppercraft Distillery even more lucrative than it already is. By being able to hire more staff to focus on making vodka, whiskey, and rum, Catton will focus his attentions on perfecting the aged spirits that Coppercraft Distillery is so well known for.

Andy Wirth Announces Base-to-Base Gondola

Andrew ‘Andy’ Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a company that owns both the Squaw Valley Ski Resorts and Alpine Meadows in Olympic Valley California. Both resorts are top Ski destinations around the world.

Besides the CEO title, Andy is also a philanthropist. He contributes to community service organizations and environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe region with the aim of making it a better environment for all people. He founded an Ironman team called, “Wounded Warrior Support” which raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation in honor of the Navy SEALs.

When asked where the idea came from, Andy said he had a vision of connecting Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. A move he believes was long overdue in the eyes of skiers and snowboarders. He said the idea had been there for decades from his predecessors and only when he met Troy Caldwell did the vision start becoming a reality. They first formed a friendship, and the rest was taken care of. Read more: Andy Wirth – About.me

When quizzed about the snowpack affecting the Gondola, Andy gave assurances that the snowpack won’t have an impact on the Gondola going from base-to-base. He said the plan was to operate the KT Ridge and Alpine base independent of each other so as not to affect the ability to get skiers from Alpine to Squaw and back. He continued to say that it is hard to predict how the Gondola would influence the traffic along the Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley roads.

With some reports claiming that construction of the Gondola will affect the five Lakes and Granite Chief Wilderness areas, Andy has gone on to dismiss those growing concerns. He said that all construction would take place in privately owned lands belonging to him and Troy except Alpine Meadows which is under U.S Forest Land Service.

In response to the question, if combining the two mountains would make it the largest Ski resort in the lower 48 regions, he said that it was not only about the size. They were only concerned with making the resort the preeminent Ski experience in North America.

When asked about the level of input and support he got from the community, Andy acknowledged that they were still in the beta stages of the project but will be seeking constructive comments and involvement from the community. He added that after the project was complete, they would go on and improve the snow service levels and improving the general quality of everything.

According to Powder, Andy Wirth added that the downside of this project is that it would compromise the unique vibe, history, and legacy of each mountain.

Dick DeVos Gives Away A Fortune

Once upon a time a business owner in Grand Rapids met with Dick Devos who complimented him on that occasion. Dick Devos is the owner of the Orlando Magic basketball team and also a billionaire who hails from Grand Rapids Michigan. He told her that she looked like a million dollars on that day because he wanted her to donate that amount of money to a charity that he favored and she did because she shared his belief in giving back to people.

In Dick Devos’s social circle a person is measured by how much money you give to worthy causes. Dick Devos and his friends avoid the pompous attitude that is all too common nowadays where we measure people by the clothes the wear or the cars they drive because they are good people with strong values. Devos’s habit of giving has made him a great social influence amongst the wealthy people in the West Michigan area.

Dick DeVos began giving to charity decades ago when he was a young man. He recently totalled the amount that he has given and it impressively amounted to $1.2 billion. In the year 2014, the Devos family gave $94 million alone and this put them in Forbes Magazine’s list of Top 50 givers in America at 20th place. Dick Devos is not one to brag about his generosity and for years nobody knew exactly how much he has given. However, he decided to break with protocol this time because he hoped it would encourage others to find it in their hearts to be charitable as well.

Back in 2013, the Devos family gave away $90 million. 12 percent of that money went to arts and culture, 13 percent went to religious institutions, 27 percent went to health organizations, and 48 percent went to fund education. In total, the Devos family has five foundations through which it gives back to the world. There is one foundation for each of Dick Devos’s children and then a fifth one that he shares with his wife Helen.

DeVos knows that he cannot accomplish his mission of making the world a better place alone. He actively campaigns amongst his social circle to convince them to give charitably as well. To further this aim he also gives counseling to the heads of charitable organizations on how to attract more funding from the community. Through his efforts, Dick Devos has become a light to the Michigan community that continues to inspire others.