What You Probably Didn’t Know About George Soros

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC. Soros is a graduate from the London school of economics. Besides, he is a renowned vocal supporter of refugees. Soros is a devoted father, and together with his wife, they are blessed with five children.

Besides, Soros’ philanthropic acts would never go unnoticed. In 2016, he hinted that his foundation would make an investment of $500 million in refugees founded companies. Over and over again, Soros has donated to various organizations supporting immigrants on Forbes. He gave $3 million to a super PAC that mobilized Hispanic voters.

George’s view of refugees is personal as he was born in Nazi-occupied Hungary. He fled the country and joined London school of economics. During his schooling, George used to work as a waiter and railway porter so as to raise his school fees. He started his career in finance at a merchant bank on nytimes.com.

He moved to London and worked on Wall Street before establishing a hedge fund in 1969 with only $12 million. George Soros later branded it Quantum Fund, and he is still an investing heavyweight through the Soros Fund Management. The fund has assets worth $30 billion under its management.

George Soros is a major political contributor with liberal views. The Soros Fund Management founder contributes to the Democratic Party and supports their causes through funding and opinions. His ideas are in line with the Democratic Party and often organizes fundraising meeting for major candidates.

In the recent past, Soros committed more than $25 million towards the election of Hillary Clinton and other candidates. According to the Federal Elections Commission records and interviews of associates, he gave more from his $24.9 billion fortune as elections neared.

The 85 years old, New Yorker, canceled on the last minute, the Democratic Convention to watch Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination on businessinsider.com. However, he has returned to active trading as he feels the need to monitor the economic situation in Europe closely.

George Soros renewed passion for politics is because of the high attacks of the things he holds dear such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform. One of the things he stands out for is his attitude towards things he adores.

Friends describe him as a person who does not fear to spend for good governance. He has supported prosecutors with reform agenda. George Soros employs a political analyst who help him analyze politics in various places across the country. They are interested in helping politicians with brilliant ideas elected to effect change. Currently, he is one of the biggest political spenders in sponsoring candidates.

What has he accomplished in life?
People love George Soros for his good causes. He contributes millions of dollars to help drug users, LGBTI people, sex workers, and refugees like the Roma population. His compassion in giving comes from his firsthand experience of discrimination. He lived in Hungary through the Nazi occupation of 1944-1945 that saw the murder of over 500,000 Jews in Hungary. Many survived, including him by securing false identity papers that concealed their backgrounds. The experience has guided his strong advocacy for policy changes across the country. Soros has supported lawyers and paralegals representing unlawfully held individuals.

He remains steadfast in his beliefs and defends them with vigor. He is a symbol of hope for better America to many.

George Soros and the 2016 Elections

The greedy billionaire is a stereotype almost everyone knows. Wealthy political activists like billionaire liberal George Soros defy the stereotype, giving huge amounts of money to liberal candidates, progressive nonprofits, and political action committees (PACs) that support Democratic Party candidates.

Hungarian-borne New Yorker with an estimated net worth $24.9 billion, mostly through currency trading and investments. George Soros has been a long-time liberal who has given tens of millions of Dollars to a range of liberal organizations and Democratic party candidates over the past 30 year or so.

Campaign Contributions:

As of late July, 2016 Soros had committed over $25 million to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic party candidates. That number comes from Federal Election Commission filings reviewed by Politico. He previously spent $27 million on efforts to defeat George W. Bush in 2004.

Soros supported then-Senator Barrack Obama in his 2008 campaign and again in the 2012 campaign. He has also been a long-time ally and supporter of Hillary Clinton. This support is clear in his contributions to Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid. Soros also, donated modest amounts to other Democratic PACS and campaigns, but the overwhelming majority of his money has gone to the Clinton campaign or a pro-Clinton super PAC. Soros made his biggest political contribution, to Priorities USA ($27 million), a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Individuals close to Soros say he has been more politically involved than ever in the past few years. The reasons for this are not entirely clear, but opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy was definitely a major factor, according to a source close to Soros.

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Other Social and Political Contributions:

Soros has donated millions of Dollars to a variety of organizations fighting for liberal causes. The amounts range from $5,000 to $27 million, based on FEC filings and other sources reported by Politico. Soros also donated millions to American Bridges USA 21st Century ($2 million) $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, and $3 million to Voting Rights Trust.

He also made a relatively tiny donation of $5,000 to End Citizens United. As the name indicates, that organization is dedicated to overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decisions that removed limits on corporate and private contributions to political campaigns.

Post-Clinton Political Moves:

Soros remained involved in liberal politics throughout the primaries and the general election. He plans to remain involved in progressive and Democratic politics post-election. A POLITICO article states that a liberal strategy group, the Democracy Alliance (DA) may see greater involvement from Soros, who is a member but more of an observer than a speaker or activist. However, he does plan to address a DA meeting this month. Soros and other Democratic mega-donors created the DA after the 2004 election

Learn more about George Soros: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

George Soros’ contribution towards the election of Paul Penzone in Maricopa County, Arizona

George Soros is the current head of Open Society Foundationsand also its founder. Open Society is a group of interconnected partners, organizations, and projects that operate in over 100 nations.

The mission of Open Society is to make accountable governments by opening communication avenues and ensuring the enlisted rights of people are respected. The humanitarian organization is a private union geared towards working with the truth in society.

George Soros has decades long of experience in charitable acts, dating from 1979. His notable involvements include funding the scholarship programs of black students from South Africa and aiding in reducing Communism on Investopedia by giving Xerox machines to make copies of banned messages in the Eastern Bloc in the 80s. Numerous qualified and under-resourced students such young Roma, war refugees and others from various groups have earned the financial support of Open Society.

He has also supported cultural relationships in the West and fought for the involvement of the Roma people in into the European mainstream society. George established the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin Wall to aid in enhancing detailed thought analysis. Through the expansion of Open Society to Africa, Asia, and the United States, Soros has supported legal officials to lawfully represent the cases of wrongfully convicted individuals and people who previously had no representation.

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George’s values that promote transparency between unions and the people inspired the establishment of an international system that details the accountability and roles played by natural resources mining and extraction firms on project-syndicate.org. The system supports the recruitment of unknown individuals to investigate some of the enterprises and hence has caused significant turmoil among nations. In his quest for transparency, George has contributed to the Institute for New Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group and the European Council on Foreign Affairs.

Soros commented that he uses his influence as a successful financial expert to impact the most controversial issues positively in the society. Recently, George Soros donated $2m to defeat Maricopa’s County Sheriff in Arizona, Joe Arpaio. Soros is a renowned donor to the Democratic Party and his donation against the Sheriff is the largest in value that Soros has contributed in the reform of local authorities.

The Maricopa Strong has used $2.9 million in the race to elect Paul Penzone as sheriff with Soros as the major contributor. Michael Vachon, a Soros representative, stated that the stand against the Sheriff is a result of the Sheriff’s history in violating Arizona state laws and displaying an unsettling perception about immigration. George Soros has supported reforms to eliminate criminal prosecutors since 2015 with contributions to the Houston-Harris County with over $1 million, Gilpin and Jefferson counties with approximately $1.5 million and the Phoenix Maricopa County with $1 million.

Reference: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/

Wall Street Is Scared Of Trump And Clinton Is Not A Good For The Street Either

Back in May, Wall Street was jumping on the Trump bandwagon, but they were doing it secretly. A random survey concluded that a number of financial professionals were secretly planning to vote for Trump in November. But that was two months ago, and the tide has turned on Wall Street. The fact is, Trump is bad for business. Trump is a risk factor, and Wall Street always measures risk factors before they invest in anything. The uncertainty that Trump is projecting is not good for business, according to several Wall Street financial experts. Trump is like a rodeo star that rides a bull for a few seconds and gets thrown off. Trump gets thrown off the mark by his own personality. Donald is the smart, egotistical, maniac that comes to the party to stir the pot not to create a sense of balance, and balance is something Wall Street desires, but rarely achieves.

The Dilemma is, Clinton is not much better for business. Wall Street has thrown a ton of money toward the Clinton campaign, and she caught it, but she is changing her tune about Wall Street thanks to Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders opened a can of worms, and those worms are not going back into the can that Wall Street prefers. In order to woe Sanders supporters, Clinton must take a hard line, and thrown her well-heeled financial friends under the regulatory bus. Whether she does that or not if she is elected remains to be seen.

But most financial experts say that Clinton would be a better fit than Trump. The American economy is set to tank regardless of who is elected, and Wall Street knows that. There are still some Trump supporters on the Street, according to yahoo.com. Those people believe Trump would change the tax code, and he would cut back on business regulations. And Trump still has very heavy-hitters, like Carl Icahn and John Paulson on his side. If Trump does win, investors would immediately move assets out of U.S. companies that produce goods overseas, and move them into companies that solely work with domestic suppliers and customers. And there would be a sharp selloff in the Mexican stock market. No one on Wall Street knows what’s going to happen in November, so they are playing their cards carefully.

Charles Koch: Don’t Count Out Hilary Clinton

Charles Koch has been around for a while, and I mean that in the best possible way. I mean that he brings experience, knowledge, and wisdom. That is something you can’t put a price tag on, quite frankly. We all know that he’s a billionaire, but Charles is worth so much more than his money. His values and his beliefs, that is something that can’t be bought or sold by anyone. He’s a conservative, but he recently went on record in a recent interview this past Sunday that it is possible that Hilary Clinton might be better than her GOP counterparts.

What I admire about the man is the fact that is he honest, even if his beliefs might not be popular by some in his party. He isn’t afraid to speak the truth and say what is truly on his mind. It takes a man of great conviction and courage to do that, and quite frankly, that is someone I admire and look up to in this day and age. They don’t just go with the flow or become a sheep. He was asked if he thought Bill Clinton was a better president than George Bush and he went on to say there were certain aspects of Clinton he preferred over Bush.

Koch talked about how well the government did under Clinton and spending as well and how it was two and a half times more with Clinton than Bush. When pressed about the possibility of another Clinton in the White House and the positive impact it might make, he said it was certainly possible that she would be a better choice than a Republican. Again, this is a man that is not afraid to say what is on his mind. You know that his voice stands for his something as he has always donated and given back to certain political parties.

Clinton sent out a tweet after the interview, showing that she isn’t exactly happy or jumping over hoops about the fact that Charles said positive words about her. However, this is a man that knows what he is talking about and has a great knowledge of politics. She shouldn’t be so quick to shun his opinions or overlook them. She could use his help and any support. It remains to be seen what will occur, but in the meantime, Charles Koch has certainly raised some eyebrows this week.

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Charles Koch Ponders The Trump Dilemma

Charles and David Koch are very influential in political circles. The two brothers contribute to and partially manage a donor network designed to help get right-leaning and libertarian politicians elected to office. This election season, the Koch brothers are a bit confounded with the rise of Donald Trump.

As head of Koch Industries, Charles Koch has been incredibly successful. He is greatly respected by his peers in the corporate world. Koch inherited the business from his father and turned the Kansas-based company into a multinational giant. So, it is not surprising Charles and brother David are involved in domestic and international politics.

According to an article in Vanity Fair, the Koch brothers did not expect Trump to take off so successfully.

Ted Cruz is giving Donald Trump a run for his money, but Trump is still the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president. His delegate count is rather high, but not enough to cinch the nomination. Perhaps this opens a door for the Kochs to sway delegates at a contested convention.

No real commitments have been made by either Charles or David in terms of how they want to address the rise of Trump. Both feel Trump would be bad for the country and he holds many policies the two disagree with. Charles, in particular, does not like Trump’s public sentiments on immigration.

Currently, both Koch brothers are taking a caustic approach to the primary. Rather than public challenge Trump, the two are waiting to see how things work out. Perhaps they may pull out of the presidential campaign altogether and focus of congressional and local races.

Charles Koch has been very busy with other endeavors. He is promoting numerous educational endeavors designed to raise awareness about the value of free market capitalism. Koch has also written a book on business management that has been well reviewed.

The Famous Recap of BMG President

Recently, an article featured on the website, Exame.com explored the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which delved further into the future of technology while highlighting the wise insight offered by Banco BMG vice president, Marcio Alaor.

Overall, it appears the event was a showcase for the ever evolving world of tech, now operating at a pace beyond many’s comprehension. At the CES, the Ehang 184 drone certainly raised some eyebrows, with it’s space for a passenger, all together indicating that a future with flying cars may already be here. Other electric vehicles were on display. Volkswagen and Chevrolet both offered looks and brand new environmentally sound hybrids. Ford assured everyone of their plan to have thirteen hybrid vehicles for sale come 2020.

Volkswagen offered a look at their ‘Kombi’ update, recreated as an electric prototype. Such stunning examples of groundbreaking car related tech presents a glimpse into a future that is sans gas stations entirely. It appears that at the event, Marcio Alaor was more then present. It is assuring to see such a strong figure on the front lines of tech development. Alaor seems to consistently have his ear to the pulse.
It is rather remarkable just how relevant Marcio Alaor BMG has remained. He has served the people of Brazil for over eighty five years. Ultimately, this people are whom Marcio Alaor credits for his success.

He seems them as peers. It has always been important for the executive to remain humble and a man of the people. Marcio Alaor understands the struggle of the working of man, and of what it’s like to experience impoverished conditions. As a child, he shined shoes for a living.

In other words, he is a man who has his finger on the pulse, in part, because over the past several years he has never forgotten where he came from and remained close to home, and to the heart of his nation.

One of Marcio Alaor’s most distinctive passions in expressed in the spread of information, thus his tech savvy. He hopes to use all of his skills, and everything he has learned in finance to better educate people around the globe, and how economics affect everyone on a day to day basis.

He is a champion of people and also of Brazilian culture. According to Below The Crowd newsman, Alaor is a true example of how an influential man should use his power.

How Charles Koch Feels About Trump

Charles Koch has been very successful with the company he inherited from his late father. Koch Industries is involved in scores of different business endeavors. As many know, the Koch brothers (Charles has a sibling named David) are very active in Republican Party politics. Recently, Charles Koch let it be emphatically known he does not support the insurgent candidacy of Donald Trump. How far Charles and David Koch choose to go in their opposition has yet to be revealed.

Charles Koch considers Trump bad for the GOP, the country, and the world. So, no one should be taken aback by Koch’s comments about opposing the real estate magnate/reality TV star. Trump rather bold campaign is in opposition to Koch’s beliefs and ideologies.

Both Koch brothers are closer to libertarian than conservative. This is why Charles Koch leans liberal on social issues, and he heavily promotes free market principles. Failing to gain any popular traction promoting the Libertarian Party, Koch choose to try and influence the GOP. He has become a driving financial force for fundraising and donations.

The rise of Trump tremendously alarms both Koch brothers. No real decision, however, has been made regarding the way to deal with Trump’s candidacy.

As anyone who has even marginally followed Trump’s campaign knows, Trump is not exactly shy about launching bombastic attacks against any perceived slights. One reason the Kochs have not launched any serious public attacks on Trump is they do not want to get dragged into a public spat.

Interestingly, Charles Koch and Trump have both known each other for some time. Koch was less-than-receptive towards a discussing the election with Trump when Koch was meeting with candidates over donor issues. Koch has no intention of directing any money towards the Trump campaign. It does not seem as if any major GOP or libertarian donors are supporting Trump.

The public revelations about sentiments on Trump come after shortly after Charles Koch went on a media tour to promote his new book. The book gives insight into Koch’s theories and advice on solid management principles. Koch is a lot less private these days. He does much more media appearances than in the past.

George Soros Donating To Hillary Clinton, Other Liberal Causes


As many on the political Right have suspected, George Soros is someone who puts his money into Left leaning causes. They often point the figure at him and say that he is a liberal billionaire. The ironic thing about this is that Soros has never tried to hide this fact about himself. However, the latest news about a contribution he has made is sure to get the blood of certain people on the Right boiling.

The New York Times is reporting the Soros among others have provided some funding to the Hillary Clinton for President Super PAC. This alone is sure to grab some headlines for Soros, but that is not the only Democratic issue that he is currently taking on.

It has also been reported that Soros is pouring money into lawsuits that seek to peel back laws put in place by GOP legislatures throughout the country. These are laws involving voting rights that the GOP lawmakers put into place for the purpose of cutting down on voter fraud they say, but many see them having another purpose.

Those who oppose these laws say that they are little more than obstacles put in place to prevent certain types of voters from getting to the voting booth. It appears to be a very targeted thing that aims to take down the number of Democratic voters.

Soros has agreed to put up to $5 million into the lawsuit efforts going forward as needed. He has not done so to this point, but he has put some money into the effort and will likely add to that as time goes on. It is something that is going to require a good amount of money to get through the various courts that it will have to travel through.

The first few states to get attention in these lawsuits are North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin. These are states were some of the worst laws have been put into place, and also states were they could have the most impact. They are all known as “purple” states meaning that they have roughly an equal number of Democratic and Republican voters. That makes the states highly competitive and important to the overall makeup of the government over time.

These lawsuits have focused in on those states in order to make sure that the places where the most damage could be done does not get done hopefully.

Many Republicans have dismissed the litigation as nothing more than a Liberal ploy to energize their own voters. They believe that the Democrats do not have a real case to be made but are instead only interested in getting their side to come out and vote. Democrats make the case though that there is a good reason that those voters would be energized, and that is because they are being stripped of their right to vote.

George Soros will continue to play a role in this ongoing effort to peel back laws that he and many others see as very discriminatory.