Rocketship Education: Championing for Transformative Personalized Learning

One of the historical challenges facing many poor communities is access to quality education. Education policies governing various education districts in the country have made high quality education unaffordable for many children from poor communities. Without proper and high quality education, poor communities are subjected to an endless cycle of poverty. For these children and their communities, the American Dream has become a lofty dream confined to their imaginations. However, over the years many individuals and organizations have taken the initiative to tackle this daunting societal issue with the founding of charter schools with the view of providing high quality education for many disadvantaged children across the country. One such leading charter school is Rocketship Education: a nonprofit network of charter schools dedicated to offering high quality, personalized and transformative education for many children living in poor communities.

Ushering a New Era in the Education Sector

Since its founding, Rocketship Education has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the country’s leading networks of charter schools. The charter school network has adopted a unique approach to its operations, which has been one of the pillars of its success. The transformative learning approach its uses involves creating a platform where parents and highly qualified teachers can interact towards developing a personalized learning model that factors in the unique individual needs of each learner. The parents are directly involved in the hiring of teachers as they interview the prospective candidates. Rocketship Education’s blended learning model incorporates tutoring, traditional instruction and technology to ensure that learners progress at a personalized pace. The tailor made model is implemented in a dynamic learning environment for maximum attainment of learning outcomes.

Organizational Profile

Rocketship Education was cofounded by John Danner and Preston Smith who currently serves as the chief executive officer of the charter school network. Even though it was founded in Redwood City, California where it is headquartered, Rocketship Education has expanded its operations to several cities across the country. It currently has over two dozens of schools spread in various low-income communities in numerous cities including Washington, D.C., San Jose, Nashville, Concord and Milwaukee among others. These milestones have achieved through the help of various wealthy donors including Mark Zuckerberg family and Reed Hastings among others.