The Aspire: Lux and Fabulous Living

The Aspire is the epitome of luxury living in New Brunswick. It is a 17 story building that is nearby the New Brunswick Train Station, which would give you immediate access to Manhattan and Philadephia. It features 238 spacious rooms that consist of one and two bedroom apartments. The rooms are decorated in a modern style. Residents have an array of floor plans and feature 9-10-foot ceilings. Some of these lavish apartments feature personal terraces and balconies.Living in this building, a resident can expect to have an excellent view of the downtown area. The rooms are deck out with large windows, beautiful hardwood floors, and beautiful carpet in all of the bedrooms.

Residents of these apartments can expect to live a lavish lifestyle.Another great location luxury of this building is that residents will have access to all of the vigorous restaurant and retail center in central New Jersey.Residents will also enjoy have a doorman on site for 24 hours. Residents will also be able to access the lobby quickly by having direct elevator service through from the garage. Residents can enjoy a kitchen that is beautifully designed with quartz countertops and glass tiles backsplash. The building also has all of the latest stainless steel appliances, such as in home Bosh washers and dryers.

The building baths is designed with porcelain floor tiles and ceramic wall tile that surrounds the tubs and showers. When it is time to relax, a resident can enjoy cable television and high-speed internet. As a bonus, a resident can enjoy state of the art gas powered that will help resident save money on their gas bill.The Aspire feature an amazingly design lounge area that features a catering kitchen dining table that seats 12, various flat screen TV’s, widespread outdoor terrace with plush seating and WiFi.Residents can also enjoy a 24-hour state of the art fitness center.

So who were the brains of this fabulous residence? That would be the Boraie Development team. They have worked hard for many years enchanting neighborhoods in New Jersey. The company often specialize in working in urban areas. The also develop in property management services that include things like maintenance and accounting.

The company also plays a significant role in regentrifying the City of New Brunswick.They have also worked with major celebrities like Shaquille O Neal. When they had partner with Mr. Oneal, they were able to create commercial and residential real estate in the area of Newark and other parts of New Jersey.Boraie Development strives to cover all of the New Jersey urban area with the best and fabulous buildings.

Increase In Residential Buildings Will Bring Economic Boom to Newark


Newark is the largest city in New Jersey, but in terms of economic growth it still is lagging behind other major cities in the state such as New Brunswick and Jersey City. According to the executive vice president of Boraie Development LLC, Wasseem Boraie, this is due to the fact that the city is finally focusing on creating a long list of major Class A projects instead of just one. Boraie should know a thing or two about building strong economies as his company Boraie Development was a major playing in the revitalization of New Brunswick, but it appears that he is not the only one to feel this way.

According to an article in the NJ Biz, dozens of leading commercial real estate leaders in attendance at the Newark CRE Summit also felt that the city had to focus on building new residential projects. A group of industry insiders that made up a special panel that was designed to help bring attention to investment opportunities in Newark stated that Newark is finally poised for success because of its new projects. The new projects the group was referring to is a group of rpojects that are either under construction presently or in the pipeline to build a much larger real estate market in Newark.

Boraie Development LLC is working on one of these projects right now on Rector Street. Their new building will add an additional 168 units to the city, and is only one of about five to ten projects that is underway in Newark right now. Industry experts agree that this is the boost that the city needs to become competitive, because offering great housing options are the best way to attract new residents to the city and the new jobs that crop up in the city. When people want to live in an area the area starts to thrive with business and lifestyle choices.

Boraie commented that one large building is not going to be enough to draw people into any city, but a large collection of new buildings will. He added that city officials subscribed to the theory that one major project would be enough, but now that they have finally opened their eyes to the much smarter view of offering choices things will be changing.