Premier Vacation Planners Use London Vacations Rentals

When beginning a search for a vacation rental in London I came across a website with the most reasonable prices. This website provides users with all of the information they will need to make an informed decision about their trip. I was one of the users that set up a trip that I would never forget. Using the London Rental agency that provides prices, locations, perks and more I was sure to have a vacation trip I would never forget.

London Escape is a very informative site online that gives users the ability to make informed decisions on their UK adventure. The rentals are set up for the traveler to have everything they need to stay in London comfortably.

Premium travelers begin their adventure by choosing your destination arrival and departure dates. The next information is how many guests will be arriving. This gives the agency the ability to provide the most comfortable stay available. Live operators answer any questions you will have. They begin by offering you several apartments to choose. Each apartment is specially put on your list to meet your specific desires perfectly. London Vacation has many properties to research within the areas you desire to stay.

After making your perfect choice, London Vacation Rentals help you with setting your reservations immediately. When reservations are set, the planners will send a confirmation to your email. It is that simple. Planning the perfect month or more in the UK is simple. You can now choose what you wish to do for fun, which museum you wish to visit, and how to pack in all the fun in the short time you have to visit.

I am very happy to say that I used London Escapes to plan my two month stay in London. They not only provide me with excellent accommodations but they also provide me with memories to last a life time. I gave the operator my budget, my arrival date, and my wishes; they are giving me a trip that I will never forget. Our company’s management are in the process of setting their own reservations for our next trip to the UK.

LondonEscape: THE Website For Great London Vacation Rentals

Over the summer, my college friends and I took a tourist vacation to London, something we had dreamed of doing for quite some time. We spent three weeks there, seeing all the sights and getting a feel for the heart of England. Of course, we were traveling on the limited budget of college students, and knew in advance that we needed to plan accordingly. After the costly airline tickets and taking into account our need for meals and plans to bring home souvenirs, we knew hotel stays would break the bank. Initially, we looked into hostels and home stays as potentially wallet-friendly options, but the latter seemed to imposing, and we needed more privacy and security than the environment of a hostel would provide.

That was where London Escape came in. We spoke with a travel agent before our trip, and she suggested that we visit the London Escape website to look for apartment accommodations. As it turned out, this was just what we needed! We typed in the dates of our visit, the number of people traveling, and our desired location within the city, then clicked. Within moments, we were presented with a variety of apartment options to choose from. We found an apartment that was private, quiet, and in just the place we wanted–close to the Tube, tourist attractions, and great dining options. The best feature of all was the price; the property was far more affordable than any hotel would have been, and made traveling with peace of mind a whole lot easier!

London Escape, for those who have never used a site like this, is a great place to search for affordable “homes away from home”. They advertise apartments, townhouses, condos, and suites listed by owners and landlords alike all throughout London. Each property is fully furnished, and regularly maintained, so cleanliness and comfort are ensured throughout your stay. Properties are inspected and certified by a real estate team before even being listed on the site, so safety and quality are a guarantee.

That was just what we got. Instead of being boxed away in tiny hotel rooms and eating out for every meal, my friends and I were able to share a roomy space and a personal kitchen in the heart of London. Thanks to London Escape, we were able to live our dreams and have the time of our lives in a place that felt like home; I was very satisfied with this experience, and would recommend this site to anyone planning on traveling to London.