How Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics Is Advancing Cancer Therapies Through Biotechnology

Over the last decades, the number of people being diagnosed with different forms of cancers has increased tremendously. This increase has necessitated the need for an immediate cure. However, cancer therapies are expensive to develop. To this end, the research into such drugs has been slow. Although there are many ways of handling cancer cases, the new approach involves the use of biotechnology to create therapies that are protein based. One of the companies that are involved in such innovations is Seattle Genetics.
Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. It specializes in developing and marketing antibody-based cancer therapies. The firm is a world leader in developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). This technology employs the unique features of monoclonal antibodies. The company modifies these antibodies to give them the ability to target cancer cells. When injected into the body, the antibodies flow with the blood into body tissues where they identify cancer cells. They then deliver cell-killing agents directly to the malfunctioning cells while sparing healthy cells. This type of therapies will help eliminate the need for chemotherapy, which has toxic effects on the body.
The company’s first ADCs therapy is called Adcetris. This drug was developed in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Currently, Adcetris is available in over 60 countries. According to the partnership, Seattle Genetics sells the drug to the U.S. and Canada while Takeda sells it to the rest of the world. The revenues generated from selling the drug have provided the company with the first reliable source of income. Previously, the company had relied on money from investors to do its research and fund its operation. In the last financial year, Seattle Genetics made over $45 million from selling Adcetris. Apart from Adcetris, Seattle Genetics is also working hard to commercialize vadastuximab talirine. Currently, this therapy is in the third trial stage.

About Clay Siegall
Clay Siegall is an American entrepreneur and genetics expert. He is the founder and the CEO of Seattle Genetics. Clay is also a board member in three other companies. They are Mirna Therapeutics, Alder Biopharmaceuticals and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals. Siegall’s high-quality leadership has enabled Seattle Genetics to grow from a small company to a world leader in ADCs therapies. He holds a doctorate degree in Genetics from George Washington.

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