Shea Butter Harbors More Than Skin Care Benefits–It Helps Your Hair!

Shea butter is seemingly ancient when one ponders all of the wondrous qualities that it possesses, but few understand that this substance is not only great for the skin. In recent years, the general public has discovered these qualities, but those who have worked with shea butter for centuries have always understood what it can do for the hair as well. From providing each strand with essential moisture, vitamin E, and heat protectants to acting as a curling agent and detangler, shea butter can really do it all. Of course, though, some companies really deserve all of the credit when it comes to the production of this super butter and EuGenia Shea is one of those companies.

Often referred to as being a team full of girl power, EuGenia Shea is a company started by a mother-daughter duo. When an immigrant from Ghana decided it was time to come to the United States, she took her family’s secrets with her and began crafting shea butter in her new home. When she was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer, her daughter determined that she did not want to spend a single moment away from her mother, not even for work. Determining that it was the appropriate time to transform the recipe into a new purpose by putting it behind a new name, EuGenia Shea was born and all of the benefits of it surfaced instantaneously.

As previously mentioned, this company has been established in the United States, but its success extends to portions of the world, specifically those that are still developing. When the mother-daughter team tasted their success, they decided that it was unjust to revel in the benefits without recognizing their own roots and how the company started to begin with. As a result, they have created over seven hundred jobs in portions of the world that need it the most, including their home of Ghana. With shea farms throughout the world, EuGenia Shea not only delivers people healthy skin and hair but provides shea butter for families across the globe, including their own.