Shea Butter Is Nourishing To The Body


Shea butter is an ingredient that is found in a wide range of personal care and skincare products around the world, as it comes with all sorts of benefits. It even has the ability to nourish the hair and keep it healthy, though this is not what most people think of when they see Shea Butter. Eugenia Shea is one of the more natural Shea Butter products that has its roots all the way back in Ghana.


Shea Butter is actually a fat that comes from a Shea Tree. It has a wide range of benefits when applied to the skin and hair, as it full of Vitamin E, along with anti-inflammatory properties that make the product excellent on dry skin or conditions like eczema. It helps protect the areas it is put on, whether hair or skin, standing in as a protective barrier. It even acts as a form of sun protection. The full number of benefits that can be had by using Shea Butter is not fully known yet and still up to debate, but it is clear that there are many.


Eugenia Shea is the perfect place to start looking when one is concerned with having a quality Shea butter product. Eugenia Shea is known for the all natural products that contain all natural ingredients and nearly 100% pure Shea butter. They have a range of different products utilizing their Shea butter to help people with different needs, including one for pregnant women, one for everyday use, and others that are high strength. They come with slightly altered formulas to better handle what kind of condition they need to help. For example, pregnancy strength Shea butter is for women that are going to be expecting a child, and the cream with vastly improve how well the skin comes together and prevents stretch marks.