Snapchat’s Snapbots Treasure Hunt

Just in time for capturing 10 seconds of video this holiday season, Snapchat’s started selling their Spectacle glasses on November 10th. In a move that marketers are calling genius, Snap is selling the $129 Spectacles from a fancy yellow vending machine that is always on the move. People only get one day’s notice from an online map to find the next vending machine, called Snapbots, location.


Spectacle glasses’ buyers put in their debit or credit card and choose from black, coral, or teal sunglasses and in 10 seconds, the camera shades pop out of the vending machine’s mouth. When the first Snapbot appeared in Los Angeles near Snapchat’s, now known as Snap, Inc., headquarters, the line started forming immediately and the Spectacles sold out by 8:00 a.m. For all those who missed out on getting their Spectacle glasses, they are selling on eBay for up to $1000.


With a 115 degree angle, the Spectacles allow users to shoot video that mimics a person’s field of vision. A build in camera also lets users snap photos. To transfer the video to an Android phone, users need a WiFi connection, however, for iPhones, users transfer to the Snapchat app with a Bluetooth connection.


Affordable new tech with limited distribution is the ideal strategy for the messaging app company that is expected to go public in early 2017. The first videos shot with the Spectacles are already appearing on the Internet as people show off their purchase.