Goettl Presence In The United States

Social media is one of the best things that happened to businesses today. Businesses now understand their target markets and use the correct avenues to get to them without using additional marketing costs. Goettl Air Conditioning has realized the need for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The company uses these platforms to enlighten their customers what they are up to and what services they deliver.



On LinkedIn, the company states the services that they render to the clients. These services include installing ac in residential and commercial properties. Also, they make sure that the equipment and systems installed rhyme with the house to grant comfort to the residents. Moreover, the company provides plumbing and drainage services to their clients. On twitter, the company provides tips for their clients on how to handle their equipment during the hot summers and the cold winters.



Goettl Air Conditioning has offices in various parts of the country. Their first office was in Phoenix, in 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl saw the need for the air conditioners and started the company. With the rising need of air conditioners and heating systems around the country, the company expanded their operations in Tucson Las Vegas California and its environs. Till date, the company continues to focus their attention on giving American citizens better and more comfy homes to live in.





Goettl Air Conditioning operates by the anecdote that helping others should be done as soon as people need it. Sometimes it gets too hot which means once the ac breaks every minute counts with the heat, and same for winter nights. Goettl is compassionate and works tirelessly to make sure that their clients get the best services.



In seventy five years, Goettl Air Conditioning Company has learned a great deal on giving homes a homely and comfortable touch.

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Loyalty, Networking and Landing a Boomerang Job

The rise in social media networks means that when you leave a job, you never really leave a job. As more and more former employees join alumni groups, they stay connected with their peers in similar industries. The opportunity to stay connected while pursuing other interests has expanded more than ever before. Employers are supporting the trend. They are more likely to rehire former employees than they were twenty years ago. According to a Workplace Trends survey,“76% said that they are more accepting of hiring boomerang employees than in the past.”


Employees that return to companies they exited are termed boomerang employees. These employees have value because they bring back new experiences and greater skills that can benefit the company while at the same time they retain a sense of the company’s culture. The key to making a successful boomerang is to leave your job on good terms with your employers and colleagues. Being open about your goals and plans is a smart way to make a smooth exit. Successful boomerang employees leave their secure jobs to pursue higher degrees, gain new skills or found start-ups. Staying connected with former colleagues and employers helps keep options open. When a new position opens, a former employee can step into it with more knowledge and skills than they had previously. This benefits the organization and the individual.


Since company’s are no longer the static organizations they were in the 1950s or 1970s, the concept of loyalty has morphed. Companies merge, CEOs change, management shifts with the needs of the market. Players are constantly shuffling. This means that an employee’s loyalty lies more with the relationships they have built within an organization than it does with the organization itself.


Despite the negative attitude often held against Millennials, they aren’t ones to burn bridges. The boomerang generation are experts at cultivating relationships. They can break up, remain friends and grow professionally.

Snapchat Planning On Acquiring Vurb For $100 Million

Major social media companies are continuing to buy hot new startups to add new features to their brands, and the latest such buyout has been a the mobile social media giant Snapchat’s acquisition of Vurb. According to Business Insider, the deal is set to be a $200 million purchase of Vurb through stocks and cash, with about 25% as stock funds and 25% purchase funds. Perhaps one striking aspect of this deal is that Snapchat plans on keeping most of Vurb’s current employees, including their CEO Bobby Lo who is said to be getting a $75 million contract to stay aboard. It’s unclear exactly what made Snapchat decide to purchase Vurb, as they have not given any interviews on the matter, but it’s been speculated that they are interested in what Bobby Lo’s team can bring to their company, perhaps even more so than simply adding Vurb’s platform to theirs.

Vurb is a search platform that is geared towards online shoppers or DIY people who want community reviews handy or other guides on finding what they’re looking for. Vurb has integrated various review sites like Yelp and Fandango on its interface, and also has an instant messaging program built in so users can contact their friends. The company was launched in 2011 and funded chiefly by Redpoint Ventures, with some additional funding from Atlas Ventures and CrunchFund.

According to MW Partners, Snapchat is currently the third most popular social media app, behind only of course Facebook and their chief competitor Instagram, but could this acquisition of Vurb expand its social media borders? With how established Facebook and Instagram are, Snapchat still has a lot of work ahead of it to catch them. But Snapchat has surpassed Twitter already and seems to be indicating they will be around for quite a while.

Brenda Wardle Gives The Legal View On Woke Twitter Scandal

The question being asked across South Africa is when does the right to free speech become overpowered by the right to human dignity. Following the end of the apartheid regime in the country the right to human dignity was included in the constitution to make sure the people of South Africa were protected in the future. Now users of Twitter and Facebook have combined to target those who post offensive and racist content in a bid to bring them to the attention of the public; this movement is known as Woke Twitter and has spread across the world.

Legal analyst Brenda Wardle has now set out what she believes is the case against the three latest posters suspected of posting racist material to social media. Wardle came to prominence around the world with her legal experience during the Oscar Pistorius trial when she became a well known figure for global media corporations to interview over the issues raised during the trial.

Wardle has now weighed into the Woke Twitter case with her view that the three suspects who have been charged with racial hatred crimes have given up their right to a free speech defense. Wardle is a well known figure in the South African legal system for the large number of papers she has written that have become the standards for many areas of law. The Woke Twitter case allowed Wardle to investigate constitutional law, which prompted her to judge the right to human dignity outweighs the right to freedom of speech in such cases.

The Woke Twitter movement has become something of a global phenomenon with the political aspect of social media being explored by activists around the world. In the latest case in South Africa three posters were spotted by Twitter and Facebook users conversing in what was believed to be a racist fashion; Woke Twitter users reported these posts to police and social media companies resulting in the three facing criminal charges. Although the Woke Twitter movement has been credited with doing much good work around the world reports of threats being made against the family members of one of the posters has made some question the impact of the movement.

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Digital Crisis Entrepreneur Awarded Mark of Distinction

The president and cofounder of an online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm has been applauded as one of 2015’s rising stars.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs president, was highly praised by PRWeek for the company’s inspiring array of work, which takes in crisis management and refining Google search results in 35 countries for more than 1,500 customers. Fisher was named as one of PRWeek’s Innovation 50.

The entrepreneur got Status Labs underway four years ago and has grown its staff to 30. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Sao Paulo and New York. He also built up the business in Europe and the Gulf Region.

The goal of Status Labs is to assist customers look their best in search results and grow sales through valuable digital market and public relations. Status Labs furnishes public figures, politicians, athletes and executives with the chance to try something again.

As president, Fisher shaped the strategic image of the company, put together partnerships with agencies and signed up domestic and international sales and account management teams. He said the company has moral standards and has turned down clients.

Fisher gave a presentation recently at Impact15, a three day annual marketing conference that recognizes Internet marketing strategies are continually growing. Dubbed “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression,” he revealed the importance of protecting and managing a digital presence.

Fisher talked about best practices, SEO, public relations and content development tools that assist companies and individuals to repair search results.

In addition, he made case studies available on how to make use of online reputation management services prior to, all through and following disaster conditions.

Before co-founding Status Labs, Fisher was employed to deliver one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing, copywriting at Angora Publishing and as a political consultant at Storefront Political Media. He graduated with honors in economics from Vanderbilt University.

Fisher is captivated by commercial and residential real estate development, technology, public affairs and government. He enjoys playing soccer and loves to travel.