Brenda Wardle Gives The Legal View On Woke Twitter Scandal

The question being asked across South Africa is when does the right to free speech become overpowered by the right to human dignity. Following the end of the apartheid regime in the country the right to human dignity was included in the constitution to make sure the people of South Africa were protected in the future. Now users of Twitter and Facebook have combined to target those who post offensive and racist content in a bid to bring them to the attention of the public; this movement is known as Woke Twitter and has spread across the world.

Legal analyst Brenda Wardle has now set out what she believes is the case against the three latest posters suspected of posting racist material to social media. Wardle came to prominence around the world with her legal experience during the Oscar Pistorius trial when she became a well known figure for global media corporations to interview over the issues raised during the trial.

Wardle has now weighed into the Woke Twitter case with her view that the three suspects who have been charged with racial hatred crimes have given up their right to a free speech defense. Wardle is a well known figure in the South African legal system for the large number of papers she has written that have become the standards for many areas of law. The Woke Twitter case allowed Wardle to investigate constitutional law, which prompted her to judge the right to human dignity outweighs the right to freedom of speech in such cases.

The Woke Twitter movement has become something of a global phenomenon with the political aspect of social media being explored by activists around the world. In the latest case in South Africa three posters were spotted by Twitter and Facebook users conversing in what was believed to be a racist fashion; Woke Twitter users reported these posts to police and social media companies resulting in the three facing criminal charges. Although the Woke Twitter movement has been credited with doing much good work around the world reports of threats being made against the family members of one of the posters has made some question the impact of the movement.

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