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Two of the most iconic North Tahoe ski resorts, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, have long held a connection. History has it that only the cultures and passes are what separates Alphine and Squad skiers. In 2011, KSL Capital Partners, decided to buy over the ownership of Alphine Meadows in a multi-million deal.

For Tahoe skiers, the plans to integrate the two ski resorts into one unit should come as no revelation. Troy Caldwell, the individual who owns the land separating the two resorts held the key to making that connection a reality.

On Monday, it was announced that Caldwell and Andy reached an agreement. At the same time, the Squad Valley’s push to expand their base area is facing a lot of resistance from local skiers. Squaw Alpine has been asking for total public support for them to implement the proposal since it benefits all parties.

On a recent interview with Powder Magazine link, Andy Wirth explained that the idea of connecting the two resorts originated from Squaw Valley founder Wayne Poulsen.

Andy Wirth had the vision decades ago and several people have shared the same vision since then. His predecessors usually involved lawyers in discussing partnerships but Andy decided to create a personal friendship with Troy Caldwell.

The merger will make the resort be the largest ski area in the lower forty-eight. Andy said that the main factor of merging was not to increase the size but to have one of the outstanding ski experiences in America.

The community around will be managed, protected and respected by enhancing its history, heritage and culture. The society will have a big role to play in the early stages of construction. After the Gondola project is done, Squad Valley and Alphine Meadows will continue to improve the snow service levels.

Andy Wirth was born in twenty-fifth, July 1963. He is the current the Chief Executive Officer and President of Squad Valley Holdings. He has a vast experience in the hotel and mountain resort industry. He started his career at SteamBoat Spring Resort in 1986 as an intern and climbed the ladder all the way.

According to TohoeTopia and Sierrasun, Andy Wirth was a seeker for knowledge since his childhood. His educators described him as being a self-driven and responsible person.

He attended Colorado State University where he graduated with honours in Bachelor of Science. His thirst to expand his brain more forced him to join Edinburg University for further studies.

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