Dr. Greg Finch Becomes An Expert In Spinal And Orthopedic Surgery Techniques

The spine is an important part of any person and damage to any part of the skeleton or extremities of the body can make it difficult for any individual to function in a pain free or free flowing series of movements. Dr. Greg Finch is one of Australia’s leading spinal surgery specialists who also spends a large part of his time developing new techniques for repairing the body when bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments become injured.


Some common areas of surgical repair that can be used on a regular basis include Bankart repair, which is a commonly completed surgery for orthopedic surgeons looking to solve the issue of consistent shoulder dislocation; this repair sees the glenoid labrum ligament sewn to the joint capsule to stop the issue of dislocation occurring on a regular basis. A further area many orthopedic surgeons look to become proficient in is hip replacement surgery, which has become one of the most common in use around the world in the 21st century. This surgery is generally used with one of a series of surgical techniques, including the lateral approach that sees the hip joint raised during surgery as an artificial ball and joint are used to replace the painful natural bone versions.


Dr. Greg Finch has been one of Australia’s leading orthopedic surgeons who has developed a strong career based around his ability to adapt his surgical techniques to include the latest technologies, including the use of minimally invasive surgeries in use across the orthopedic field.


One of the greatest achievements of the career of Dr. Greg Finch has been his attainment of the position of Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons; Dr. Greg Finch is one of only a few medical professionals who have had the dedication to education and gaining globally renowned experience to achieve this goal.