Rick Smith the Talented Leader behind Securus Technologies Success

Securus Technologies is the leading service provider in the correctional market. The company has been very excellent in making life for inmates comfortable in correctional centers. The success of the company is attributed to the dedicated CEO who has been very devoted to lead the company. Rick Smith joined the firm in 2008, and since then the company has registered very positive growth in its service delivery. Before joining Securus, Rick Smith worked for various businesses in the telecom sector and the experience he acquired working there has helped him in running Securus technologies.

Rick Smith used to work for Eschelon Telecom Inc, serving as the company president. He was very excellent in service delivery, and he was promoted to head the company in its senior positions. Rick created great business strategies for the firm, and during his tenure, the company earned a lot of money from its operations.

Rick Smith took over the leadership of Securus Technologies from Richard Falcone who is the former CEO. Having worked in firms that were offering correctional services made him the best fit for Securus leadership. Rick has high academic qualifications, and he is equally talented in the technology sector. Rick possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s in Mathematics and an MBA. His educational background helps him to run every aspect of the company in the best way possible. Under Smith’s leadership, Securus has increased efficiency in service delivery. This has grown the number of clients that the firm serves.

With his excellent skills in service delivery to the correctional market, Rick has positioned Securus among the most sought after companies in the prison market. His skills are much diversified he is a good business developer and exquisite in financial management the future of Securus is brilliant under his leadership. Rick is very innovative and a critical thinker, he can analyze any situation in the correctional sector and develop the best solution.

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Rick works with the best minds in making sure that he is offering the best services in the prison market. He has employed qualified professionals, and he can motivate his team towards realizing a common goal. Rick’s passion for the correctional market grew long time ago and under his management Securus will achieve great success.

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A history of military contracts with IAP Worldwide services

IAP has once again recently secured another military contract. This time around, IAP Worldwide has landed a contract with the U.S Navy ranging to be estimated in the hundreds of millions. Though, this is not the first time IAP has had success in securing high valued military and other Department of Defense contracts. In fact, IAP worldwide services has quite the extensive record of showing a proven history of acquiring huge military contracts.

In 2009, IAP Worldwide won its first major contract with the Air Force valued at around 60 million dollars providing logistical support. The contract would help manage operational contingency programs for the Air Force. It would be one of many crucial contracts that IAP had won with the military, but certainly not its last.

IAP secured another contract with the Army in 2014 providing a permanent power supply to remote forward operating bases in Afghanistan. Estimated at around 17 million, IAP would continue to operate in various theaters in support of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. IAP Worldwide has been a leading provider of power supply units in the Middle East.

In addition to wining the contract for the Navy, IAP had also won a contract with the Army earlier in the year. The contract estimated to be at a value of 53 million will be providing the Army with hardware systems engineering, data processing, networking for response vehicles.

It seems that IAP has been quite busy with the procurement of high valued military contracts. From the years 2007 to 2016, IAP has secured a total of 16 military contracts valued at 6.5 million or higher. With a total value over 1 billion dollars. If recent history of IAP’s success shows anything; it shows that future contracts will continue to be awarded to them.

IAP has been offering their services for a respectable amount time, offering a broad spectrum of services to their clients worldwide on Facebook. With their continued successes of securing military contracts with the Depart of Defenses, and currently operating in more than 100 countries. IAP continues to prove to the world that they are a leader in global logistical operations.

IAP Worldwide is a global leader in providing logistical support services around the world. Since its establishment in the early 50’s; IAP Worldwide has been mainly providing services facilitating to government agencies and large organization firms. Their services usually consist of variety of services such as, facility management, advanced professional and technical services, and global wide logistical support.

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Taking Corrections Technology to the Next Level

Corrections Technology is the phrase that is used to refer to data analysis tools, recording systems and safety protocols that revolve around the collection and protection of inmate phone calls. While this service can be expensive, it provides the utmost security to protect the inmates and their families while also helping police in investigations.
One such company that provides this detailed service is Securus Technologies. Recently, PR Newswire reported that the company updated their systems to focus on friendly user interface as well as increased capabilities within the search interface for the program, THREADS. Not only does the new update allow for better connection between user and program, but it also allows THREADS 3.1 to connect to other Securus programs such as Secure Call Platform, or SCP. Their change from Silverlight to HTML5 greatly assisted in allowing Securus to provide an easy-to-maneuver product that can aid investigators. The new system also includes real-time analysis, context-sensitive reports, customized printing options and the ability to now listen to SCP calls while within the THREADS 3.1 program.

Securus Technologies is expanding rapidly with over 800 security products on the market to date. To assist in their expansion, they have placed John Bell as their Senior Vice President of Sales whose goal is to develop a high-tech and software-based sales team to come alongside the 800 security products to effectively present the expanded product set. John Bell, who previously worked for large companies such as Verizon and AT&T, is now responsible for representing Securus’ products. One such product is the Video Service which allows family members to speak with inmates at their own convenience. With their new Vice President of Sales, new updates and impressive products, Securus Technologies is a company to watch. Story by PR Newswire.

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