Matthew Autterson – Rich History in Business and Finance

Businessman Matthew Autterson started establishing his career in the finance industry more than 25 years ago. His business accomplishments include his former presidency of one the most significant charted financial businesses in the United States of America.



Mr. Matthew Autterson achieved a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Michigan State University, graduating in 1980. After that, he moved on and enrolled at the Graduate Tax Program held by the University of Denver. The program was one of the leading ones at the time.



Upon graduating from the University of Denver, Mr. Matthew Autterson started working towards his career in the industry of finance and took up a position at the First Trust Corporation, which was a Fiserv subsidiary.



In 1982, Mr. Matthew Autterson moved on from his position at the First Trust Corporation to join a small team and charted a new trust company in the state of Colorado the project as to be a subsidiary of the rapidly expanding Integrated Resources, Inc, based in the city of New York. Mr. Matthew Autterson became the president of the chartered branch later and in 1989 the Trust Resources Company became an acquisition of Broad, Inc. In turn, that business was acquired by the Sun America corporation, subsequently becoming the property of AIG in 1998 for the whopping 18 billion dollars.



The Resource Trust Company used to have 700 employees and serve more than 200 000 clients across the country, providing custodial and depository services. Along with its full-time employees, the Resource Trust Company had more than 15 000 registered independent financial advisors. The vast proportion help over 20 billion dollars in custodial assets and more than a billion dollars in deposits. In 2001, the corporation was acquired by AIG’s Fiserv. Visit This Page for additional information.



Up to date, Mr. Matthew Autterson is working at the company CNS Bioscience Inc. He is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member of the corporation. It was created by Scott Falci M. D. some years ago in 2013. The firm develops medication and emphasizes on neuropathic pain.



Additionally, Mr. Matthew Autterson is serving on a variety of boards such as that of the Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation. Mr. Matthew Autterson is the Chairman of the Denver Hospice and is serving as a board member at the Webb-Waring Foundation as well as at the Falci Adaptive Systems.



Formerly, Mr. Matthew Autterson was a member of the board of the World President Organization and the Young Presidents Organization.



Matthew Autterson, A Financial Services Expert And Philanthropist

More often than not, we hear stories about people being a jack of all trades but a master in none; however, once in a blue moon we also come across stories of people such as Matthew Autterson who have honed their skills in more than one sector through hard work and dedication.



As a member of the Board of Directors for a leading Biosystems company, Matthew Autterson is in charge of leading the business sector of Colorado. Falci Adaptive Biosystem focuses its operations on finding cures for neuropathic pain. This firm stands by the philanthropic ideologies and values of Matthew Autterson and implements them while assisting various organizations such as the Denver Zoological Foundation.



Matthew Autterson has attended Michigan State University where he got his graduation certificate in 1980 after completing a course in B.A of Finance. Post this, he continued his education by attending the University of Denver and completed the Tax Program. This added certification helped him embark on the path to success as a financial services expert. The firm he worked with after his education was the First Trust Corporation, which was a subsidiary of Fiserv.



With over 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, Matthew Autterson has worked as the president of an important chartered institution. This state-chartered firm was one of the largest in the country, and Matthew Autterson was a part of the financial services integrated resources team Colorado. He also had a tenure with other firms where he worked as part of the core teams while leading his teammates. One of such companies was CNS Bioscience where he completed tasks not limited to ensuring the progress of clinical trials and invention of medicines. Visit This Page for more information.



As a member of the core teams working for Sun America Inc which was eventually bought over by AIG, Matthew Autterson was responsible for generating finances for this firm with continued hard work and dedication. The work he did for the Resource Trust Company was also recognized by many people as his innovative thinking, and futuristic outlook had helped the company significantly increase the generated revenue per year.



Considered as an expert in the financial sector amongst others, Matthew Autterson continues to impact companies positively. His philanthropist tendencies, as well as his need to merge his values with those of the companies he works for, has worked in his favor. While this is just the start of greatness, Matthew Autterson does not leave any stone unturned when he ties up with companies and dedicates his waking hours to help them progress.



Imran Haque Is The Physician Of Choice For Diabetes And Robot Guided Surgery

Diabetes has affected nearly 29 million people in the United States due to sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits. Diabetes affects the bodies insulin production and the three types are gestational Diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. To take control of the condition healthy habits, a lifestyle change, exercising, drinking plenty of water, increasing fiber, and losing weight are usually required. One of the doctors who has dedicated himself to helping patients with diabetes is Dr. Imran Haque.

Dr. Imran Haque is a highly reputable doctor in North Carolina. He practices internal medicine and provides personalized care, diabetes management, and weight management. His qualifications make him an excellent choice for individuals with diabetes. Dr. Imran Haque’s patients seek his services for everything from an annual checkup to help changing their lifestyle to combat diseases such as diabetes.

Dr. Imran Haque uses the latest technological advancements in the treatments he provides for his patients. He has been practicing medicine for fifteen years and is caring and experienced. Dr. Imran Haque is familiar with a new technology called robotic guided surgery. This is when computers, electronics, and machinery are used to assist a doctor in various procedures including cosmetic surgery.

The statistics for robotic guided surgery indicate it will be commonly performed by Dr. Imran Haque in the future. The benefits are numerous and only miniature openings are required limiting damage and blood loss. The 3D cameras give surgeons a view that is uninterrupted and accurate. Infections are severely limited because it is not necessary to open a large area. Trial and error is eliminated, treatments and diagnosis are prompt and accurate, recovery times are less and pain medication is reduced with type of surgery.

Robotic guided surgery leaves less scarring due to the smaller incisions and surgeon fatigue is virtually eliminated because they spend less time in the operating room. Imran Haque can coordinate this surgery from a robotic console.

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Efficiency Through the New E-Governe System

Brazilian client portfolio management has long been an issue that needed to be addressed. Research was done to find the best way to manage the client’s data and speed use of the facts to better serve the people of Brazil. Already used in healthcare and schools for meeting, the e-governe system would be perfect to manage service optimization.


The Institute of implementation of this system will allow city hall to expand the current system that is currently in place. Once introduced, it will be handling 138 schools and the governing offices for the school district. It will also include a system that offers access to greater Sao Paulo in the following ways.


– Internet access to all security levels for eligible staff.

– Shared reports to ease servicing clients.

– The highest level of security administered by administration.

– Financial accountability is accessible at all times for efficiency.

– Maintains client information for years and can be updated at any time.


This e-governe system is the perfect solution for the resolution of the very thing that so many government systems lack. So often the information that a client has on file will be updated at each meeting that they have when they meet with various people through the system. If the system that is being used does not properly update things across the different information bases, then the client can receive the wrong care, educational help or even be harmed through the wrong medical information being on file. It can be a matter of life or death depending on how accurate the information is on file. The e-governe system allows this information to be constantly updated live. That avoids the mistakes that can often have even tragic results. Here is a break down of the details.


The internet is the way that everyone communicates today. When this information is updated live then this is always accessible for those people that need the client’s information, vitals or grades. No matter what the situation is, the information is always there for access. It is always live in the system.


Security has always been the highest concern for anyone that is using the information in any database like this. The system has the best security for keeping the information completely safe. System administrators can change things as needed. Access can be granted on the live system and revoked at any time as it is needed. this is valuable and maintains the perfect level of security.


Financial information is part of that security data. It’s valuable and can cause a client to be accepted or denied for the various aspects of the governing body. It is also updated live in this system.


All of this can always be updated live and then maintained for as many years to come as needed for the clients’ base. New clients can be added, conferences can access the raw data for statistics and assistance to the clients of Brazil that will benefit from this amazing system that maintains everything.


A New Tech Boom in the United States?

Late last month, Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, announced that it would be investing $1.2 billion in the United States to develop innovative technologies over the next few years.

Questions remain about the ethics of having foreign corporations pour cash into the United States in an effort to create and impact regulation and other policy, but the announcement that massive amounts of capital and high-level expertise would be directed toward the United States as fertile ground for new fields of tech aimed at generating more new revenue is exciting news for everyone in the finance and investment industries.

Details of how Samsung will spend that money specifically as well how its policy goals will mesh or clash with American interests remain unknown, but if this project can be successful, it might mean first and foremost that more high-paying jobs will be available for Americans. That would mean more tax revenue for local communities that could be used to fund schools and other public works.

For investors and those in finance, this development is a clear sign that investing in small startups and infantile technology is a potential avenue for rapid growth in the near future as low-performing companies are turned into operations that churn out technology that has the potential to connect users to each other and grow profits for shareholders. We may be in for another rosy partnership between the finance and investing industries and the tech world.

Elon Musk Under Attack Over Autopilot Fatality

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again been forced to defend himself and the company. Fortune has accused Musk of withholding material information regarding a fatal car crash until after a billion dollar stock offering.

Journalist Carol Loomis claims that Musk knew that an Ohio man died from an accident while his Model S was in autopilot as early as May 7th. Musk did not disclose this information to the public until June 30th. Twelve days earlier, the company sold $2 billion in stock to investors.

Loomis claims the information regarding the accident was material to investors and should have been disclosed before the offering. Musk vehemently disagreed.

The CEO took to twitter to bash Loomis’ report, calling it “BS”. Tesla also posted a message on its website in which it claimed that Fortune rushed to print the story before it had all the facts.

In terms of the repercussions, the public appears to be in Musk’s corner. While Loomis feebly claimed that a small drop in Tesla’s stock price on the morning after the news went public mildly suggested materiality, the shares rallied higher that same day and gained nearly 2%.

Musk has defended the company’s timeline in disclosing the information, saying that Tesla was unable to complete its own investigation until the end of May.

In addition, Musk noted that the accident was not caused by the driver of the Tesla but rather a semi-tractor trailer that crossed lanes and into the path of another vehicle.

How Talk Fusion is Changing How Businesses Use Email

Email can be a powerful tool. But many businesses don’t use it. That means they are leaving a lot of money and potential customers on the table. According to recent studies, if you include a video in your emails, you can achieve 1.4 times as much revenue. You can also enjoy an increased open rate of up to 20% with a CTR (Click-through Rate) increase of up to 300%. That’s a major ROI for such an investment.

Aside from the sheer numbers, videos in email can also help you express your unique brand identity better than mere text or images. One of the innovative companies in this area is Talk Fusion. This company is based out of Florida and ranks as the #8 biggest video content service provider anywhere online around the globe. The company has been offering video services since 2007.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion when he noticed the frustration of simply trying to add a small video to a quick email he was going to send his friend. AOL (America Online) was his email provider at the time and they told him that this was not possible. As a career problem solver, Reina would not accept failure and he sprung into action. He hired his friend, an IT specialist, to help him build technology that would allow him to send such a video in an email.

Now, Talk Fusion enjoys millions of users all around the world. With Talk Fusion, you can embed videos right into the emails. You simply log in to the online portal and upload the video of your choice. Then, from the same portal you can send your email and even customize it. There are templates available if you are in a rush.

Because it is so easy to use, the service has grown quickly. It also offers live video chats, video messaging, and video newsletters. The cost is also much more affordable than other alternatives. The company also believes in supporting good community causes and animal charities. They are a member of the respected DSA (Direct Selling Association) and follow the ethical guidelines very seriously.


Handy Makes Customers Happy

House cleaning is a job that most people do not like, but they do it because they have to. There are some people, however, that are fond of cleaning. They may like to do it well enough to do it for a living. That is what makes a company like Handy work. There are people out there that are really putting forth the effort to clean homes diligently because they like to do it. This makes the customer happy, and it also makes Handy founder Oisin Hanrahan happy as well.

The foundation of Handy is based firmly on two things: customer demand and employee job satisfaction. These are two factors that are directly related, and so far it has been a good relationship between customers and contracted workers. The homeowner that wants to get comfortable with a single company will see that Handy is the best solution. That is what is going to take this company to the next level.

The founder of the company realizes that there is power in customer loyalty so it has tried to build a business that caters to just about all customer needs. This is a hard thing to do if you do not have the money to do it, but Handy has made a lot of money. The company has the ability to pay people well, and there are no geographical limitations for scoping out contractors. This has made it easier for Handy to build a big presence in the metropolitan cities.

Many people in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Seattle have contractors that are capable of getting the job done. These contractors in the big cities can also pick up business on the outskirts of many of these major metro areas. This will give Handy a lot of growth opportunities worldwide.

Handy Acquires More Investment Capital.

The home services industry has witnessed a period of volatility leading to the collapse of many firms. Just like in the jungle, the strong survive while the weak succumb to their fate.

In the home cleaning service industry, possibilities for diversification are endless. The increasing investment in technology and innovation within the industry brings about a better customer experience. Though valuable, companies that create innovative solutions like Handy position themselves on the roadmap to success.

Handy cleaning services started around five years ago. Under the stewardship of Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, the company continues to grow organically. It utilizes a mobile platform where clients log in and book for their services. This ideal platform has registered over a million bookings within three years of operation.

The recent market volatility surprisingly works to the benefit of Handy and its investors. The growing volume of business shows the strong bonds they have with clients. Investors have also shown confidence in the company throughout its existence. Handy recently raised a fresh $50 million through its investment partners such as Highland Capital, TPG Growth and General Catalyst. A new partner in Fidelity Management also contributed heavily to the new venture.

This Capital injection raises the additional capital afforded to Handy to over $110 million in the past three years. According to the management, the company aims at diversifying from its cleaning service that accounts for over two-thirds of its operations. With demand for moving services and other handy work, the company feels the need to improve before expanding.

Indeed, Handy has already established itself in almost thirty different markets both in the US and around the world and were even in talks to acquire their largest competitor earlier this year. In this setup, the firm serves hundreds of thousands of customers monthly with a global workforce ranging in the tens of thousands. These market locations will benefit from the fresh injection. Once market optimization has been achieved, Handy then intends to open up to other potentially profitable areas.

It is important to acknowledge the ever rising demand for domestic and commercial cleaning services and handy work. The rising urban population and independent home owners account for this trend. Furthermore, the traditional household maid is unable to do all the house chores efficiently.

Sharing Content Has Never Been Easier Thanks To Flipora

Want To Share Easily With Others?

There’s something rewarding about sharing your interests with your friends. It brings a smile to their faces. They get to see what you’re interested in and the things you do with your time. Sharing content with other people brings a sense of ease to our days because we suddenly have something to talk about. Since you are reading the content I sent to you, you now have a similar understanding as I do. We have something in common. Even if we have never met before, when you read what I am looking at on my screen we suddenly fall into the same wave length of thought. It could even go as far as to effect our universal consciousness. Just as the media has done for years, the things we read and share truly effect other people. The only difference is that we can now choose what information appears on the screens of our friends and family members by sharing it with them.

How Do We Share Information?

The internet has been around for several decades, so sharing information is not a new thing at all. In fact, people have been sharing information even before the internet. When someone would have a good story or piece of important information they would share it with others. This was the case even before the newspaper or the printing press. It is overwhelmingly easy to share information now. The technology mankind has created is geared towards rapidly sharing new and exciting information. There are new websites and content created constantly to fuel our obsession with information. We have entered a true age of information being a super highway to the mind through the use of modern technology.

It is easy to use. In fact, sharing information today is as simple as the click of a few buttons. If you are on a smart phone, then you won’t even have to click. With apps for the iPhone, like Flipora, information passes easily from one mobile device to another without any time lost in the process. We used to have to generate long and tedious emails that looked bland and stiff. Now, Flipora is available to help users stay connected to eachother, share interesting websites and get involved in content that they may have missed otherwise. Thanks to Flipora, the world is a more connected place.