George Soros Putin

I was reading the article recap including Forbes billionaire George Soros. The United States and the European Union do not believe that President Putin is trying to help as he claims. Putin has cut off supply lines and leaves the United States with little to do about the war. It is very evident that Putin is trying to ruin and tear down the European Union. He hopes that Syrian refugees will continue to flood the EU. I believe this is inhumane and should be stopped. With over 20,000 Syrian refugees outside of Jordan, It appears less than hopeful that everyone will survive.
According to CBS News, the Syrian refugees are trapped between the Turkish military and the Russian airstrikes that are pounding Syria. I think the civilians are paying the price. They are getting caught in the crossfire and being hit by bombs and gunfire. Across the border into Turkey, I learn that the shelling and airstrikes are hitting children. Children are unable to get out of the crossfire. They are losing limbs as well as their lives. I have to say, “ Please let the refugee children out”. The United Nations fears that more than 300,000 refugees will be cut off. Over 40,000 already are starving to death. Not enough food and water is available to these refugees. The war is senseless.

What can the US do to stop the war? The United States is trying to broker a cease-fire. They ask for a stop of the attacks in the Syrian area. Putin has cut off supply lines and leaves US little leverage to do anything. People such as Putin could put a stop to this. I believe they are no more than terrorists themselves when they are killing innocent children. Isis is overtaking borders and putting more fear around the Syrian borders. There is hope that Russian planes will cease bombing Southern Syria and causing the refugees to go to the desert. If only Isis would cease or the United States or the European Union could put a stop to the Isis threats. The world would be heading in the right direction.

George Soros has his own opinions on the global economy and our political stance. There is an increased terrorism with a few borders hopefully opening for refugees. Soros knows how it is to be a refugee in a new area. He once was a refugee teen in England. He can see the possible improvements and possibility of improvement in the global economy in the future. Soros made his billions at an early age. He is now worth billions. George Soros article in the Project Syndicate will surely give many people things to think about. I believe that the world would be a better place if they could stop the fighting, work together, and put an end to terrorism.