Todd Lubar Contribution to Mortgage Business

Todd Lubar road to success began in 1977. It was during this year he joined Sidewall Friends School in Washington D.C. Ten years later, Todd Lubar proceeded to high school at Hightstown. He completed high school and got admitted at Syracuse University. He undertook an undergraduate degree in speech communication and graduated in the year 1995.His first breakthrough in the job market came immediately after school. He worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation for 5 years until 1999 when he moved to Legacy Financial group. He got stationed at Maryland offices for 6 years. The position with this company provided him with a chance to scale the height of brokering loans. His primary customers were foreign investors and mortgage banks. In the year 2002, his desire to expand in real estate ventures drove him to open up Legendary Properties LLC.

This company dealt with purchase, remodeling, and re-sale of single family properties. The company also developed gated communities. All the while, Todd Lubar was initiating relationships with people in charge of the building trade. The relationships then expanded to lending institutions like banks. The banks later proved to be important by providing a steady line of credit.

Early 2003, Lubar opened Charter Funding. A branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation. This corporation lists as one of the largest non-government mortgage company in the United States of America. The relationship between charter funding and Magnus Corporation provided Lubar with an opportunity to expand his business. It was due to this relationship that Lubar had access to immense funding. At charter funding, he held the position of deputy president. With twelve years’ experience in this field, Lubar conducted an assessment among some underserved clients. Consequently, he formed an affiliate company of legendary properties LLC. Lubar named the member company Legendary Financial. With this company, he helped borrowers get access to funds whom otherwise could not get finances from conventional lending institutions. His experience in over seven thousand transactions enabled him to foresee risk and make sound decisions.

In the year 2007, the mortgage industry began to experience significant changes. This change led to Lubar investing in other ventures. Todd Lubars’ primary target has always been banking in the mortgage sector. Nevertheless, he has invested widely. He owned several industries in demolition areas. He has also invested in real estate industry, waste management industry, and night clubbing sector. His experience in many areas of business puts him in a position to run a business flawlessly. Todd Lubar lives in Maryland and has two children. To date, he is the president of TDL global ventures.