A Clown With a Twisted Smile


Pull up a chair and let me tell you a story knitted from the fabric of nightmares. Our tale begins in 1972 in the town of Des Plaines, Illinoise with a man named John Wayne Gacy. as a prominent member of his community, owner of a small business, and employed as a clown for children’s parties. He was someone who seemed much like many of our neighbors. But this clown had a dark secret, a secret that would turn anyone’s blood cold.


Behind the painted face that made children laugh was a sinister smile. A smile that no less then 33 people faced as they breathed their final breath in his presence. Famous serial killers John Gacy would entice teenage boys and young men over to his home, never to be seen again. What happened in that house could only be described as chilling. Gacy would subdued his victims with handcuffs then proceed to torture them to his own twisted satisfaction. After he grew tired of that, he would strangle or drown them. Once their bodies were limp he would drag their corpses, lifeless to the crawlspace under his home where he would dig shallow graves and bury them alongside his other victims.


This cycle of kidnapping and murder continued on for several years until 1978 he abducted and murdered Robert Piest. no idea that his final victim would be his last murder as the police linked the abduction of Robert Piest to him after learning Gacy had offered him a job.