Highland Capital Management Promotes Trey Parker to Co-CIO

Last year, the Dallas-based global investment manager, Highland Capital Management, named Trey Parker as a co-chief investment officer. Mr. Parker will be sharing the CIO role with the firm’s co-founder Mark Okada. Together, the dual CIOs oversee the Highland’s $13 billion investment platform. Mr. Parker was promoted to the position from his role as head of the firm’s credit research platform.

“This is a well-earned promotion for Trey,” said Mr. Okada. “For over a decade Trey has been a driver of operational alpha in numerous areas across the firm, from streamlining research and risk management processes to enhancing collaboration across disciplines—all motivated by improving client outcomes. He enters this role not only with the full support and respect from Jim [Dondero] and me, but also with that of the entire firm, and it’s a privilege to have him alongside me leading our investment platform.”

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Mr. Okada and his co-founder James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. Over the past 25 years, the company has expanded into a global leader in money management. Trey Parker joined the team at Highland in 2007. Since then, he has climbed through the org chart in the investment team, ultimately landing in his role as head of credit research while also managing portfolios for various credit funds. Eventually, he became a partner at the company in 2015.

“Trey’s investment platform oversight facilitates our growth and performance in the new era of asset management,” said Highland co-founder and president James Dondero. “Trey understands and anticipates clients’ needs, which is at the core of Highland’s strategy.”

Mr. Parker welcomes his new role with an appreciation for those who came before. “I’m humbled by this recognition from Jim and Mark and grateful for the trust they’ve placed in me,” he said. “The entrepreneurial culture and disciplined and bold investment style that they have cultivated since founding Highland 25 years ago are cornerstone philosophies for the entire organization. That foundation, paired with a commitment to enhance firm scalability, fuels my excitement and confidence in our future prospects.”

Co-CIOs Share Responsibilities at Highland Capital Management

While two men are sharing the role of CIO, both Mr. Okada and Mr. Parker will retain their own duties when it comes to portfolio management. Mr. Okada will proceed in his role as a co-portfolio manager of the Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF and Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. Also, he keeps his portfolio management role on individual institutional funds and other accounts. In addition, Mr. Okada remains head of Acis Capital Management, Highland’s structured products business. As for Mr. Parker, in addition to keeping his position as a co-portfolio manager on the Highland Opportunistic Credit Fund, he also continues to serve on the Executive Committee and the Credit and Private Equity Investment Committees. As co-CIO, Mr. Parker has some additional duties and responsibilities on the job.

When Mr. Parker moved into his new role as co-CIO, Highland also promoted Jon Poglitsch as head of credit research. Mr. Poglitsch has taken on Mr. Parker’s previous duties in leading the credit research team and platform.

About Trey Parker, Highland’s New Co-CIO

Before he came to Highland, Mr. Parker worked at various financial institutions. He served as a Senior Associate at Hunt Special Situations Group, L.P. where he sourced, executed and monitored control private equity investments. In 2004, Mr. Parker worked as an analyst at BMO Merchant Banking where he completed a number of leveraged buyouts and mezzanine investment transactions. He also has experience in sales and trading for First Union Securities and Morgan Stanley. Mr. Parker graduated with an MBA in Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BA in Economics and Business from the Virginia Military Institute. Mr. Parker serves on the Board of Directors of Euramax Holdings, Inc., TerreStar Corporation, JHT Holdings, Inc., and a non-profit organization, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Dallas chapter).

About Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an SEC-registered investment adviser that, together with its affiliates, has approximately $13 billion of assets under management. Founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland is one of the largest and most experienced global alternative credit managers. Highland specializes in credit strategies, including credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distressed and special-situation private equity, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Highland also offers alternative investments, including emerging markets, long/short equities, and natural resources. Highland’s diversified client base includes public pension plans, foundations, endowments, corporations, financial institutions, fund of funds, governments, and high net-worth individuals. Highland is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and maintains offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul. For more information visit highlandcapital.com.

GoBuySide and Quality Recruiting

GoBuySide is a modern company that has a lot going for it at the moment. It functions as a platform that supplies businesses with investment management recruitment options. It accommodates the requirements of a substantial client base all over the globe, too. It works to assist consulting companies, investment banks, hedge funds and private equity agencies of all kinds. GoBuyside collaborates with 400 plus clients on a routine basis. It’s not the type of company that’s in any way limited in scope. It’s given its guidance and resources to clients in the United States, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Germany and Mexico. GoBuySide responds to recruitment requests from clients on many different continents.

GoBuySide is a company that stresses efficient and organized recruitment paths for clients that cover many industries. It’s also a company that stresses nonstop communication. GoBuySide cares so much about communications that it actually posts blogs frequently. These posts are easily accessible through the firm’s official blog website. The executive search business’ blog discusses people who are thinking about pursuing MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees in the future. It goes into topics that involve new technologies, the employee screening process and noted hedge funds.

The team members at GoBuySide understand just how imperative strong hiring practices are. They know that good hiring practices are essential across the board. They’re critical for supervisors and managers who are looking to recruit entry-level assistants who are straight out of college or graduate school. They’re equally important for supervisors and managers who are trying to hire knowledgeable and experienced executives who can lead well.

There are many areas of expertise available at GoBuySide. The company’s employees know a lot of things about consulting and advisory. They can hold in-depth discussions that go into corporations, successful hedge funds, career management choices, alternative investing, private equity and market sensations.

Getting in contact with the shining talents at GoBuySide never isn’t a walk in the park. This is a company that highlights the power of efficient, speedy and reliable communication at all times. If an individual wants to find out more about GoBuySide and all of its processes, he or she can email the staff. GoBuySide’s staff members work hard to provide all people with polite, clear, thorough and swift responses regardless of the exact topic.

GoBuySide is an acclaimed human capital choice for people who are in New York, New York. It’s helpful to people who are locations far away from the Big Apple as well. Talking to the staff at GoBuySide is as simple as sending a concise email message. It’s as stress-free as getting in touch via Twitter, too. GoBuySide tweets about everything from bonus payments to rare job openings.

Agora Financial Great Publsing Company

Agora Financial was founded in 1979. The company’s headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Agora Financial is a publishing company that specializes in publishing useful financial readings to the supporters. In order to become an Agora Financial reader, it’s as easy as subscribing on their website. Agora Financial gives their readers the choice to choose from emails, books, ebooks, and many other forms of reading material. Agora’s Financial purpose is to provide material for the readers that will give them financial freedom.

Agora Financial is an independent company. The company spends about a million dollars a year sponsoring travel expenses so that their readers can have fresh material. Most of Agora Financial’s material consist of stocks and different investments that are easy and most profitable for all of their readers. Agora Financial has also protected their readers from bad investments as well as financial crisis that has happened in the past.

Agora Financial’s team consists of financial experts. Some of these experts include a former president’s banker, a Harvard University graduate, and a NY Times Selling author. The team is also composed of other educated members who have helped many Agora Financial readers be able to establish wealth.

Choosing to become an Agora Financial reader could be very beneficial. Agora Financial could help you as a reader to have more money when its time to retire. Agora Financial can also help you to have more money to pass down to the next generation of family members. Choosing to become an Agora Financial reader is defiantly cheaper than choosing to hire a stock broker for financial services. Agora Financial gives all readers unbiased information to their readers which is very valuable. If you are interested in obtaining an everlasting amount of wealth, then contacting Agora Financial is a great choice!

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Ted Bauman Tackles The Taxes And Debt Conundrum

     Taxes have remained a controversial issue that has refused to go away. The latest push by the new administration is evidence of the undercurrents that have plagued the subject since the days of the founding fathers. Experts such as Ted Bauman believe the obsession with taxation is highly misplaced in the country. In fact, debt and taxes remain some of the most significant threats to your wealth today. Why are so many people so fired up about taxes and not credit?

First, they directly reduce your disposable earnings. Secondly, the majority of people believe they pay too much in aggregate taxes. That’s as far as tax debate comes. Away from the tax smokescreen, the next biggest drain on American incomes are the credit markets. It’s like a big invisible vampire that is sucking the blood out of working and middle-class families. Popular culture has mostly driven this.

People are used to getting things they cannot afford now, just by demonstrating that they can pay. The strategy creates a debt-based economy and inflates the prices of essential services such as housing and education. This cuts across the board in all sectors including healthcare, housing, and education among others. Credit has also become readily available creating an endless loop.

The impact of inequality is devastating. The wealthiest fund the borrowing by the middle-class. Their investments are high-yielding and guaranteed to keep the borrowers in debt for extended periods. The arising inflation is further compounded by the capital injections from the top and reflect as higher interest rates that the borrowers have to repay to the already rich class at the top.

More debt leads to more borrowing, which leads to inflation in the markets, more borrowing, and lending. Financial specialists such as Ted Bauman believe the solution to these endless cycles lie in reducing the debt burden on middle-class Americans. Ted Bauman works as the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the financial publisher in 2013. He oversees several journals including The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert among others.

He obtained an economics degree from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and has extensive executive experience in the financial sector in the country. Later on, he served as a consultant handling research and analysis in sectors such as housing for a diverse range of high-ranking clients including stage agencies.

He returned to the US at the height of the financial crisis in 2008 and has since focused on market research. He is an active proponent of the diversification of assets to ensure safety and profitability. He contributes to multiple free and international journals such as The Sovereign Investor Daily, Journal of Microfinance and Cape Times among others.


Mining Expert and Investor-Matt Badiali

     Matt Badiali is a man of many responsibilities, he can be described as the social type, a go-getter, and opportunists. Mr. Matt has a vast experience in the mining, energy as well as the agriculture industry which can be counted to run for about two decades. For the period he has been working in the sectors, Matt has had the opportunity to work on drill rigs, he has explored some abandoned wells and he has also owned oils wells all in the name of making profits and a living. His career has enabled him to traverse the world to several countries among them Iraq, Singapore, the Mexican desert, Papua New Guinea, Yukon as well as Hong Kong.

The geologist is also a teacher at the University of California. Mr. Matt is a renowned investor and over the years he has also traveled around the world for the purpose of business. Some of the countries he has visited for the purpose of business include; Turkey, Switzerland, and Haiti among others. He has been meeting with other Chief Executive Officers in his visits and he has been learning a lot from them. Mr. Badiali trusts that with the kind of profession he is in, one has to see first before working on any project. Matt does not know about the latest events in the oil, energy as well as the agriculture sector, but he is also advanced in terms of technology. Matt has a Facebook page which his followers get updates from him on his projects as well as events. He is also on other media platforms including Twitter where he talks more on his articles on Banyan Hill Publishing, Google + page he updates his fans on his latest businesses among them buying of precious metal, and on Tumblr is where he shares different articles on various topics.

Matt Badiali knew what he wanted in life, and after his High school graduation, he joined Penn State University where he studied and graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in the Earth Science. He later went to Florida Atlantic University for his Masters in Geology. Being a go-getter, Matt has used his skills as well as knowledge to not only benefit the world but to also to make the best investment decision in the industry. Banyan Hill Publishing has given him a chance to become on their authors and his articles are read by the world. Matt is giving back to the community by him teaching geology at North Carolina University as well as the Duke University.

Palladium is in a relentless bull market. The price of the silvery-gray metal soared in early 2016. The price more than…

Gepostet von Matt Badiali am Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Ted Bauman’s Reveals Secret Of Wealth Creation

     Ted Bauman is a son to Robert Bauman whose name rings a bell when mentioned since he worked as a congressman for eight years in the 1980s. He has also served Banyan Hill Publishing for 20 years. In 2013, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill and serving as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. This letter is specialized on issues to do with asset protection, international migration issues, privacy and low- risk investment strategies. He lives together with his family in Atlanta. Ted Bauman searches safe ways that help people protect and grow wealth. A good example is the Alpha Stock Alert which has beaten the S&P 500index over ten times for a decade, and it has no history of losing for more than a decade even during the economic crisis in 2008 and 2009. This is a system which is essential in a more trading aggressive strategy.

Ted Bauman spent his life carrying out studies on the secrets of the wealthy to enhance him live a life of freedom and prosperity. This has been made real through his international travel to 75 countries of the world. The visitors have made him see countries experiencing economic burst while others are flourishing in an economic boom.

In their book Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally), he gives every reason why one needs to stand on their ground. It gives details on ways one can protect what has been earned through hard work and also to act as an eye-opener to places where one never thought of venturing in. He continues to state that most people that these strategies were only applicable to only the top 1% but this has been overtaken by the modern-day technology where one can stash cash in the comfort of their room. The book also has their contacts such as email address, website mobile phones and much more.

Ted Bauman states that taxation may sometimes crush the spirit of a hardworking person in America. He lays down some strategies which don’t affect an average person since they fail to take extra steps towards their income protection.He describes that there is a legal loophole that shows how one can make up to $201600 a year tax-free through the strategy of the $2011600 exclusion this mostly benefit those who are adventurous and think out of the box. (Page 136) Pay zero taxes status involves paying not more than 17% as a bonus and also indicates that there are no taxes on sales, dividends or capital gain. The third strategy (Page 266) He describes the third strategy as the fast track Visa which tries to describe how one can have a safe free living in a safe and beautiful beach. (Page 242) He also highlights methods to help one stay safe even at the hour of inflation.

Ted Bauman’s Role at Banyan Hill Publishing

The man Ted Bauman has been working at Banyan Hill Publishing since September 2013. He is the editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Smart Money Alertas. In his practice, he specializes in areas such as asset protection, privacy, matters linked to international migration and also low-risk investment programs.

Education and Experience

Bauman joined the University of Cape Town in South Africa for his postgraduate degree in economics and history. Previously, he worked at Habitat for Humanity as the director of the international housing program. He got an opportunity to research and write various articles related to global development. He has also worked as an adviser while studying and writing on issues touching on the financial, housing, and urban planning. He was once a consultant to theUnited Nations, the South African government, and donors from Europe on various issues.

Bauman’s Article on Health Care Coverage

While working at The Bauman Letter, he wrote an article about the American healthcare sector. He noted that there is a serious problem not only in the industry, but also on the insurance systems. To him, it would be wrong to undo Obamacare without first having a working replacement.

The U.S. Senate failed to remove Obamacare was mainly because of the lack of a viable alternative. He notes President Trump’s executive order to reduce cost-paying payments by $7 billion will affect the Americans in the long run. The $7 billion that was cut is the amount that the government pays to insurance companies for low-income consumers. With time, he says the insurance premiums will rise to 25%.

Ted has also written articles providing advice to stock investors. He highlights on essential factors such gross value after inflation and how they indicate the sustainability of a company or profits. In another article about voting, he observes that most of the American voters are the old people in the society. He attributes this to the importance they put on the policies that touch their lives.

The Impact of Bauman’s Work

Bauman has helped governments and international groups make informed decisions on matters related to housing, finance, and even urban development. His articles have had a major on the lives of Americans by increasing their knowledge on issues related to health, politics, and investments. Many people are now able to make informed decisions by reading his articles.


Due to his exceptional performance, Bauman has been recognized and published in various international journals. Some of these journals are the Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development and Environment and Urbanization and also other South African media houses such as Cape Times and New Internationalists among others.

The Leadership, History, and Publications of Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a private publishing company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. It produces email and print publications, conferences, online seminars, analysis and education, and books intended to offer quality marketing predictions, commentary, and financial advice. Through the publication of both paid and free publications, Agora Financial is in a position to offer unprejudiced market news and commentary.

Its editors don’t accept bribes from investors or firms in exchange for coverage. This shows just how independent and dedicated Agora Financial is. More importantly, the editors are always willing and ready to make audacious predictions. The Economist, Washington Post, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, Los Angeles Times, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Reuters have recognized insights from Agora Financial’s editors.

Essayist and financial writer Bill Bonner launched Agora Financial in 1979. Mr. Bonner is the author of Financial Reckoning Day as well as Empire of Debt. Addison Wiggin, his co-author, is Agora Financial’s executive publisher. Being an Agora network subsidiary, Agora Financial publishes a wide range of financial newsletters meant to advise potential investors on how to make money in emerging technologies, small-cap stocks, metals, and energy.

Some Agora Financial Publications

• Penny Stock Fortunes
• Options Hotline
• Daily Reckoning
• Outstanding Investments
• STORM Signals
• Energy & Scarcity Investor
• Capital & Crisis
• Breakthrough Technology Alert
• Daily Source Hunter
• Total Income Alert
• Strategic Short Report

For the longest time, Agora Financial has beaten mainstream financial media over and over again. Since 1999, Agora Financial has hosted symposiums annually. Conferences are held in Vancouver, BC and bring together a broad range of speakers who discuss up-and-coming financial trends, debates, and panels. Some past speakers include James Howard Kunstler, Steve Jobs, Doug Casey, Nicholas Taleb, and Jim Rogers.

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Agora Financial Will Help You Build Wealth

What Agora Financial Does
Agora financial is a private financial company that has been able to help its investors to truly build their wealth. Agora financial has been working for over a decade in the investment industry; Agora financial has been able to provide their clients with sufficient material to better enable them to make great financial decisions. Agora Financial is a company that provides their clients with letters, publications, documentaries and newsletters that keep them informed about investment trends.

YouTube Video
Agora Financial published a YouTube video about the scope of their investment strategies and about the ways that they can help individuals to find and build wealth. A large amount of people have money that they would like to invest, but they are bombarded with more information than they know how to sort through. It can be difficult to know where to start and it can also be frustrating to know who to trust. Agora Financial has published more than 20 publications to assist their clients to grow and thrive with their investments.

Agora Financial is a privately owned company that does not take any money from any businesses or companies because they want to be able to give their clients a completely unbiased analysis of the marketing trends.

Agoras Measures For Their Clients
Agora Financial is constantly searching for opportunities for their clients. They travel around the world each year and they spend more than a million dollars to find the newest trends when it comes to gold, oil, and estate.

Agora Financial has a team of individuals who are highly trained and specialized when it comes to trends in science, spending, hedge funds, and banking. They are a company that was able to predict the upswing in the prices of gold and oil, and they also predicted the housing downturn years before it occurred. Agora Financial is a company that is dedicated to assisting their clients in wealth building

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Philanthropist James Dondero Helps to Facilitate the Return of Hippos to the Dallas Zoo

It’s been more than 15 years since hippos have been included at the Dallas Zoo, but the Harold Simmons Foundation was finally able to afford to build the Simmons Hippo Post, thanks to a final, generous $1 million donation from James Dondero, Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (Dallas, TX), was made.

The Dallas Zoo is committed to animal conservation, and it makes improvements to animal habitats whenever it can afford to. Despite many requests from visitors to bring hippos back to the zoo, the zoo did not bring in new hippos after the last one died in 2001 because it wanted to construct a more suitable and safer habitat for hippos than what it had.

Donations trickled in over the years, but $14 million dollars was the amount that was needed to build the new facility. Dallas mayor, Mike Rawlings, publicly credited James Dondero and the other major philanthropists with making the new facility possible. The Harold Simmons Foundation contributed $5 million when it launched the project. Four years of planning and one year of intense construction also went into bringing this dream to life.

With a herd of Okapi who roam the ridge area above, the Simmons Hippo Post can be found close to the monorail station in the Wilds of Africa part of the zoo. The new facility extends over 2.1 acres and includes a 24 foot by 8 foot, 120,000-gallon water hippo swimming tank. A male hippo named Adhama and a female hippo named Biopelo now live there and greet the guests who peer in at them through the tank’s viewing window.

Learn more: http://www.jamesdondero.com/market-insight/