5 Social Investments that James Dondero has Done through Donations

James Dondero is among the founders of Highland Capital Management, L.P is a man of the people. Has donates millions of his proceeds to non-profit making organization and charities. James is committed to improving the educational standards of those living in Dallas. He also partners with other partners to improve the standards of living of Dallas residents. The following are some of his major accomplishments.


The Dallas Zoo


James and his organization donated $1 million towards the development of the wildlife park. The amount was used build 4485 square foot Highland Hippo Hut. The hut is currently being employed by the zoo management to display private events.


The SMU’s Tower School Program


James Dondero has continually thrown his support towards education. His organization has donated over $2 million to the Southern Methodist University. The aim of the fund is to expose students to public policy making, access to the main leaders in the globe, opportunities to study abroad and offer insightful internships. His organization also provides financial assistance to needy students seeking a college degree. The program, commonly known as education is freedom initiative provides professional development, mentorship support, test preparations and internship programs.


George W. Bush Presidential Library


The Bush library aims at promoting an understanding of President Bush administration through artifacts and historical records. The library and Institute aim at preparing and developing young people to leadership positions by addressing the current challenging problems.


The Perot Museum of Natural Science


This particular museum is designed to help children appreciate and understand the beauty of math, science, and technology. The museum uses both education and hands on experience to achieve this task. The main museum has 11 exhibit halls that promote innovation, energy and technology themes. By supporting this venture, James believes that the only way to realize technological advancements is by introducing them to young and school going children. Once they develop the interest in the area, studying the subject becomes a lot easier.


Capital for Kids


Capital for the children is a network of investment and management professionals who volunteer to help the children in need. Through the program, James Dondero and his partners have been able to provide high-quality education to some low-income families in Dallas TX.

The Relevance of Money Market Fund And Bruce Bent II in Today’s Market

About Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is an American entrepreneur who was born in New York. Bruce Bent II is the C.E.O, Vice chairman, and president at Double Rock Corporation for over 26 years. He graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s’ degree in Philosophy.

Bruce Bent II’s father is credited for inventing the money market fund. Bent II has used the knowledge his father has taught him and his own business experiences to build a successful career. Bent II has help many businesses with qualified plans and creative solutions. He has also made a name for himself in the reitrement industry.

About Money Market Funds

Money market fund is a mutual fund which is open –ended and invests in short term debt securities like commercial paper. They are regarded as a safe bank deposit that yields higher returns and provide equity for financial intermediaries.

Money market funds limit exposure to losses as a result of liquidity, market, and credit and are regulated by ‘Securities and Exchange Commission’ in the U.S in accordance with the Investment Company Act of 1940 that restricts maturity, quality, and diversity of money market funds investments. The act stipulates that money funds buy the highest rating debt that matures within 13 months or less and that the portfolio must maintain a weighted average maturity of 60 days or less and must not invest in more than 5% for any issuer other than repurchase agreements and government securities.

Money market funds maintain a market value of at least $1 per share and pay back dividends to the investors. Some of the securities for investment in money markets include short term bonds and commercial paper, the money market security selected for investment should be of high quality and high liquidity in order to yield high returns. The main goal of money market funds is to minimize the loss of money as much as possible and to get a net asset value that is stable. Money market funds have gained popularity across the globe since it was first founded and remains one of the best and secure investment options for entrepreneurs.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

Cassio Audi, Revolutionizing The World of Investment and Finance.

Cassio Audi is the owner of a world-renowned major company known as the Brazilian Investment Management. Brazilian Investment Management has become the best company in the world finance and investment because of its successful and lifelong profitable investments in Brazil. Cassio Audi is famous all over Brazil because of his investment strategies. Cassio Audi has invested heavy in Brazil and has never faced a failure in his investments. Cassio invests in such places where he knows he will get the most profit. Cassio has turned a lot of dead places and turned them to gold.


Cassio Audi has changed the entire finance and investment industry because of his great vision and goals which he has achieved throughout his life. Brazil has become a fast-paced and comprehensive of successful business tactics and strategies just because of Cassio. Brazil was thought to be never ready for such investments because many entrepreneurs believed that investments in Brazil would result in losses and failure, but Cassio Audi invested here knowing all the risks. Brazil has now changed its investment management solutions. It has now started with accurate and long-term projects to create wealth and make Brazil one of the best countries in the whole world and Cassio Audi is the front runner of investments in Brazil with his famous bonds and shares.


Cassio Audi gives lectures to his employees working in the Brazilian Investment Management. These lectures include the strategies which are used to revolutionize the investment and finance industry. Cassio Audi has more than 23 years of experience in this industry and is known to have the touch of Midas by many critics. All of the critics who have ever written a review about him have only positive things to say about his skills and himself. Cassio has worked in small companies before to learn the basics of this business such as JPMorgan Chase & Co and Dow Chemical and have earned them a lot of profit as well.

Alexandre Gama: Choosing An Ad Agency

Ad agencies can be of great help in your business. If you need a professional who can help you tackle your marketing or promotional needs, contact Alexandre Gama.

Great communication and advertising can be the difference between achieving success in business, or the failure of your enterprise. Every smart business person or organization leader has a good understanding of the benefits of advertising and marketing promotions.

Advertising is an important aspect of business success and it’s imperative to enlist the services of a reliable ad agency to assist in getting your message out there.

Alexandre Gama is an experienced advertising professional and entrepreneur. Alexandre Gama is well versed in helping achieve business growth and profit. Alexandre Gama has the resources and top talent to help you get the results you desire. With Alexandre Gama on your side, you can achieve tremendous growth in your business.

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Marketing Solutions-White Shark Media

An advertisement is a crucial part in the commercialization of a product. A company cannot build a brand if a product is not advertised. A business person can contact an ad agency to assist in the task of marketing as well as the advertising of their goods, products, and services. An entrepreneur cannot go blindly and chose an agency, but can choose the best by consulting their friends, family or even business colleagues, and one can also go online and check some of the advertisement agencies and know if there are good by only checking how they are reviewed.

White Shark Media is a leading marketing agency that is involved in the delivery of online marketing resolutions for small and medium business enterprise. White Shark Media is known to offer personalized quality services. The firm has been recognized to be one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in North America. The expansion of the organization is derived from their status of providing excellent services as it contrives a lucrative search marketing campaigns. The team also attributes their success from the way they can trail all their customers marketing efforts by getting all their details. White Shark has a responsibility of being accountable for their clients marketing task every month.

White Shark Media was established in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who are known to have a vast knowledge and skills in the marketing world both offline and online. The founders are Gary Garth who is the Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Nygart who takes the position of the Chief Sales Officer and Andrew Lolk who is the Vice President of PPC. The goal of the organization is to triumph over the growing small and medium business in the United States of America as well as Latin America by providing their clients with unresolved services and products that are extraordinary. White Shark Media offers a unique service and the staff as well as the dedicated management team shares whatever they learn with their clients instead of them experiencing from scratch.

The marketing agency is devoted and committed to the service and products they offer their clients as they know that their customers are the biggest determiner of their success. The organization is making efforts to innovate a cost-effective, flat fee marketing resolutions which are fully transparent and no contracts are involved. The management team knows well that f or the organizations to experience growth and be able to deliver exceptional service and product to their customers, dedication and commitment is significant.


White Shark Media: Choosing A Reliable PPC Management Firm

White Shark Media is a renowned company that renders top notch PPC management to businesses around the world. The company has been catering to small and medium-sized businesses for years and is regarded as one of the most reliable in the industry.


Pay Per Click, or PPC, is pretty simple: Search engines allow businesses and entrepreneurs to purchase listings in their search results. The ads are listed alongside, and above the non-paid organic search results. When someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser is then charged. The cost per click is specified and chosen by the advertiser at the time of campaign setup.


PPC is a proven way to reach a large number of prospects and generate sales ans revenue. Numerous companies have been utilizing this advertising system to amass a fortune and reach the success they desire. Any ambitious business person can use this advertising system to reach a target audience quickly and cost effectively.


With Google AdWords, you can start getting targeted traffic within as soon as the ad campaign is set up. Advertising specialists will commonly keep in touch with you frequently throughout the campaign growth process, making certain that you are completely satisfied with the campaign throughout.


PPC advertising campaign management calls for strategic skill and meticulous application managed by expert Pay Per Click managers. From keyword research to method to A/B split testing, their well-qualified Pay Per Click management services continuously greatly improve your ad campaign.


If you are being curious why Pay Per Click is not paying off for you, get in touch with White Shark Media to understand why they are the best Pay Per Click enterprise to increase your lead generation and profits.


White Shark Media treats customers with respect, and provide an acceptable service to the customer. If any complaint is lodged against their customer service, the company takes appropriate steps to resolve the matter promptly, by allowing the clients to suggest what a satisfactory resolution would be. In a situation where the client does not know what a good resolution would be, White Shark Media proposes one or more solutions to meet the customer’s needs.


Each of their clients has a Pay Per Click expert to advise as well as lead them, making certain that every aspect of the client’s company is handled appropriately. The PPC management they do is communication-intensive, labor-intensive, and exceptionally dynamic, and they also provide the finest service.

Chart Topper OSI Helps Clients

The OSI Group is at the top of many charts because of the services that they provide to their clients. They are an excellent group that has worked hard to make sure that they have everything that their clients need no matter where they are at or what type of restaurant they are. This has allowed them to continue to grow to be one of the most successful food service companies in the world and has allowed them the chance to show off the many different skills that they have. It has been a major change in the way that they work with their clients.

Because of the OSI Group’s innovative products, they have been able to provide exceptional services to all of their clients. They want to make sure that the clients have what they need and they do so by providing different options depending on the culture and the geographical location of the restaurants that they are serving. This has allowed them the chance to be one of the best food service companies in the world and they have even reached areas that previously had no other food service companies there. They have been a huge help.

The OSI Group (http://www.osigroup.com) was not always that way. They started out as only a small business in the beginning. They worked in a market and sold their meat to different restaurateurs in the area that they were in. This allowed them to make sure that they were giving their best to everyone that they met and allowed them the chance to show off the many different skills that they had. It also allowed them the chance to get better at their customer service before they turned into a huge business.

While they were originally family owned and operated, they now have people working for them that are not a part of their family. They really outgrew their original roots and this caused them to need to hire even more people than what they had in the beginning. It made them unable to reach the goals and, for that reason, they stretched to make it work. They hired people that they felt would fit in with their family. Now, they are a huge company that still feels like one big family because of the strategic hiring that they did as they were growing.

Growth has propelled the OSI Group to be even more successful. They want to make sure that they are constantly growing and that their clients are benefiting from the high levels of growth that they have. This has given them the chance to continue their success and has offered them the chance to truly show off what they have. While they have grown a lot in the past, they continue to still grow. They are hoping to be the biggest and the best food service company in the industry in the near future with the growth that they are going to see.

Learn More: OSI Group Acquires Second Chicago Facility

Money Grows With Laidlaw & Company

I read the article about what happened between Laidlaw & COmpany & Remalda., such as giving out private information. I never thought twice about this case because my experiences with Laidlaw & Company have all been positive. They would no more share private information than fall off a cliff. My understanding of the scenario is that Remalda was a little bit sensitive and wanting to cause problems for a company.

Ask Questions

With Laidlaw & Company, you can ask pointed money questions, and get the answers from the professionals. Laidlaw & Company is the best investment firm around. Not only do they care about people at Laidlaw & Company, but they also want them to make more money with the sum that exists already. It is almost like magic when you see your money increasing at a regular pace. It is something that I didn’t take for granted. I respect Laidlaw & Company in the highest regards for what they did for me.

Inside Laidlaw & Company

When you go to Laidlaw & Company, you will be greeted with a smile and feel very welcomed. You will also notice a hustle and bustle in the office, many people making money, especially James Ahern. You can tell that Laidlaw & Company employees know what they are doing by the way they present themselves. They are educated professionals in their field, and they are proud to work for Laidlaw & Company because of the impressive reputation that they have. Since Laidlaw & Company backs their word, they are always right their with their clients helping them with the financial advice that they so desperately need.

Laidlaw & Company

When you have a situation where you come into money, and don’t know the least bit about investing, Laidlaw & Company is where you should turn to. At Laidlaw & Company, they will make you feel right at home, and help you with all your investment questions. They answer all of your questions at Laidlaw & Company because they want you to make the most from your money. You will see your investment pay off in a very short time, and you will want them to make you more all the time.

Amazing Secrets Behind Dan Newlin’s Success

Dan Newlin is a leading attorney within Florida, who has managed to succeed in his pursuit for justice. He has been especially instrumental when acting to help victims of accident/injuries, who seek the right for compensation. Although most insurance companies have presented complicated terms that are meant to deny victims of accidents/ injuries their right share of compensation, Dan Newlin has always chipped in to help many of his clients access compensation in the right proportion and without unnecessary delays. His effort and skills have been noted among many professionals, thereby earning respect and recognition.

Starting his career at a young age of 20 years, Dan Newlin explored different scenarios that would help him earn more experience. He completed a degree in Law from the Florida College of Law in the year 2000 and was able to join the Florida Police Force, where he would begin his career. After almost one year in the force, he was identified among the most dedicated professionals and as a result, he was offered a higher post, which would see him head different departments. He worked with the investigations department among others and within less than two years, he managed to apprehend more than one hundred individuals. He was awarded severally, something that offered him motivation to pursue higher ambitions. All the cases he presided over were handled with fairness to ensure justice prevailed and the necessary information that was needed was always collected in time.

When he gained sufficient experience after working with the police force for some time, Dan Newlin started his own law firm that would help him address several issues within the confines of injury/accident cases. He then hired well trained professionals who have experience in the field and regular training has been conducted to keep his team updated. He also has worked with retired attorneys to get more ideas that will help keep the firm relevant and able to handle all types of cases. To make service delivery and access easier, Dan Newlin has invested in modern technology, especially with the introduction of the code alert that clients can use to get information about services they need. The company has also invested in online systems that help them to collect feedback from clients so they can improve on their operations.

To date, his firm has acquired more than $120 million worth of claims for most of their clients. This has been possible with the effort and dedication that has been put to ensure the firm delivers according to the needs of their clients. They have also ensured there are no loopholes that can encourage the growth and penetration of corruption. This has earned Dan Newlin a great reputation and respect for the good work he has invested in.

Eric Pulier, Technology Entrepeneur and Philanthropist

The growth of technology in business has been rapid over the last 25 years. This growth is due to the efforts of a handful of entrepreneurs who have founded the companies and developed the software that have made our digital world a reality. One such entrepreneur is Eric Pulier, who began programming when he was in the fourth grade. By high school, he was creating his first enterprise, a database computer company.

He left New Jersey for Harvard in 1984 where he majored in English & American Literature while also taking classes in Computer Science at neighboring MIT. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988. In addition to his founding of technology companies and his philanthropy, he is an author and a sought-after speaker for both technology and philanthropic conferences.

After graduation, he moved from the East to the West Coast. The first of his post-graduate companies founded was People Doing Things (PDT), a technology company dealing with health care and education. His next founded Digital Evolution in 1994, an interactive agency, which merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. In 2001, he founded SOA Software, which became Akana, where he was the CEO.

Other technology companies founded in his high-impact career include Media Platform, Inc. Desktone, Inc in 2007 and ServiceMesh in 2008, later acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation in 2013. He became the founder and Executive Director of Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council in 2010. His latest venture is becoming CEO of Stemulis, in May of 2015.

While pursuing his technology endeavors founding 15 companies, he began a life of giving to those with desperate needs that technology can serve. One of those endeavors was to build Starbright World, which links 75 hospitals allowing chronically ill children to use social media using dedicated video conferencing. He worked with Chairman Stephen Speilberg, to create this network allowing the kids to connect with other children in a real-time game-like mode. Another of his projects, Starlight Diabetes, allows the child to experience a trip through their body to see what is happening with sugar and their blood and how their diet affects their health. He serves on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation, which sponsors competitions to encourage innovation and technology to battle mankind’s problems. He is also on the board for Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with life-threatening or chronic illnesses.

Eric Pulier has received many honors for his work. President Clinton’s Inaugural Committee selected him to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C, “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” In 2010, he was honored in New York City at the US Doctors for Africa benefit for his innovation in technology for healthcare in Africa.