President Maduro of Venezuela Struggles to Stay in Power

The socialist leader of Venezuela has come under fire recently as its economy is showing signs of imminent collapse. Failed government-sponsored housing projects that lack running water litter the landscape. Recently crowds have been flooding the government-operated markets in hopes of scrounging together enough food to avoid deep hunger. Widespread power outages have caused random blackouts throughout the nation as explained by Norka Luque, its overloaded power plants struggled to supply enough power to meet the demand.
Venezuela’s citizens seem to largely blame the calamity on President Maduro. Efforts have been made through the government’s national assembly branch to attempt a recall against him. He has since threatened to disband the national assembly and declared a national state of emergency in what has been internationally perceived as an attempt to overreach his constitutionally-defined presidential powers. Through the state of emergency he has been able to directly control commercial operations, ignore the national assembly and enjoy unprecedented control over the military branches.

President Maduro’s reputation abroad has suffered, says Luque as a result of his apparent power plays to forcibly take charge of Venezuela. Some critics have called him a dictator. The Pope has attempted to talk him down from his position but the attempt was unsuccessful. Venezuela is nearing economic collapse with a projected of occurring by date of November 2016. If the situation is not resolved soon widespread internal violence could result that could bring suffering to all Venezuelans for generations to come.