Amazon Buys Gaming Version Of Skype

Amazon is making inroads into various different areas of new media. Video game companies seem to be good investments for Amazon. The retail giant enjoys buying up these ventures. Recently, Amazon made the decision to purchase even another gaming company. The new one is purported to be “Skype for gaming”.

Amazon owns Twitch, a video game streaming entity. Twitch, in turn, has purchased Curse Inc., a company known for its eSports endeavors. Curse Inc. has had a major success story in the form of Curse Voice. As the name suggests, Curse Voice allows gamers to conserve with one another during game play.

“League of Legends” is a game that tremendously benefits from Curse Voice. The company behind “League of Legends”, Riot Games, even infused $30 million into Curse Voice to make sure it succeeds. The acquisition of Curse Voice by an Amazon entity definitely shows Curse Voice is going to be around for some time. Amazon absolutely has the resources to maximize the success potential of Curse Voice and various other entities that come under the ownership of the corporate giant.

Amazon and other companies that invest in gaming have a clear understanding that games are more than just an experience of immersion in sound and graphics. Gaming is a communal social experience. Multiplayer games have their alliances and enemies, but the whole process of playing brings people together into a unique fantasy world.

A solid voice chat system makes interactions with players smooth and hassle-free. Clunky systems do not exactly help gamers remain fixated on their sessions. Curse Voice is definitely a solid system, which is why it is compared favorably to Skype.