Lovaganza: A Global Attraction

There are few, if any, events which can boast a four month simultaneous worldwide exhibition of their attractions. One of those events will very likely be Lovaganza.

Lovaganza is set to debut in 2020 across the world. It will take place in America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, The Middle East, and Europe. This event will feature live performances, exhibitions, interactive events, and the new IMMERSCOPE 3D technology on Facebook. For those who have never had occasion to examine IMMERSCOPE, don’t be alarmed. It’s cutting-edge technology that has yet to become known in the mainstream. Here’s the scoop: IMMERSCOPE uses a 180-degree screen to project a 3D image that doesn’t require glasses to view. The end result is like a theatre play performed by live actors. Imagine that kind of personal, intimate impact–but from a film. That’s the vision of Lovaganza, and technology is in place to make that a reality.

For those unfamiliar with the underlying concept of Lovaganza, in addition to their technology they plan to have a kind of World’s Fair vibe surrounding main events. The main theme of Lovaganza is two fold: a bohemian adventure exploring the whole world coupled with a deep celebration of the many unique cultures that are on the Earth. To that end, three cinematic presentations are currently in the works. They will be feature-length movies to be released sequentially between now and 2020, when the main event takes place. These three films are supposed to be the first part of a nine-installment saga, two subsequent trilogies to come soon after. In order to help market these films and the upcoming expo, Lovaganza will be touring around the world in a kind of convoy showcasing a taste of the main event. The films will be shown there, as well as the 2020 unveiling.

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Yahoo Finance recently issued a press release related to Lovaganza. They noted the Lovaganza Foundation will be made official in about a year and a half’s time, 2018. This will give planners space to ensure all local legal regulations are adhered to before the main event takes place. Given the scope of this event, there will likely be substantial construction involved. With three feature films in the works, and six to come soon, there’s a lot of money tied up in Lovaganza. When one considers the additional technological aspect and global scope, it’s apparent why Yahoo Finance felt the press release was warranted.

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.