Clay Siegall And His Work On Cancer Research

Clay Siegall has an enviable reputation within the scientific community. This is because he is constantly advocating for further research on cancer treatment. His aim is to eventually find a cure for this illness. Clay Siegall is adequately qualified in doing this job. He has earned a high end doctorate degree.

Now he is focused on practicing all that has learned in medical school. This is why Clay Siegall has formed a conglomerate with other like-minded scientists. This was in 1998. This is how Seattle Genetics was created. This is a company that is dedicated to research in order to create new and viable treatments for cancer. This company has been valuable in this search for treatment of cancer.

He is quite active on Facebook. His posts show that he is focus driven. Most of his posts are about his work, denoting the passion that he has for it.

The website of Seattle Genetics states its purpose very clearly. They are trying to find a cure for the debilitating disease called cancer. They are focusing on finding new anti-bodies that are powerful enough to defeat cancer.

In fact, Clay Siegall is not trying to combat this disease along. He and his colleagues have got into strong alliances with many pharmaceutical corporations in order to come up with effective solutions.

These companies include Pfizer, Genetech and many others. Such alliances show how committed Clay Siegall is towards destroying this disease completely.

This kind of effort made in research along with possible distribution of more effective, new and stronger drugs may lead to the end of cancer. This is the only way to bring hope to the dark lives of many people who are suffering from this disease.

This work on cancer research has made Clay Siegall an experienced scientist as well as expert in this field. This also indicates that he is a humanitarian who is dedicated towards making positive changes in the lives of people. His research is going to have a positive impact on a number of lives. People will be thanking him for years to come!


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