Conquering the American Real Estate Market, by Nick Vertucci

The hitches that rocked the US housing sector sometime back, did little to quench the insatiable investor appetite for the lucrative US real estate markets. It takes a trained eye and an analytical mind, however, to make it big in the American realtor niche. One small slip or misread of the directions in which the housing markets are headed and, you as an investor, get obliterated. Nick, having spent his entire career as a realtor, knew all too well the challenges investors faced trying to make a break in this particular niche. Nick Vertucci set up a training academy to prepare the new realtors on what to expect in the real world scenario. Most importantly, the right strategies and moves to help propel them to financial freedom.


NVREA’s Course


The Real Estate Academy, NVREA operates on a 3-step training syllabus developed by Nick Vertucci. The first stage is the Get In! Here, students learn how to find and score the most promising real estate deals. Mr. Vertucci uses the course to instill the essential culture of always buying cheap and selling the highest. Then, students proceed to the Get Out! Section of the course. Here, they learn the basics of converting a real estate property into a commercial entity. Improvements and repairs may be required to spruce up the value of the acquired properties before disposing them. The last stage is the Get Paid! Step whereby the students learn how to cash in on their properties at a massive profit.



Success at NVREA


Thanks to Nick Vertucci’s Midas touch, many young professionals have realized their wildest financial dreams. The testimonials shared by NVREAL’s past and present students are overwhelmingly positive and unbelievable. Visit the academy’s official website and watch the dozens of videos and worded testimonials attesting to the remarkable job done by the real estate institution. Chances are, after watching how realtors have made fortunes after completing the course by NVREA, you’ll be so impressed you’ll want to sign up.


Nick Vertucci


The veteran entrepreneur vividly recalls how he lived out of his old van at 18. Later, he got lucky and found a well-paying gig as a computer parts and accessories retailer. In early 2000, however, the tech bubble saw most of his wealth disappear, almost overnight. Soon, he was facing a ton debts. His reprieve came when a close friend recommended a real estate training seminar. That realtor’s workshop forever changed Mr. Vertucci’s life, for the better. And, that’s the moment, Nick’s golden realtor career began.

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