Don Ressler And His Great Contribution Towards JustFab

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who specializes in internet-based businesses. He is applauded for launching and managing several successful ventures that have been offering unique services and goods. Ressler began his career as an entrepreneur more than one decade ago and he has built his professional profile all along with new inventions and ideas. Don Ressler also comes out as a great mentor to upcoming entrepreneurs, who use his advice to develop their businesses and come up with successful ventures.

The first business Don Ressler started was launching, which offered fitness products. The company served as a way to test his ability in the industry and after a short duration, he sold it to Intermix Media in 2001. During this purchase, he met with Adam Goldenberg, who happened to share similar ideas as him. They decided to enter into business together to try out their luck with joint ideas that would help them to establish a strong enterprise.

Having the right skills and some capital with them, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler began their journey in entrepreneurship by establishing Alena Media, a media company that would offer marketing and management services to businesses. Alena performed quite well in the first few years and they reported millions in profit from the advertising section. This success convinced them they were capable of doing bigger things and running businesses that would stand out in the market.

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Therefore, they resolved to sell Alena over to raise capital for their next idea. News Corp had showed interest in buying the company, so they approved the deal in 2005 and they moved on immediately to work on their next idea.

In 2008, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty, a company that offers beauty products. The company is among the most profitable stores the duo owns and it has been constantly growing over the past five years.

JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group)
Founded in March 2010, JustFab is a fashion retail that operates on a subscription basis. They stock the latest fashion items and users have to subscribe for a service that offers them a chance to get alerts whenever new items matching their preferences are uploaded.

When the company started, it did not have sufficient capital to enter the huge market. Therefore, in 2011 they borrowed $33 million initial funding from Matrix Ventures to expand their infrastructure. JustFab also borrowed an additional $76 million from several companies to facilitate their expansion into other markets, specifically Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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