George Soros Is Funding Many Progressive Projects

The politicians who are high-profile are receiving a lot of attention always. But the fact is that such people can push their agenda only if they have the requisites resources for doing so. This would need a lot of money too. George Soros is a billionaire who has been funding a lot of progressive projects.

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He came from a Jewish family but was even a Nazi collaborator. In fact, his mother was anti-Semitic. She was quite ashamed of being a Jew. She considered it to be a stigma or a disadvantage. Hence she always had the desire to escape from it.

George Soros funds the mainstream leftist media. In fact, he is having ties with over 30 news outlets that are in the mainstream media. He funds the Media Matters organization which is a Clinton ally. This has a number of media outlets such as The Los Angeles Times as well as The New York Times.

He is responsible for creating a “Shadow Party.” This comprises of those leftist organizations that are having control over the Democrat Party.

George Soros is funding the Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. He has already given $9 million to those Super PACs that are pro-Clinton.

He is also connected with the President of US, Donald Trump. He has funded Trump International Hotel & Tower which is located in Chicago. He has contributed $160 million to this project. These two are claimed to be sharing a cozy relationship.

George Soros helped in supporting the Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He managed to steer some votes away from Sen. Ted Cruz in order to let him win.

The Open Society Foundation believes that the refugee crisis of Europe should be accepted and viewed as normal. Hence there is no need to react to it. George Soros says that it is time to move ahead from there.

He states that governments need to respond as well as adjust to this new reality. They need to look at this crisis in Europe as well as the Mediterranean in a different way. They need to adopt long-term planning to handle this issue. Fundamentally a new approach is being advocated here. He has also shown his concern for intolerance toward migrants that is on the rise and hence needs to be fought back.

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He has also funded the Black Lives Matter groups. His organization, Open Society Foundation gave nearly $33 million to these groups during the past year.

George Soros has just increased the multi-million dollar investments of his company in both U.S. as well as foreign companies which are into the extraction of shale oil and gas. The Obama administration had been advocating the use of natural gas to ensure a clean pollution-free future. It also proposed offering incentives to those companies which are making use of those trucks that are powered by natural gas. One such company is Westport Innovations, owned by Soros.

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